This is my very first story, so it may not be the best, I'm still learning about writing fan fiction's, But this is a Kurtbastian story, I do like Blaine so this story is not going to bash him.

Anyway here goes my first story.


Chapter 1

Kurt always hated Sebastian he tried to steal his boyfriend, said nothing to him unless it was mean insults and he never thought they would mean anything to each other.

But sometimes the one person you thought wouldn't be there for you is the one person who is.

Blaine knew he had to tell Kurt he knew it was the right thing to do. But how do you tell the Love of your life that you cheated on him.

Blaine sat down next to Kurt on his bed

'Kurt I need to tell you something' Blaine said trying to gather up the courage.

'Ok' Kurt said

'I slept with someone' Blaine said deciding that saying it faster was better

Now that was not what Kurt had expected, now his heartbroken tears start streaming down his face.

'Leave' Kurt said

'Wait, please don't do this to us, it was one mistake and it meant nothing' Blaine pleaded

'I'm not doing anything to us; you did it the moment you decided to sleep with someone else.' Kurt said now full blown sobbing

'I hope Sebastian was worth it' Kurt said

Blaine looked at him and said 'What it wasn't Sebastian that I slept with'

Kurt looked at him like he was lying

'You already told me you slept with someone no need to lie, it's obvious that it was Sebastian' Kurt said

'It wasn't Sebastian that I slept with, it was just some guy from scandals that I met, I didn't even know what I was doing I was drunk it was a mistake.' Blaine said trying to explain himself.

'No, I'm sorry we are over, now please just leave.' Kurt said

As Blaine got up and left the Hummel-Hudson house Kurt fell to the floor in tears as he realised what has just happened the love of his life his one and only cheated on him, how was he meant to get over this.

Little did Kurt know that a certain Warbler would help him get over it.