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What did that Cyndi Lauper song say? Girls just wanna have fun? Yeah, that song is total bullshit. More like girls just wanna run. Because that's exactly what I wanna do. It's already been a hectic year what with Bella turning into a vampire and Jacob signing us up to fight along side her and her gang of leeches to protect her little demon spawn from another evil gang of vampires. I mean, this was enough to make my head spin. I think it did a few times. If that wasn't bad enough, my alpha imprinted on the little mini vampire and they're gonna ride out into the sunset one day, leaving us here forever. Okay, if I'm being completely honest, I don't really care about that part but the part that pisses me off to the max is that wherever the alpha goes, his pack kinda has to follow. That's the point of the wolf pack hierarchy. A pack without an Alpha kinda is like a country without a government... total chaos. And yes, I'm beta but still, if Jacob leaves, and I'm put in charge of his pack, I wont here the end of it. And there is no way in hell that I'm going to spend my life, following behind a group of vampires because my leader decided to be a fucking idiot, and go against all things that are natural and imprint on our mortal enemy. The really fucked up thing is that no one has a problem with it. Seth, Embry, and Quil are just gushing over how great it is that Jacob, of all people, imprinted and got over Bella. I mean, yeah, I get it. Wooh for him! He's finally over Bella, but you imprinted on her kid! I mean how fucking weird is that? What are you gonna tell her on your wedding day? 'I couldn't have your mom so I got you instead?'

As if all of this wasn't bad enough, turns out my tribe's bloodline is dying out which means no more wolf packs. I mean how messed up is that? Yes, all the vampires around are kinda associated with the Cullens but still... you never know who could come up and decide to kill an entire town. That was kind of the point of the wolf gene. Oh, oh, and here's the real kicker, there's only one way the gene and bloodline can continue. Turns out Old Quil or Billy or someone found out that if the rightful Alpha mates with a female with the wolf gene, and they have a child, preferably a boy, the bloodline is renewed and is stronger than ever. I remember when they first announced it at one our monthly meetings that we still have for some odd reason. I was barely paying attention as they said it, but apparently everyone else was because as soon as the words left Billy's mouth, Jacob was standing up, angry.

"No!" he shouted.

"There's no other way," Billy assured his son.

"There has to be," Jacob groaned. "I imprinted."

"That has nothing to do with what's going on here," Billy said.

"The hell it does! I cant mate with someone when I have an imprint," Jacob shouted.

I rolled my eyes, stabbing the stick in my hand into the dirt.

"What d'you think about this Leah," Mom asked, me from her seat. I looked up, unsure of what the hell was going on. I glanced around the group, everyone's eyes on me.

"Uhh... I think Jake would make a great dad," I said.

There was an audible gasp.

"You think this is a good idea?" Mom asked, somewhat shocked.

"Sure," I shrugged. "I mean if it needs to be done to save the tribe, go for it."

"That's very selfless of you Leah," Old Quil said. I nodded my head, unsure of what he was talking about and went back to drawing my name in the dirt.

"What's wrong with you?" Jacob snapped.

I glanced up quickly, wondering why he was snapping at me. "What? Nothing..."

"Youre fine with this?" he asked.

"I could have sworn I already said I was," I said, getting frustrated. "Beside I'm not the one you should be asking... isn't your mini Bella and her mom gonna be pissed?"

"Leah, are you feeling okay?" Seth asked, touching my forehead. I smacked his hand away.

"Yes! What is wrong with all of you?"

"Your opinion matters Leah," Billy said.

"Just because I'm his beta doesn't mean I want an opinion on who he mates with or not."

"So you have no problem being pregnant?" Sam asked. I paused. What the hell did he just say?

"Pregnant? Me? No! I hate kids!" I said. "But I'm sure what ever girl you find for Jake will be a great mom. Thanks for considering me though. Ego Boost."

"She doesn't get it," Seth said shaking his head.

"Get what?" I asked.

"You!" Jake shouted. "They said I have to mate with a female that has the wolf gene!"

"I know..."

And then it hit me. What a time to forget that you were the only female like EVER to have the wolf gene. They were gonna try to make Jake and I... ew... I couldn't even think it without losing my lunch. "What the fuck!" I shouted.

"Language," Mom ordered.

"No! No way! Uhh Uh! I am not! No! That's not gonna happen. No way! I can't... and he... and we... oh come on! That's just all types of wrong!" I screamed.

"There's no other way," Billy said again.

"No! I'm not gonna..." I began to gag. "No! I'm not doing that! Nope! Nope... sorry tribe, you were nice while it lasted! I'm not gonna have Jake's baby!"

"This is for our people," Old Quil said

"Well 'our people' aren't gonna be the ones carrying some alien baby for 9 fucking months! No thank you!"

"Leah," Mom pleaded.

"No! I thought I was a genetic dead-end anyways! I cant have kids," I said. It was something that had slightly hurt me when I first found out about it but then I saw all these mothers, struggling to get their kids to behave and I just thought I'd rather be an Aunt Leah than a mommy.

"That's another thing... in order for the mating to work and for an offspring to be born, you cant phase," Billy said

"What!" I shouted.

"Jacob can... in fact you'd need to phase as much as possible. Get the wolf gene pumping and working and just after you phase back would be a great time to impregnate Leah."

"Wait! D'you hear what you're saying? Impregnate Leah? I'm a person! Not some woman who is gonna be sitting at home barefoot and pregnant, waiting on her alpha to come home!"

"I'd pay to see that," Paul muttered.

I flashed around and glared at him. "Say one more thing! Say one more god damn thing and I will rip your head off!"

"Leah, calm down," Mom urged.

"No! Youre all trying to make Jake and I do something we don't want to do!" I said. "He has an imprint and I... well I like being by myself." It was total bullshit but what was I gonna say... I liked my arts and crafts?

"You guys have to think of something else," Jacob said

"We've looked. We cant find anything else. This is our only option," Billy said.

"Look," I said, taking a calming breath. "You can't force us. There isn't gonna be a little Jake or Leah running around so just drop it okay."

"If you two don't mate, the bloodline ends. Which means no more pack, and no more us. Once we die, the tribe does too," Mom said.

"I can't do this to Nessie," Jacob said, shaking his head and turning away from the campfire.

"Youre just gonna have to figure out another way that doesn't involve me," I said. I turned to walk away.

"There wont be any wolves anymore," Mom said, standing. I stopped in my tracks and turned to face her. "That means if vampires decide to come here, they could kill entire families because there's no one here to protect them. How would you feel if you had to watch your family die at the hands of one of those monsters and you couldn't do anything to stop them?"

I froze, considering the possibility of a world where our packs didn't exist to protect and keep people alive. It was definitely horrifying. But then again so was having a baby to start a bloodline.

"I can't," I said, softly, before heading back towards the house.

I was in the woods, right before the sun came up. The mist from rain up above surrounded me. Dew covered the trees and grass as I walked on the damp ground, barefoot. I held my hands up towards the sky and looked down at my palms. Water with an almost glittery purple sheen covered them. I turned my hands around as the purple glitter rain, covered my skin. A twig broke behind me and I flashed around, slower than I was used to. I felt heavy, as if something was weighing me down. A little girl stood before me, her short shoulder length ebony hair blowing softly in the breeze. I wasn't sure why she was out so early and in the rain. I opened my mouth to ask who she was but no sound came out. Now I was freaking out. I cupped my throat. Trying to shout.

The little girl quickly shook her head and brought her index finger to her lips to silence me. I stopped trying to scream and watched as she pointed behind me. I turned slowly to see my entire family and pack standing there, looking lost. I called out to them, not making a sound. And then I felt it. Something was off. I could feel it in my bones. I could feel it in my blood. I could feel my skin getting warmer and warmer. It felt almost as if I was about to phase. And then I saw it.

A vampire. He multiplied into 2 vampires. Then 3. He was circling my family, eyeing them as if they were prime steak. I screamed out to them, trying to warn them of the danger. I shouted at Seth to phase. Then Embry.

"Look out!" I screamed. They didn't move. It was almost like they were in a bubble and they couldn't hear me. Or I was in the bubble. In one swift move, the vampire began to take down my friends and family one by one. I screamed out in agony, watching the vampire feast on them. I tried to move, feeling my feet freeze to the ground.

"No!" I screamed. I turned to the little girl who had moved besides me. "Help them! Please!"

She said nothing but looked back over to the group of people. I did the same and wished I hadn't. Their limp, lifeless bodies were piled together in a heap of blood. I felt tears run down my cheek and I held myself. The little girl walked over to me, and looked up at me. Her large brown eyes were so innocent. She stuck her index finger out and pointed it towards me.

"What?" I asked. "What is it?" she continued to point at me and gently poked me in the stomach. My knees went weak as an overwhelming amount of pain hit me in the core of my body. I gripped my sides, trying to get through the pain. I finally pulled my hand away from my stomach and looked down at them. My already weak knees, buckled as I glared down at my blood covered hands. I was obviously bleeding and if it was this bad, that vampire would be over here at any moment to kill me. I looked up to where he should be and saw nothing. No bodies, no vampire, nothing. I blinked, unsure of what was going on before glancing over to the little girl. Yet again she pointed ahead. This time, far away in the distance, I saw someone standing.

I struggled to stand up. Maybe they could help me.

"Hello!" I shouted.

"Leah!" he said back. I recognized that clear voice anywhere.

"Jake!" I screamed.
"Leah!" he said back. He sounded farther away than he actually was. Why couldn't I move? Or phase?

I tried to walk over to him but had trouble with the amount of blood I'd lost. Suddenly the vampire was back, but this time, he was behind Jacob.

"Jake!" I shouted, trying to warn him. "Look out!"

In the blink of an eye, the vampire was away from Jake but in front of me, grinning maniacally. He hissed once before sinking his teeth into my neck.

I woke up, holding my neck, and gasping for air. I quickly pushed the covers off of my body and looked down to see if my stomach was bleeding.

"It was just a dream," I told myself. "Relax." I glanced over at the clock.

2:30 am

I laid back down on the bed and tried to calm my fast beating heart to get some rest.

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