As most of my friends know, I've caught the Frost, er, flu? I've become officially obsessed with Jack Frost. Ironic that the personification of winter is so fuckin' hot! Anyways, this idea came to me as I was going to bed. Needed an OC, and something that kids believed in. Jack Frost was taken, Santa was taken, Easter Bunny was taken, yada yada. Then it hit me. Imaginary friends. I think every kid is bound to have one, or more, at some point. I don't remember any of mine, but I asked a lot of my friends and they gave me some good ideas. So I wrote it down before I lost it. This went through several revisions, and will probably go through several more as it goes on because I'm always nervous I'm doing something wrong. Hope you enjoy!

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Edit – my usual beta bit the bullet and saw the movie, and now loves it as much as I do! So I'm revising the already posted chapters. I'm not changing much, but old readers might want to look back and see what I changed. I like it much better, and fits the plan that I have for it. :) Hope you like it!

It's like a nudge at the back of his mind, the sense that a child wants a friend. An image of a child, and a flicker of a friend poke at his thoughts.

"All right, all right. Shush already." He chides, having just sent another friend on its way to its child. The little nudge seems to listen, and stops poking for the moment. He sighs, and pinches the bridge of his nose to help ease the headache that's only just started.

It's a Saturday. Statistically, kids are more likely to call on their imaginary friends on a Saturday than any other day. The kids are away from school and their real life friends, and if they don't have a commitment, they're playing. And playing is much more fun when it's with a playmate.

He has a love-hate relationship with the last day of the week. On one hand, he's working his ass off, sending friend after friend through the door and to its assigned kid. On the other hand, he's making more kids happy than any other day of the week. The right corner of his lips quirks up at the thought.

Yeah, it's worth the work.

He's brought out of his musings by the nudge coming back, tapping at his thoughts like a nosey neighbor, insisting that yes, he has to answer it this time.

Another child in need of a friend.

A few thoughts reveal the child to be Thomas Green. The boy's imaginary friend is a something of a blue tinted monkey that likes pancakes and apple sauce, and likes race cars just as much as the boy does.

He chuckles. Kids and their imaginations.

Making a few gestures with his right hand, a blue monkey appears, cackling and jumping about impatiently. It's cute, if he does say so himself. It's creatures that are the easiest – getting the human companions is much more difficult.

The monkey makes an annoyed shriek at being held from his human companion.

"Go ahead." He gestures to the door, and the monkey lumbers out, swishing its tail back and forth.

Thomas Green's name gets a check, and another child gets a friend.

Yes, definitely worth the extra work.

Short, yes. But it will be longer once I figure out where I'm going with it. And once I figure out what the heck this Guardian's name is. *goes into L thinking pose*

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