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Haute Hotel Haze

a Fairy Tail fanfic

by Rhov


Chapter 1

Sleep Talking

"What! It's how much a night?" Lucy shrieked.

"As I said," the hotel concierge intoned stiffly. "Ten thousand Jewels a night. You won't find a better deal in town."

"Better deal my butt!" she snapped.

Natsu grinned at her. "It's okay, Lucy. We can sleep under the stars again."

Lucy spun around at him and held up a finger. "No. Just...no. We've been sleeping outdoors all week, I need a bath, and it's raining with lightning out there, so there is no way we're sleeping outside. Still, if it was going to be this much for a hotel room, the client should have paid us more. For two rooms, ten thousand each...twenty thousand Jewels! We only got paid a hundred and fifty thousand Jewels for this mission, so split between the two of us, that's seventy-five thousand each. If I have to paid ten thousand, I won't have enough to make rent."

Natsu hummed and rubbed his chin. "Ah!" he exclaimed. "I know. We'll share a room."

She glared at him for a moment, taking in his carefree smile and innocently shining eyes. "If it was any other man, I'd suspect he was up to no good, but considering it's you I guess it's safe."

"Of course it is!" he grinned, not catching what she meant. "If we split one room, that's five thousand each, so you'll have plenty for rent."

"Yeah, that would work," she pouted. "Except then I'd have no food money."

"Then this time the room is on me," Natsu decided. He pulled out a ten thousand Jewel note and placed it down on the desk. "One room for the night."

"Natsu!" Lucy cried out. "You don't have to. I can probably find a small job later to get food money."

"Nah, don't sweat it," he beamed. "Consider this payment for all the times Happy and I have crashed at your place."

She had a sheepish smile and felt her cheeks flush. Having a guy pay for a hotel room felt...odd. And nice. Almost as if they were...

"Here's your key," the concierge said, interrupting her thoughts.

Natsu snatched it up and took Lucy's hand. "Let's go check out this expensive room. For the price, it had better be awesome."

He pulled her fast, and Lucy tripped along behind him. They had taken a mission with just the two of them. Sadly, the client was allergic to cats so Happy had to stay home, so it was a bit awkward. Natsu had been moping through the whole first half, missing his best friend, so she was glad to see him smiling again. To cheer him up, she went along with his crazy ways.

"This is sort of fun," Natsu laughed, pulling her through a hallway. "Taking a girl to a hotel alone! It feels like we're on a honeymoon or something."

Lucy gulped and blushed, yet Natsu's grin was so innocently devious, like a child playing Adult more than like a real adult. Truly, if it was any other man in the guild—especially a playboy like Loke or an exhibitionist like Gray—she would be on her guard. However, this was Natsu, and Natsu was...well...Natsu!

He unlocked the hotel room and ran inside with a wild cackle. Lucy sighed and watched him run around from one area to another, exploring everything with carefree laughter. The room was huge, posh, with a wide patio that looked out over the ocean. Sadly, the rain was still pelting down, blocking most of the view. She also peeked around the place. To her relief, the bed was massive. There was more than enough room for two people. She settled her bags down, removed her shoes, and gave a stretch.

"Well, I'm getting a bath," she declared.

"I'll order food," Natsu said. "It's on me too, so I can order whatever I want, right?"

She giggled softly. "Yeah, go ahead. Just make sure I get some sushi or something."

Lucy spent nearly an hour soaking in the massive stone bathtub. The hotel had bath bubble, scented oils, and all sorts of luxury items. There was a glass-enclosed shower as well, which she used to wash her hair. She realized she left her clothes in her bags, but she figured it was only Natsu, so she walked out in her towel.

"There's still hot water if you want to wash up," she said as she pattered out into the main room to get her clothes. There was a sectioned changing area, so she hid behind the ornate screen to put on her nightgown. "Did you get good food?"

"Mmm, yeah, good," Natsu said with his mouth full. "I saved enough for you. I...um...uh..."

He paused for a moment, and she could sense the heat rising in the room. Lucy wondered if she was visible, but the partition was high, thick enough to hide her completely. Then she noticed an oddly placed light that cast a silhouette shadow on the wall behind her. She saw her naked profile. Still, that did not seem to be very revealing. It was only a shadow.

"I'll go get my shower. Finish off the food." Then Natsu rushed off to the bathroom.

"I wonder what's up with him," she mused to herself.

Lucy shrugged it off. Maybe he saw something else, or maybe he suddenly realized he could play in a bubble bath. She giggled to think about him with a mountain of bubbles. She just hoped he did not overdo things again and leave the whole hotel washed away in a sea of soapy foam.

She sighed and settled down to the meal. Natsu left a huge mess of bones and bits of vegetables he did not particularly like, so she had to carefully pick through things to find the sushi platter. She was amazed by the taste. Even the food in this hotel was exquisite, true haute cuisine. She was curious how much all of this would cost Natsu, but there was no sign of a bill. Perhaps he would get charged before leaving, or maybe he already paid for it so she would not see the ridiculous prices. It was sweet of him to pay for it all, almost like a date.

She nearly slapped herself for thinking that. This was Natsu, after all!

Then she heard a noise from the bathroom. She almost thought she heard Natsu call for her. Worried if maybe the idiot had slipped in the shower, she walked up to the door and was about to knock.


Lucy froze with her knuckles just shy of the door. Her face must have turned redder than Erza's hair at the sound.

"Haah...nnnngh...mmmmmm, yeah!"

She gulped hard at the sensual noises echoing in the next room. "He...isn't...doing that...is he?" Her whole body felt on fire. As another moan echoed in the room, she felt her stomach coil up and shifted her thighs. "No! No way! This is Natsu, after all. He's probably enjoying the smell of the shampoo or something silly like that. I've been reading Erza's collection of books too much."

She rushed away from the door, sat stiffly on the edge of the bed, but images kept flitting into her mind.

What did Natsu look like in the shower? Was he pink down there as well? How big was he? What sort of faces did he make when he was overwhelmed with sensual pleasure? She wanted to know how he sounded as he moaned her name.

Well, she reasoned, I guess he's a normal teenager, so maybe doing that in the shower is normal for boys. At least he's getting it out of his system now instead of trying something naughty in the middle of the night.

Too quickly for her to thoroughly convince herself, Natsu stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his middle and his pink hair flattened down from being wet.

"That was one awesome bath," he exclaimed.

"Did you...have fun?" she asked tensely.

"Yeah. I feel much more relaxed now."

That sort of answer only made her more suspicious.

"Wow! Lucy, come here. Look!"

She was hesitant about walking over, but she realized he was looking out the massive window facing the sea. The rain had stopped, and the moon was rising over the waves, casting them into ripples of silver. It was truly breathtaking. Natsu began to open the door.

"Get some clothes on," Lucy shouted.

"Huh? Oh yeah!" All he did was wrap a robe around himself. "Come out here, Lucy. It's warm, so it's okay if your hair is wet."

She approached him slowly, watching him for any body language that hinted at perverted intentions. Suddenly, Natsu grabbed her around the shoulders and yanked her forward. She blushed as she felt the rigid muscles of his torso and his body heat through the thin robe.

"Look at that ocean," he whispered. "It's like a little bit of heaven."

She blushed at his words, but looking out at the scenery truly was magical. "It's really pretty."

"Yeah," he sighed, enthralled by the scenery. "If I ever get married, I'm taking my wife to this hotel. It's really romantic, the perfect place for a honeymoon."

"There you go again, talking about honeymoons," she sighed, feeling uncomfortably awkward in his arms.

"Well, don't you ever think about things like that? Like, you see a dress and think you want a wedding dress like that. Lisanna used to talk about those sorts of things all the time."

"Lisanna, huh?" she muttered. Slowly, Lucy moved out of his hold. "If you ever marry the girl of your dreams, she would probably like this place."

"Yep, I think she would," he grinned.

Lucy felt a stabbing disappointment and slipped back inside. "I'm tired. I'll take the right side of the bed."

"Then I'll take the left." He closed the door and went inside. "But Lucy, your hair is wet."

"I'll be fine."

"No, you could catch cold. Let me dry it, like this!" He threw off the robe and set himself on fire. Once the flames were gone, his hair poofed out, all dry.

"You are not burning me up."

"Don't worry, I'll be really gentle."

That sort of reply made her cheeks hot again. Natsu came up behind her and ran his hands through her hair. Lucy stood stiffly, ready to smell the stench of burned hair, except all she felt was a little heat, more like a blow dryer without the wind. Natsu's fingers were careful as he combed them through her golden strands, and she felt her hair drying fast.

"Your hair is really silky," he complimented. "When I used to do this for Erza, she always had tangles."

"You would dry Erza's hair?" she asked.

"Sure, when we were kids we'd all bathe together: her, me, and that ice bastard."

"Oh," Lucy muttered. "Erza mentioned something about that. So...you've bathed with Erza, huh?"

"Well, I was really little. It's normal for kids to take baths together, right?"

"I don't know," Lucy whispered, thinking about her lonely childhood, rarely seeing other children.

"Haven't you ever bathed with someone, Lucy?"

"No...well, Cana, but she sort of sneaked into my bath. And soaking in an onsen or public baths don't count."

"All dry!" he announced happily. "I'll get dressed, get the dishes out, then come to bed."

"Keep to your side or I'll put a pillow between us."

"Haha! No problem," he smiled in that carefree way of his that reassured her that Natsu would never try anything perverted.

That shower must have been him enjoying the heat, or the smell of the shampoo, or even if he was doing something naughty, he must have been thinking about Lisanna, or maybe Erza. I wonder how old they were when they bathed together. I wonder if he ever bathed with Lisanna.

Lucy fell asleep almost instantly. She was so tired from the long mission, she could hardly be blamed. She vaguely felt someone crawl into the same bed, but Natsu was stealthy about it, so it did not wake her up much.

Her dreams were erotic, thoughts about being in the shower with a man, wild sex under the cascading water as strong arms pinned her to the cold tiles of a wet wall. Then a new dream, and she was on the beach in the moonlight, making love by the shore. She never saw the man in her dreams, but she heard his voice and how he called her name.

"Lucy!" The husky moan of the fire dragon slayer always sent shivers through her skin.

Lucy woke up drenched in sweat. The thunderstorm might have passed, but it left behind a horrible humid haze. It seemed Natsu also did not like the stifling weather. He had kicked off all the blankets to her side and laid sprawled on his back wearing only boxers. Lucy giggled at his flame-print boxers. That was so like Natsu!

Then she saw something else.

Those boxers were definitely stiff in the middle!

She looked away fast. She had heard that this sort of thing happened to men in their sleep. It meant nothing, just an automatic physical response. Still, she wondered if he was dreaming about something. Who was in his dreams? What girl made his body react this way?

Then she saw the stiffness twitch. Her breath hitched softly and she struggled to swallow.

"Natsu?" she whispered. He moaned, but he did not wake up.

Lucy stared at that stiff mast in the moonlight. The curiosity was overpowering. Her hand reached over to it, but she drew back.

She wanted to touch it...so badly!

She laid back down on the pillow, trying to force herself back into sleep, but she kept opening her eyes to stare at the bulge. The moonlight coming through the wide windows illuminated it like a spotlight on the star of a show. She bit her lip, screaming at herself, yet intense curiosity was driving her on.

Carefully, putting almost no weight into her hand, she laid her fingers over Natsu's erection. She made it look like her hand had only drifted on top of him. With her head on the pillow, she watched his face closely, ready to slam her eyelids shut the moment he woke up and looked down at her hand resting on his crotch. That way he would think she was only cuddling and happened to reach too low. However, Natsu was completely asleep, breathing hard, the air hissing as it passed between his mostly-closed lips.

Her hand got more adventurous. She wrapped her fingers more around him, feeling the thickness.

My God, he's huge! Lucy thought to herself. That's pretty amazing. Wow, if he's this big, he could really pleasure a woman. And it's so...so hot!

She swallowed, feeling like she could drool at the sensation of his hardness on her fingers, only separated by the boxers.

Then Natsu moaned. "Mmmm...L-..." The sound croaked in his throat before becoming anything understandable. Still, it was enough for Lucy to let go fast, draw her hand back a little, and get her heart racing.

It's okay. He's still asleep. Still, this is really perverted and wrong. I need to stop.

Suddenly, Natsu's hand flopped on top of her hand, right over his crotch. She swallowed a squeak of surprise and clenched her jaw to keep from making any noises. Then she felt Natsu's hand moving, forcing her hand to move too. He was rubbing himself in his sleep, and she felt even more the stiffness twitching under the fabric. His hot fingers stroked himself as he groaned in a dream.

"Mmm...more," he mumbled to some phantom of his mind.

Lucy gulped hard and looked down at his hand on hers, both on top of his hidden cock. Taking a huge chance, she gave his stiff length a squeeze.

Natsu's jaw clenched, and she thought for certain he must have woken up. Instead, a sigh sputtered out and he rasped out in a dry throat, "Suck me."

Lucy's chest shivered. His hand moved away, giving her access. She looked down at the stiffness, then up to his somnolent face. Natsu was definitely asleep. He even snored a bit before sniffling up some snot. Slowly, she inched down to his legs. Staring right down at his boxers, her whole body heated up. A hundred naughty desires came to mind. She bet he would not wake up even if she slid herself on top of him and rode him hard. However, she did not want her first time to be with a sleeping man. It was also unfair to Natsu.

"Please," he begged to his dream woman. "I want...mmm...peez..."

She leaned over and brushed her lips over the stiff bulge. It leaped and hit her in the nose. Lucy laughed nervously. Then she angled her head up to the tip and wrapped her lips around the part that poked the boxers.

"Nnngh," Natsu moaned, tensing in his sleep.

Lucy was shaking. If Natsu woke up, there was no way to get out with a logical explanation. This was...oh so wrong! Still, she wanted more.

"More," he mumbled.

"Naughty Natsu," she chuckled. She kissed up and down the length, feeling him twitch at each touch. His sleepy breathing was getting faster. Then softly, padded by the boxers, she bit the midpoint of his cock.

"Aaagh!" he cried out in his sleep. "More." A soft snore was the only thing that told her he really was still asleep.

Lucy went back up to the tip of the tenting pole and wrapped her lips around it again, taking as much into her mouth as she could with the boxers still in the way. Her hand held the lower part, matching her mouth to her touches, rubbing and sucking on his cock through the boxers. She heard his breathing growing faster. Her thighs tensed as she felt moisture increasing. Softly, Lucy moaned into the fabric.

"Ahh!" Natsu groaned, and again she was certain he must have woken up.

Then Natsu's hand collapsed rather ungracefully onto her head, thrusting her down upon him even more. He grunted in his sleep and twitched his hips in sleepy thrusting. Lucy sucked harder, using her teeth to scrap over the cotton boxers. Just as she thought she should go for it and free him from his undergarments, she tasted something odd. She pulled up and saw a wet spot growing outward from the stiffness in the boxers. Lucy pulled back in shock.

"Is that...?"

She looked at Natsu's face, flushed pink with a relaxed smile. He grumbled something unintelligible. Lucy bit her lip, wondering if he had truly just ejaculated in his sleep. Carefully, she reached her finger forward to where the fluid had seeped through. She felt a little squish out onto her finger, tested the sticky texture between her thumb and index, then stuck her fingers into her mouth to taste it.

Bitter...salty... "Oh God!" she gasped. "He really did."

"Mmrph," Natsu moaned. "Wuv you...mmm...-sanna."

All the heat left Lucy's face. Lisanna? A chill ran down her arms, prickling the skin. She looked down at the boxers again, now relaxed although moist. She got out of the bed and walked away backwards, needing to get away for a moment to sort out her emotions. She covered her mouth with a shivering hand and blinked her eyes fast to chase off the sting of tears.

Dreaming of Lisanna, huh? She liked the white-haired girl, and although Lucy liked Natsu, she would definitely support a relationship between them so long as it would make Natsu happy. Doing that to Natsu while he was dreaming about another woman felt...dirty.

"I'm horrible," she muttered in shame.

Natsu rolled over onto his side. Lucy looked at him with sadness and pity, feeling unworthy even to be a friend.

"Lucy," he muttered in his sleep. "Come back."

Although she wanted to cry in mortification, she still walked over to him. She slid back into bed, and Natsu's arms immediately wrapped around her, squeezing her against his bare chest.

"Mmm...smell good," he hummed in a dream.

Lucy smiled sadly. Lisanna might be the woman he fantasized over, but at least he also dreamed about her. Feeling a little better, Lucy closed her eyes and slowly fell back to sleep in Natsu's arms.

The next morning Natsu woke up a little late, feeling rested but unusually tired. Lucy was already up making tea in the tiny kitchenette on the other side of the hotel suite.

"Morning, Natsu," she called out cheerfully.

"Mm...mornin'," he called back, barely able to see her. Still, watching Lucy swiftly moving around in the kitchen was a relaxing sight. He would never tell her something so sexist as she looked good in the kitchen, but surprisingly...she really did!

Natsu rose slowly from his pillows and cracked out his stiff neck. He sniffed. Something smelled off. Then he looked down at the mess in his boxers.

"Shit," he hissed quietly, blushing hotly. "Even after I worked it off in the shower. Damn."

He looked fast to the sink where Lucy was humming and boiling water. Had she seen him like this? He had no blankets over him, so she must have. Yet if she did, she would have hit him, or at least shouted in anger and called him a sick pervert. Instead, she seemed in a good mood.

"Hey Lucy," he called out. "Uh...does this place have darjeeling tea?"

"Let me check," she said, and she walked over to a cupboard.

While she was searching, Natsu rose and raced into the bathroom. Lucy heard the door slam shut and looked back at him. She smiled plaintively, feeling sorry for Natsu. She had purposely kept her back to him so he could escape the humiliation.

A few minutes later, Natsu came out wearing different boxers with a robe wrapped around him. Lucy smiled pleasantly as she set his tea in front of him.

"Darjeeling, two sugars as you like it. Did you sleep well?" she asked amiably.

"Mm," he hummed, sipping the steaming tea. "And you? I wasn't...loud or tossing around, was I?"

"You talk in your sleep," she told him.

"Yeah, Happy mentions that, too," he muttered, and he felt like shrinking even more. "Did I...um...say anything weird? I mean, they're only dreams but..."

"I couldn't make out much," she answered honestly. "Something about Lisanna."

Natsu jolted in confusion. "Huh? Lisanna?"

Lucy dared a glance up at him. "Yes, you said her name." She was amazed to see him looking confused, not embarrassed. She wondered what that meant. Didn't he normally dream about Lisanna when having those dreams? Or maybe he was the sort who always forgot his dreams in the morning and simply did not know what his subconscious was fantasizing over.

"It wasn't a lot," she assured him. "I slept really well."

"That's...good," he mumbled, sipping more tea to hide his troubled face.

Lucy smirked into her teacup as she watched his eyes roaming and thinking. His confusion was somewhat cute.

An hour later, they had eaten and packed back up. The rain had cleared, the sky shined blue, and only a few rain puddles in the road showed that there had been a summer storm the day before. Lucy glanced back to the hotel and smiled.

"Hey Natsu, when you marry, you should definitely take your bride here. It's a perfect getaway."

He grinned happily. "Great! After all, it's your opinion that matters most." Then he stomped forward, splashing a few puddles as he headed down the road toward Magnolia.

Lucy paused and blinked in shock. She had meant to say that as a way to encourage Natsu to pursue Lisanna again. Why was it her opinion that mattered?

Just what were his feelings for her and Lisanna?

She had only a few seconds to question this before Natsu took her hand and pulled her along.

"Don't be a slow-poke, Lucy." He grinned happily. "Hey, I wanna pay for our hotels from now on."


"But only if it's just the two of us," he insisted rather firmly, "and only if we share a room. Okay?"

That made Lucy blush, and this time she was the one who said, "Isn't that...sort of like being on a honeymoon?"

He blinked at her question, then the smile widened. "Yeah, it is. So that's what I wanna do."

Lucy's cheeks went from pink to crimson. Natsu merely laughed at her reaction as he pulled her down the street with his fingers firmly around her hand.

End of Chapter 1

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