Sometimes he thinks about him. In these little monuments, just before he go to sleep.
His head is fool on the snow. His eyes are close.
Sometimes… he's mad. Like in the first night, the night that came after he killed him. He keep ask him in his sleep:"why don't you want to join me? I can make your dream's came true! All of them, even the most deep and secrets!"
Are you afraid of me?
After a few nights he was glad. It was spouts to happened, eventually. He was spoust to kill those he love, those who won't go with him. Why can't he start with him? Why to start with his dad or mom?
Are you glad for me?
A year was gone, Two year's are past. And now, he is fourteen. He portending that he doesn't think about his family. Well, he doesn't think on Ann, and he forgot about Richard. But about him… he can't forgot.
Are you forgotten about me?
The years are past, he were seventeen. And now… every time he goes to sleep, he whispers to him:"are you happy there, in havens? Are the angels are nice to you?" And he still wants, very mach, that the dead wasn't were separate between themes. He still hopes… that his decision was to join him.
Are you o.k.?
Now he have Kate. And he took her son, peter as a student. But every night, just before he fall a sleep... he think about him. And the sad is control at him, and the regret is fills him. And he thinks:"I'm sorry!" so mach times, but thaws it meters? He can't hear him!
Are you anger at me?
Damien thorns dose a lot bad things. He killed, he heart, he make so much sad to many people. But the only thing he regrets about… it's what he did to his brother.
I'm so sorry mark. Please forgive me!