So sorry for how long this took. I haven't been working on here for a little while, so obviously that's my only excuse. There are a few requests that I haven't finished writing yet, but while I figure out what to do with those, here are the ones I've finished.

2nd - The Last Sea Serpent
3rd - The Drone
4th and 5th - Sweetly Delightful

The Professor was quite aware that he wasn't the most orderly of men, but this was ridiculous. To lose a sock in the wash was one thing, but losing them all, as well as all of his shirts, jackets, trousers and, to his horror, pants, was another thing altogether. Walking downstairs in his pyjamas - thankfully, he hadn't been stripped of those - he quickly found the culprit, who was quite busy packing the stolen articles.

"Clive, may I ask what you think you're doing?"

"I've just sold all your clothes and is packing it in for delivery."

"Oh? But who would buy used pants?"

"Well, I have a list of-"


"Are you sure he's not here? How will we even get this thing moving?"

"Yes of course, I'm sure! I saw him talking to the Professor about five minutes ago and chances are that they're still talking. And don't worry, I've been watching him manipulating those controls. I know precisely what to do!...Sort of."

"Mmm mm mm mmm mmmm!"

"Shut up, Bill!" And with that, Clive and Dimitri stole the TARDIS, entered the time stream, exited the time stream and, surprisingly, ended where they (in theory)intended:...somewhere on Earth, millions of years in the past. Good thing Clive has better driving skills than the Doctor. "Perfect! Let's see if we can find a starving carnivorous creature out there and feed it this wanker," Clive said, refering to Bill Hawks, who laid bound and gagged on the floor. "I know it's not the best meal we can offer it, but at least he won't be missed!"

Once they'd gotten outside, they came face to face with what looked like a result of a wolf mating with a tiger, that had then grown a few sizes...and gotten uglier.

"...Clive, if I don't survive this, which I won't, I am blaming you."

"Who, me?! Just because I planned all this...and flew us here...and didn't check the screen...Alright, it's my fault."

As the predator* jumped at them, it suddenly stopped and stayed still in mid-air as if time stood still. Actually...

"Lucky for you that I was nearby," said a bowtie-wearing idiot, waltzing out of a TARDIS standing right next to their stolen one. "Clive! Long time no see and... Dimitri, was it? Yes. And what brings such fine gentlemen here? Oh," he said, finally noticing Hawks, still bound and gagged. "I see. You're going to feed this man to that," finger-point at animal, "creature, which by the way is a Andrewsarchus; the largest carnivorous mammal known to man, long since extinct by your time. The Archaeology lesson aside, two versions of the same TARDIS at the exact same place and time could rip a hole in space and time, which really isn't good. You better get home at a point before I discover that the TARDIS is missing, and I'll personally see to it that Bill Hawks get back to where you snatched him from."

After a lot of technological babble, the Doctor setting the coordinates for the stolen TARDIS and at least half-an-hour of letting Bill Hawks get chased down the long, winding corridors of the TARDIS by a horde of antilopes - the Doctor, having long since aquired a zoo, stated that his lions had at the time gone missing in the corridors again - Clive and Dimitri finally left for home.

"Andrewsarchus, funny."

"Yes. Clive, do you know precisely where we are?"

"Let me see," he said, turning on the screen. "We are on the Moon?!


"Yes, my dear?"

"Have you perchance noticed that your hat's sticking to your head and won't let go?"

"It is very hard to miss and to be honest, it is quite inconvenient whenever I take a bath, but it otherwise doesn't bother me too much. I no longer have worry about it falling off."

"Who do you suppose did it?"

"I'm most certain that it is Paul. See, he even wrote me a letter about it. I might have to write him a letter saying: 'Thank you for considering the well-being of my hat. The pictures I had taken of your ballet classes are already sent to the press.' How do you think of that?"

"Curse you, Layton!"

"Paul! You could have told me you were dressing up as Flora again. If I'd known I would have made more tea."

"He is mine!"

"No! Clive is mine and you can't have him!"

The entire morning Emmy and Flora had been arguing about, well, mainly Clive and who gets to 'keep' him. The kept arguing and arguing and when they didn't come to the kitchen for lunch, the Professor finally realised that the only thing able to split them apart were the thing, which brought them together in this argument. Clive was reluctant at first, because while he thought that two girls fighting over him was awfully flattering, he had no intention of having his arms ripped off by two love-crazed ladies, but after being 'threatened' with "no more adventures for you, then", he quickly changed his mind.

"Ahem! Flora, Emmy..."

The girls stopped for a moment and turned towards him. "Yes, Clive?"

"While I'm flattered that you think so highly of me that you'd literally fight over me, I'd like you to know that, while I love the both of you, I couldn't possibly choose between you."

The girls suddenly became confused. "Fight over you? Whatever for?"

Now it was Clive's turn to be confused. "But weren't you fighting over me barely two minutes ago?"

All of a sudden the girls started laughing. "Fight over you?! We were never fighting over you! Why would we?!"

"Then who were you fighting over, then?!" a flustered Clive exclaimed.

"This guy here," Emmy said, stepping aside so that he could clearly see the fluffy orange cat, sitting on a stool. Indeed, on its collar was written the name 'Clive'.

After being unable to find the actual owner of the cat, it ended up a Luke's pet.

Clive would never admit to being clumpsy, but after breaking an antique statue after he and Luke played a game of chase, he at least had to admit it to himself. In fact, he'd admit to everyone being a bit 'clumpsy'. You see, not only did the statue break once, but it broke five whole times before the Professor made it home that evening from a trip. Most of the times it weren't even their fault.

The second time, Rosetta had broken in and stolen it, leaving a message for the Professor, telling him to meet her at specific spot. When she saw that it was Luke and Clive that showed up, she broke it out of frustration.

The third time, they had left it on a table. Unfortunately, Emmy wanted to try out the tablecloth-trick.

The fourth time, Clive had only left Luke for a few minutes to go to the bathroom, but returned to a broken statue, a still-rolling ball and a sheepish look on Luke's face.

The fifth time, Don Paolo broke in, but when he discovered that the Professor wasn't home, he left, but not before breaking the nearest thing out of frustration.

In the evening when the Professor came home, Luke and Clive followed him into his office, wanting to watch him study it. After a few minutes, the Professor casually let go of it, letting it fall to the floor and break into pieces; Luke and Clive were flabbergasted.

"What? It was a copy. We've had a lot of those around recently."

Twin "Are you kidding me"'s could be heard all the way to Tokyo.

*As far as I know, it has yet to be determined whether or not the Andrewsarchus was a predator or a scavenger, but for the sake of things let's say it's a predator.

The Doctor is terribly out of character in this, but that doesn't altogether matter. Besides, we don't know whether or not he actually let loose the antilopes. He might as well just have shown them the zoo, casually telling them about the lions and they just so happens to release the antilopes behind his back...yeah...let's say that.

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