It was not easy to be an archaeologist professor and gentlemen, when one of the most important things was to keep an eye on a curious, eternally eating, self-appointed apprentice and a smart and athletic assistant, who loved buzzing around on her own. Both were equally mischievous.

"Are you almost done?"

"Yes, just a little more."

"Shush, I hear someone coming."


They managed to get out of sight before the Professor appeared in the doorway, spotting a freshly made pot of tea.

He helped himself to a cup and when lifting it up to his mouth he could faintly smell something sour. Thinking nothing of it he took a sip.


Luke was never aware of precisely how far he needed to go to get the Professor to lose it. He did, however, soon discover it when he, quite unintentionally, sat down on the dear Professor's tophat.

Needless to say, the Professor was not pleased.

The Professor spent an awful lot of his working hours in his office, that is, when he wasn't in class or at meetings.
It was when he was at one of these occational meetings that Luke decided to invite a few friends over, so that they could see the famous professor's base. This and that happened and in the end the office was in an even worse state than before.

Luke did not avoid getting a lecture.

How did the Professor notice anyway?

The Professor was not pleased when Don Paolo showed up in the middle of the night in his destroying copter, claiming that revenge would be his.

"Paul, can't we discuss this some other time? You might wake someone."


In the end Don Paolo had no copter to fly home in.

Lately Rosetta's comings had gone to the extreme (more than usually). All her essays had been filled more with hearts than with text and whatever text there was were exclamations of love. Her stalking him home had become a daily basis and he was sure that she had broken into his office more than once.

It finally crossed the line when headlines suck as "Does Layton have a girlfriend?", "The Professor's secret love-life" and "Professor Layton: A pervert?" were all over the news.

It would take a long time before the Professor could sort that mess out.

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