This story just came to me, and I thought it was a cute idea. This story contains age play. I am thinking this might just be a couple of different one shots, but I don't know. Let me know what you think! Also I should have a new chapter up for all three of my other stories. In this one shot, Beck is babysitting Jade, for Tori, also Cat is more normal in this story.

Tori's POV

"Okay I think I packed everything." I hand Beck Jade's diaper bag, I give him a smile, and I go over to Jade, who is sitting on Becks bed. I get down to her level "Mommy's going to go, you be a good girl for Beck." I tell her, she wraps her arms around my neck "Don't weave, mommy" she whispers in my hair, I sigh a little. Jade always get this way when I have to leave, she thinks that I am going to leave, and not come back, just like her actual mom. "Its okay baby girl mommy will only be gone for a little while" I reassure her, she nods, and releases me from the hug. I give Jade a kiss on her nose, and smile at her. I get up from my spot next to Jade, and make my way back over to Beck "Thanks again Beck, it really means a lot to me." I take out my phone, and look at the time." I give Beck a quick hug, and I blow Jade a kiss, and leave.

Jade's POV

I watch as Tori, or mommy leaves quickly, I don't want her to leave me here, because I get scared that she not going to come back for me, and I will never see her again. I see Beck make his way over to me, he sits on the bed next to me. "Hey baby girl" I turn to look at him, and give him a slight glare "Only mommy is allowed to call me dat, not you." I say dryly, and turn away, we sit in an awkward silence for a few minutes. "I want to make cookies" I tell him bluntly "I don't think Tori likes you to eat sugar" he tells me. Mommy doesn't really want me to eat a lot of sugar. "Uh huh" I said with a shake of my head, and a pout. "I want to make cookie" I say again "I don't think so, little girl." Beck tells me, with a tap on my nose, I stand up and cross my arms on my chest, and stomp my foot "Well I know one thing, Tori would not stand for that kind of attitude." He says sternly, I bite my bottom lip, Becks right if I had this attitude with mommy, I would be over her knee in no time. "I sowwy" I whisper, he gives me a hug "It's okay" I crawl over to the bag that I packed, and get out the coloring book I brought. I flip to a page that is not colored, I stop at a picture of a cat, I pick out the purple crayon, because it's mommy's favorite color, I start to color the cat.

Beck's POV

I lean back on my bed and turn on the TV, to full house, I look over at Jade who is concentrating on the coloring book, while sucking on her thumb, she looks so cute, I think to myself. A few minutes later Jade crawls over to me, I lift so she is sitting next to me "Huwey" Jade said around her thumb, I smile at her. I get up from my spot, and go over to the diaper bag that Tori handed me. In one of the side pockets there is a bottle that is already made. I go back over to Jade, and hand it to her, she take it from me, and crawls back over to the coloring book, and goes back to coloring, and I turn my attention back to the TV. About 15 minutes later I hear Jade start to cry, I go over to her "What the matter Jade?" I asked concerned, she's still crying, but she manages to get out "w-wet" I start to panic. "I can't change you, were not dating anymore, what can I do?" I look at her "Mommy" she cries, I hug her side "I can't call Tori, she busy" I sit there not knowing what to do, and then it hits me "How about I call Cat?" Jade's crying has stop, and turned into a few sniffs, but she nods her head some. I get out my phone and call Cat. "Hey, Cat" I run my hand threw my hair "Hiiiii Beck" she said in her normal cheery voice "I was wondering if you could come over, I am babysitting Jade" she stopped me in mid-sentence "Sure I'll be there in fifteen" and with that she hung up the phone. I turn to Jade "Cat will be here in fifteen, okay?" she looks at me will somewhat puffy eyes from crying "Otay" she said as she put her thumb back into her mouth. I get a pacifier from the diaper bag, I take Jade's thumb out of her mouth, and replace it with pacifier.

There was a knock at my door, I open the door, Cat is standing outside holding Mr. Purple, she walks into my RV, and goes over to Jade. "Hiiiii Jadey" Cat tells Jade. Jade looks at Cat, and I see her eyes go to Mr. Purple for a brief second, and then she whimper to Cat "wet" I see Cat nod. Cat is actually really good at babysitting care of Jade. I look at them, and they are staring at me, I realize they are waiting for me to leave "I will go get something to drink, do you want anything Cat." I look at her and she smiles "Just the same thing you are" I give a nod of my head, and head out the door, and into my parents' house.

Cat's Pov

I set Mr. Purple down on the floor next Jade get the diaper bag that is sitting on Beck bed, I get out the changing mat, and place it on the floor, I lay Jade on it, who is now holding Mr. Purple. I untapped the side of Jade diaper. I finish changing Jade's diaper I lift her off the changing mat, and put it back in the diaper bag. Jade crawls over to the TV, and she is tightly holding Mr. Purple. Beck walks back in he hands me a bottle of water. He sits down on the left to Jade, and I sit on the right. Jade puts her head on my shoulder. When I thought she was starting to fall asleep, I try to take back Mr. Purple, but Jade tightens her grip on him, she sits up and yanks Mr. Purple from my hand

Beck's POV

I hear Jade yell "Mine!" I gives Jade a stern look "Jade we do not yell, and if it's Cat's then please give it back to her, please." She glares at me "No!" I raise an eyebrow "What was that?" Jade just continues to glare at me 'No!" she yells at me "Okay, if you don't want to do what I tell you then you can go sit in time out until you decide to follow my rules." I grab her upper arm, and practically drag her into the corner, I take Mr. Purple from her grip, I get down to her level. "Stay here until I get you out, do you understand?" Jade just turns around so she is not looking at me. I sigh and go, sit by Cat, Jade bangs her hand on the wall "Jade stop" I tell her, and she does it again "Jade if you hit the wall again then I will tell Tori when she comes to get you." Jade stops after I said that, Cat leaves after that, Jade was sitting in time out for about ten minutes when I heard her start to snore slightly, I look over and her head is on the wall her eyes are closed, I get up, and walk over to Jade, and lift her out of time out, and lay her on the bed.

Tori's POV

I walk up to Beck's RV, I knock on the door, Beck answers the door, and he gives me a smile. I look over his shoulder to see Jade lying on the bed, sleeping. "How was she, she wasn't any trouble?" I turn to Beck "No, trouble at all." He looks at the sleeping Jade. I get the diaper bag. "Again thank you for watching her" I shake Jade some to get her to wake you a little. She opens her eyes a little. "Hey sleepyhead" I tell her softly "Mommy, home?" I lift her onto my hip and she rests her head in my shoulder and clings onto my shirt sleeves. I take her out to my car, and put her into the back seat, and I buckle her up, and go into the driver's seat. I wave to Beck, and back out of the driveway

When we get home I open the car door, I open Jade side, and unbuckle her. I lift her, get the diaper bag, and go inside. I lay her diaper bad in the couch, and take the sleeping Jade up to her room. I put her on the changing table, I go into her closet, and get out a light blue sleeper, I put Jade in it, and I place Jade in her crib. Before I walk out of her room, Jade stands on her knee "Sleep with mommy" she states sleepily as she rubs her eyes. "Just for tonight" I go back over to her, and lift her out of her crib, and take her into my room, I place her in my bed. I get ready for bed. I get in the bed with Jade, I give her a kiss on the back of her head, and I start to fall asleep.

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