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"Yea! We did it!" Alex cheered and high-fived Marty as they landed in the original location where the circus was supposed to take place. They still had to do a show to gain money, but none of the animals were tired in the slightest. An amazing feat considering the effort everyone put in to defeat Dubios.

"Alright people we're still your owners. Now get to work!" Skipper yelled at the circus animals who quickly scurried to obey their owner's orders. "We have a show to do!"

"So Gia, you ready to do some trapeze americano? Gia?" Alex looked around for her. The Jaguar was nowhere to be seen. "Hey Vitaly, you seen Gia?"

"No. Why? She missing?"

"Uh, yea. And we can't do this show without her. Find that Jaguar!" Alex told the animals.

"Yes sir!" They answered in unison.

"I'll look outside," Alex told them, pointing with his thumb to his destination.


"Gia! Gia! Where are you?" Alex yelled into the night. No answer. "Damn," he cursed under his breath. He just stood there for a while, listening for any sign of the Jaguar. He heard it almost instantaneously.

The sniffling of a crying cat. Alex followed the sound around the tent until he saw Gia, leaning against a tree, and crying. Her face was buried into her hands.

Alex walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder. Big mistake. Gia grabbed Alex's hand and spun him around pinning him to the tree by his neck. "Whoa, be cool. It's me. Alex."

"Alex? What are you doing out here?" she asked. "Where you spying on me again?"

"No, no, no! The show is about to start and I-that is we-can't do it without you. Why were you crying?"

"Oh, me? No reason," she began to walk to the tent, still sniffling to get her tears under control, her tail moving around uncontrollably.

Alex narrowed his eyes. He knew that she was lying.

Grabbing her shoulder's he turned her around. But he was met with a surprise. Gia kept spinning toward him, until she was right in front of him, and pressed her small lips against his.

Alex's eye's widened. "Mph! Gia!" he tried to muffle through the kiss.

She pulled away, hurt in her eyes. "What? Did I do something wrong?" she asked.

"No! No, it's just, I always thought Vitaly had a thing for you," he stated nervously, pressing two fingers together.

Gia laughed. "No! Oh Alex, your so funny. We all have agreement. Circus like family. No inter-circus relationships," she wiggled her finger for emphasis. "Vitaly is more like overprotective dad than a potential mate. Just as Stephano is like brother to me."

"But, I'm circus. So...?" His finger's pointed from Gia to him repeatedly.

Gia put herself close to him once more and traced his large chest muscles. "You don't count. You're the owner."

Alex knew she was making excuses but he wasn't about complain. "Okay, I see. But that still doesn't explain why you kissed me," Alex asked, knowing full well why she did.

"Really?" Gia asked sarcastically.

"Kidding. Come 'mere" Alex pulled her chin up to his lips with his large paws and began to kiss her passionately. Placing his hands on her tiny waist, he picked her up and leaned her against the tree without breaking the kiss.

Gia's arms, which were previously around Alex's neck, began to move south as their kiss got more intimate, their tongues battling each other for dominance in their partner's respective mouths. Her arms ran along his back, gently raking her claws along his fur leaving small grooves in her wake.

But when she drifted a little too low, Alex stopped kissing her and pushed her away. But only slightly. Gia groaned. "What now?" she asked impatiently.

"Well, you see..." he trailed off.

"Do you not find me attractive?" Gia asked, offense written on her face like a tattoo.

"No! No, you're very beautiful," he told her, taking her miniscule paws into his gargantuan ones. "It's just..." he groped for the words.

"Are you not ready?" she suggested.

"No, I'm just worried if your just doing this because of your heat and not because you like me," he said nervously. He flinched, fearing a blow that did not come.

A look of shock was plastered on Gia's face. "How did you know I was in heat?" she asked, a look in her eyes that said, Tread carefully.

"Well, I'm a male. It's hard to miss. It's kinda hard to explain," he tried, rubbing the back of his mane.

"Oh. I see." She put her hands down low, as if to cover herself up. "Am I that obvious?"

"No! It's just, a thing that all males have wired into their system," Alex explained.

"Okay, but Alex, I do like you for you. Your the one who taught me Trapeze Americano! You taught me about fur power! You showed me everything I know. You're the one I choose."

"Well... alright then. If your sure-" he was cut off as Gia pressed her lips to his once more.

After a minute of passionate kissing, they broke and Gia whispered, "I am,"

"Good. Cause so am I." This time, it was Alex who initiated the kiss.

Gia resumed her raking of his back, while Alex placed his paws on her waist and began to move them up and down slowly. Gia moaned loudly into the kiss, the sheer feeling of his paws against her fur sending her into ecstasy. But what Gia didn't notice, was that Alex's hands were going further up each time.

So when she felt something flick her nipple, she clamped her mouth to keep from screaming out, trapping Alex's tongue in the process. "Mm! Gia!" he said, trying to pull his tongue out of the jaguar.

She looked at him with shock and quickly released him. "Oh Alex, I'm so sorry."

"Nah, think nothing of it. Now, where were we? Oh yea, some where right... here," he said, ending with another flick of Gia's right nipple.

"Oh, Alex," Gia sighed, pressing the lion's face to her chest with startling strength. But Alex wasn't gonna complain. Mainly because it gave him ample chance to clamp onto her left tit with his mouth.

"Alex!" Gia moaned. Alex began to suckle Gia's left tit, and massaged the other with his paw, his palm rolling over the now hard nipple. Every so often, he would flick her left nip with his tongue, sending shiver's down Gia's spine.

Gia leaned against the tree for support. She didn't know if her legs would have the strength to hold her up by themselves if this continued as it is now. And she sorely hoped it did.

Alex, never one to disappoint, could smell Gia's arousal in the air, the source coming from her moistening loins. Alex removed one hand from her breast, but because of his increased stimulation of her other, Gia didn't notice, and moved it down to his object of interest.

His finger's lightly brushed over her pussy, and Gia bit into Alex's mane. Alex continued to brush them lightly, his finger's never lingering, never actually touching her.

Gia moaned loudly. "Oh Alex," she breathed.

Loving hearing Gia say his name like that, he picked up the heat (pardon the pun) He began to run his finger up and along the length of her now dripping slit. He continued to suckle her teat, but his main focus was on her pussy now. Gia began panting and purring in pleasure.

"You like that Gia?" he asked her, without releasing her boob.

Gia smiled down at him. "Silly Alex. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full?"

"No," he muffled as he resumed his suckling, his fingers running along the length of Gia's slit.

Releasing Gia's nipple from his mouth, he began to kiss her once more. "Alex," she moaned into the kiss. "Why'd you stop?"

"So I could kiss you," she looked at him like he was gonna need a better excuse than that. "and so that I could do this." Alex finished as he inserted a finger into her pussy. Gia's claws dug into Alex's fur as Alex began to pump his finger in and out of her. Good thing Alex has thick fur.

Bending his legs, Alex crouched down until he was right in front of her dripping pussy. He gently blew on it, sending shivers down Gia's spine. "Alex," she purred.

Alex grinned and was about to begin his feast when Gia grabbed Alex's head and pressed his face into her for him.

Alex grabbed onto Gia's ass for support. Giving her firm ass a few quick squeezes, he began to eat Gia's pussy. He started by licking her slit slowly, from base to clit, lingering on the small nub for a little bit.

Gia's paws were no longer on Alex's head, bug digging into the tree, in an attempt to keep from screaming out. Alex slowly inserted his tongue into her dripping snatch. He found the taste to be very good.

So once he had a taste, he couldn't stop. He began to dig, scoop, lick and everything else in order to get her sweet honey. With new found passion he tried to get her to cum.

And it worked like a charm. "Alex, I'm cumming!" Gia breathed loudly, her purrs now vibrating almost her whole body.

Alex wasn't deterred by this news however, and continued to eat out the jaguar. Gia pressed his face into her groin as Alex was met with a crashing wave of her love juices. And Alex, being the hungry lion he was, greedily drank every drop.

Once she was done coating Alex's face with her cum, she lay against the tree, panting. "Um, Gia?" Came Alex's muffled voice as he tapped her thigh.

"Oh, Alex! I'm so sorry," she said, releasing him from her death-grip against her pussy. But then she got a huge grin on her face. Here, let me make it up to you."

Gia spun Alex around and pressed him against the tree as she began to squat as Alex did.

"Um, Gia?" Alex asked, nervous.

But Gia wasn't listening. She was awestruck in Alex's magnificent dick. Standing at a full nine inches with enough girth to prevent her from getting her hand around it, it truly magnificent. A dick fit for a king.

"Yes Alex?" Gia asked, her voice filled with lust.

"Well, it's just that..." but he trailed off.

"I'm sure I can handle it. Now just stay there and enjoy it," she said, poking him in the chest with out moving her gaze for emphasis.

"If you say so."

"I do," Gia grabbed onto his cock and was right. She couldn't even get her whole hand around it. Beginning to stroke his massive rod, she heard the tree crack as Alex dug his claws in the tree. Man, he is so easy to please, Gia thought.

Gia continued to stroke him, occasionally giving the head a lick or two, until she saw a large drop of pre on the tip. It was larger than most, but Gia didn't give it a second thought. The jaguar decided now would be a good time to up the ante.

Steeling herself, she leaned forward and attempted to take him into her tiny mouth. And with a bit of stretching, she finally popped the head in. "Holy shit Gia," Alex moaned.

Alex pulled off of Alex's dick with a loud pop, her eyes widening in shock. "Alex! Did you just swear?"

"Uh, yea. It's kinda a bad habit I developed in New York. I don't do it around the gang, but in my own time, I find it relieves the tension," he explained.

"Oh, damn it!" she exclaimed as she realized that she'd have to work to get Alex in her mouth again. "Your right that does help," she told him with a grin.


Gia opened her mouth as wide as she could and with some more difficulty, popped him back into her mouth. Gia moaned around his cock, loving the taste of his precum. It also succeeded in sending pleasuring vibrations through his fuck stick.

Gia pressed her face further, taking in inch by inch of his massive rod. Each new inch bringing her further discomfort and pleasure. But she still pressed on, wanting to taste all of him.

Alex's mouth hung open in a silent moan, his eyes glued to the alluring sight of Gia's tiny mouth stretched around his dick. That picture alone almost made him blow his load right then.

But he withheld for both his and her pleasure. Because he was just caring like that. So he gripped the tree tighter, the feint sound of sucking pervading the air behind the splinters breaking under the force of Alex's claws.

"Oh fuck Gia, please don't stop," Alex pleaded.

Gia made a sound that sounded like, "Why would I stop?"

Alex placed one paw on Gia's head, but didn't push, but rather let her go on at her own pace. Gia felt the tip of his dick hit the back of her throat about seven inches in. She began to literally try and swallow Alex's dick, the back of his throat pulling in his head.

That proved to be too much for Alex. "Gia, I'm cumming!" Alex grunted.

A muffled, "do it," came from Gia.

"No, Gia. You don't understand. I cum a lot, TOO LATE!" he screamed as he shot the first string of cum. It filled Gia's cheek like a balloon. She tried to pull of but couldn't in time for the next shot, over flowing her mouth, some spilling onto Alex's dick and the grass.

Once Gia did get pulled off, she swallowed as much as possible, the rest being shot onto her chest. After almost half a minute of cumming, painting her normally orange chest white, and turning her blue necklace into a pearl necklace and coating her face in cum,, Alex finally came down from his orgasmic high.

"Holy shit Gia. I'm so sorry," he said after seeing her upper body.

Gia just sat there for a minute, a complete pokerface on. But then she licked her face and burst in to a laughing fit, her purrs so loud, I bet they could be heard from the tent.

"Do not be sorry Alex. You taste very good, no?" she wiped some off her face and shoved it into Alex's mouth.

Alex promptly spit it out. "No. Not good. We don't eat our own cum in America," he explained.

Gia shrugged, making some cum all to the floor. "Oh well, more for me then," she began to excitedly eat the cum off of her and Alex.

"GIA!" came Vitaly's voice from around the tent.

"Shit," Gia and Alex swore simultaneously. Gia began to speed up her cleaning, just in time for Vitaly to come around the corner.

"There you are. Good job finding her Alex," he said in his gruff voice.

"Yea, New Yorkers are good at finding things," Alex chuckled nervously.

"Come on. We have show to do." Vitaly turned away.

Alex gave Gia a sharp slap on the ass as the Tiger moved out of earshot. Gia gave a small squeal in surprise.

Vitaly turned. "You say something Gia?"

"No, I'm fine." Vitaly shrugged and continued on his way.

Gia gave Alex a glare. Next time, she mouthed.

Alex just grinned continued merrily on his way, eagerly awaiting what was to come.

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