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Then can you disappoint me… who loved you?

She was floating, and there were so many bright lights around her. Which one to go to? Was this the afterlife?

Rukia was content, she was at peace to leave the world of the living. She had said everything she had wanted to say to both her father and Byakuya, and she knew that everything was going to be alright from now on.

Her only regret was… that she was not able to remain by their sides. She still wanted to draw so many rabbits, she wanted to drive a chariot on her own, she wanted to hug her father as much as she could, she wanted to learn strategies with Renji, she wanted to see her pet rabbits have baby rabbits together, she wanted… to… be with Byakuya…

But it was alright, an exchange of a single life for so many from Incaz and Memphis was a blessing from the gods. Rukia was satisfied, and would not ask for more.

Because you can make up for your crimes. You can, by… staying…

Rukia now felt as if she was falling. Was she going to land in Ra's boat? It was a boat that was said to take you to the afterlife, where there was even a heavenly Nile river. Only people with good hearts were taken on the boat, and Rukia hoped hers would make it.

Even if it tears your soul apart, you will stay here…

This is the symbol of the goddess Hathor, the goddess who brings love and joy… take it…

'I'm sorry, Byakuya,' Rukia felt the tears sting her eyes. There was a bright light above her somehow. 'I'm sorry.'

And she opened her eyes.

Rukia focused on the white ceiling above her, and slowly blinked. Where was this? Had she… been brought to the pure lands? There were carvings on the white ceiling, similar to the carvings she had seen in the palace when she was alive. Rukia moved slightly, it appeared that she was lying on a bed of some sort, covered with a white cloth.

Her head felt heavy, her entire body felt stiff. As Rukia looked around her, a movement out of the corner of her eye made her turn to her left. There was something, or rather someone, at her bedside. Was it a God of the afterlife?

The God was apparently sleeping by her bedside in a chair, breathing slowly, but she could not see his or her face. The God's hair was long, splaying out in a fine black veil, and there was a golden crown on his or her head. Rukia opened her eyes a little wider, as she peered at the sleeping God.

The God even looked like Byakuya, from what she could see from her supine position on the bed. He was sitting in a chair with his head on his folded arms on her bed. Rukia smiled softly. Maybe this was her blessing? That she got to keep a God by her side who resembled the man she had left in the land of the living?

Rukia moved her head slightly, to get a better look at the God. She wanted to touch his hair, it looked soft and she wondered if it would be as soft as Byakuya's had been. Rukia felt the sadness come to clench at her heart, she missed Byakuya, and she had left him despite his orders.

Suddenly, the God stirred slightly and lifted his head up. Rukia's eyes widened as she saw the grey eyes open in the handsome face.

"Bya… kuya?" Her voice came out weak. What?… Could this really… be…

She watched as his eyes widened slightly and in a second, he was hovering over her as he gazed into her eyes with unmasked happiness and relief. He was careful not to lean too much over the bed and then he turned to the door. "Get the royal physician now!" Rukia heard a pair of feet thud away from the room.

"Rukia…" For the first time, Byakuya's voice reverberated with emotion. "Thank the Gods…" He touched the side of her face gently. "Don't close your eyes, please."

"I… am… alive?" Rukia asked, and the Pharaoh nodded.


"You have been asleep for five days. The physician arrived just as you lost consciousness." Byakuya's jaw clenched as he relived the horrible moment then when Rukia's hand had slipped from his face. "He did his best to stop the bleeding, and then we brought you to a room to recuperate. The physician told me… that God's will would decide… if you were to awake."

Rukia felt his hand on her face tremble. "Then I did." Rukia smiled. "M-My father?"

"He is currently serving his sentence in Memphis prison. Do not worry, it is a livable place. He went willingly without protest… and he also told me… to take care of you should you be safe."

A tear slid down Rukia's left cheek. She looked up at the Pharaoh again as he caressed her hair. "That means… I make up for my crimes against you, my King?"

"No," Byakuya whispered as he leaned in to plant a soft kiss on Rukia's forehead. "This is just the beginning."

"My Queen, you look most beautiful!"

Rukia smiled into the mirror. "Thank you, Ina."

Today was Rukia's wedding day, the formal ceremony of her marriage to the Pharaoh of Egypt. It had been almost six months since she had recovered from her life-threatening injury. A week after she was able to walk from the bed, Rukia requested from Byakuya that she be returned to Incaz.

The Pharaoh had been very hesitant, and almost denied her request. But then Rukia told him that she wanted to see for herself her own city, and she wanted to tell the people the truth and try to earn their trust once again. He finally gave her his consent, with a request that she meet with him the night before she was to depart.

Rukia met him on the balcony that very night and Byakuya returned the amulet of the Goddess Hathor to her (which he had kept with him after she was injured). Rukia had been very uncertain about what was to happen between the both of them. She knew that by returning to Incaz, there was a possibility that she might never see Byakuya again. But she had to leave, to rebuild the city as her father's daughter. So Rukia was courteous to the Pharaoh, thanking him formally for everything and told him that his last royal decree to remove her had made their marriage void, and that he was free to marry whomever he pleased.

His reaction to her words had been almost dramatic. Byakuya had angrily admonished Rukia, telling her to 'keep your far-fetched words to yourself'. Then the Pharaoh had ordered her to 'put your lips together in silence', before leaning in and kissing her hard. Afterward, he told her in a soft whisper, that he would wait for her, for as long as she needed the time.

These words were what Rukia took back to Incaz with her, along with the determination to clear her father's name with her effort. Upon returning to Incaz, the princess set to work cleaning out the administration. It had been very hard work, especially trying to get through to the people of Incaz who had suffered during her father's rule. But she had chosen wise advisors and officials by her side, and she soon won many hearts in a short period of time. And when the harvests began to come in well, when taxes were imposed reasonably, when the officers worked hard in their stations, when the people of Incaz began singing songs of their great princess in the market… Rukia knew that she had made a difference in her home province.

Byakuya had apparently been observing Incaz because after a month of Incaz's prosperity, a luxurious entourage travelled to the province bearing a royal decree: that the Pharaoh of Egypt desired the hand of the Incaz princess in marriage. Rukia happily accepted with a condition that Incaz remained under her governance.

And today… today she was finally going to be married to Byakuya.

Ina, now Rukia's personal maid, smiled happily as she adjusted Rukia's necklace. "Oh, Lord Inebo sent something for you with a message today." The maid produced a small box and a folded piece of papyrus from her sleeves and gave it to the young Queen.

Rukia opened the box and her eyes widened. It was a single gold ring with hieroglyph inscriptions along the circle. 'Eternity in Happiness'. She unfolded the message. "My dear daughter Rukia, This belonged to your mother before you. It was my wedding gift to her, and I now give it to you. I had planned to give this to you during the time of your marriage… and I believe there is no better time than now. Live well and be happy, my daughter. I hope you will forgive me for all my crimes. Your father."

Rukia felt the tears sting her eyes as she read the message. Inebo had been sentenced to fifty years in prison, and his old age made it likely that he would never make it out alive. Rukia visited him three times a week, bearing news of her well-being and of Incaz and Egypt. For the wedding today, Byakuya had specially made arrangements for Inebo to be brought out but the former Incaz governor had declined, stating that it showed bias to do so.

Now Rukia took up her mother's ring and slid it onto one of her finger. "Thank you, Father," the young Queen whispered as she dried her tears.

Byakuya sat on his throne in the main royal hall, feeling the impatience and nervousness coalesce together in the pit of his stomach. Today was the day he was finally marrying Rukia, and he had waited too long for this.

Byakuya's heart had been heavy as he had released the princess back to her province. He had wondered how he was to survive, until his advisor Urahara had remarked that true love was about loving your beloved, and not being selfish about oneself.

Yes, Byakuya loved Rukia and he understood how important Incaz was to her, and so he had let her go.

The Pharaoh had been tempted many times to make trips to the province but he knew Rukia might not deal well with distractions so he made do with letters written to her. She had replied to every single one of them, and this had pleased him a lot. Byakuya also had to contend with his yearning for her while he governed the country, and her constant presence in his dreams (sometimes, in sinfully delicious scenarios) made it all the more difficult. The Pharaoh also had to contend with his jealousy, which stemmed from Rukia's action of choosing many young male officers in her office (even though Byakuya knew full well that this was due to their benevolent services). He had almost sent assassins to Incaz to eliminate any male that dared be close to Rukia but Urahara had stopped him, telling him that the princess was so busy and rarely had any time to socialize with males anyway.

When she had accepted his marriage proposal, Byakuya had been very happy and put the plans for the wedding into action. The country had celebrated their coming reunion, Rukia's reputation as a very competent leader in Incaz and the stories about her sacrifice to save Memphis and Incaz had made her very well-liked by the people. And today… was the day it would all come to fruition.

Byakuya looked up as he heard the giant bell ring in the palace. He rose, as did everyone in the main hall. Today, Byakuya had worn the most luxurious of his royal clothes. He was wearing brown-and-gold silk robes, which was open at the front to reveal his chest. His waist bore the royal belt with the green scarab jewel in the center, and the gold-and-turquoise beaded collar lined his broad shoulders from left to right. His jewelry was also more refined this time, with a single gold finger armor and many rings. The Pharaoh also wore gold hand guards with scarab engravings and turquoise beading. The royal Pharaoh crown sat atop his head.

Byakuya's grey eyes were fixated on the huge main door of the hall, he knew Rukia was on the other side. And then the bell rang a second time, and the doors opened.

And there Rukia stood, resplendent in her dress and jewelry. Her head was bowed low, but Byakuya could detect a lovely smile playing on her lips. She was wearing much the same as what she had worn on their first wedding, but she looked even more beautiful here.

Because here, he was truly marrying her. He loved her, and with this marriage, he would spend the rest of his life with her.

Rukia's brown robes made her fair skin glow against the fabric, complimented by the gold lining their edges. Her raven hair framed her oval face, where round gold earrings adorned her ears. She was wearing a beautiful gorgerine necklace made up of gold pieces and turquoise beads, and a single beaded belt at her waist. Like Byakuya, Rukia was also wearing additional jewelry of gold and turquoise bangles on both arms.

The only thing missing was…

Byakuya looked to his right, where the gold crown of the Queen of Egypt sat on a silk pillow. Rukia drew nearer, walking at an elegant pace, with two maids trailing behind her with their heads bowed. The Pharaoh felt as if his heart would burst from the waiting, as Rukia slowly came closer and closer.

Finally, the Incaz princess knelt before his feet, her head bowed demurely. Byakuya wanted nothing more than to reach out and pull her to his arms, but he understood that it was formality. Another ring of the bell signaled the time for the coronation of the Queen of Egypt, and Byakuya carefully lifted the delicate crown from the pillow. The crown was also gold and adorned with twin turquoise jewels shaped like small scarabs at the front.

Slowly, he lowered the crown onto the head of the woman kneeling before him, the Queen of Egypt, his wife, his beloved… his soulmate.

The hall rang with applause.

Byakuya was restless. He watched the slow trickle of rose water from the jug into the gold plate and suppressed another sigh. The maid was pouring the water at an awfully slow pace, and he was already impatient. The Pharaoh looked across at his new wife, but she kept her head bowed down and apparently did not feel any rush.

After a painfully long time, the maid finished pouring the rose water and both the Pharaoh and Queen dipped their hands into the sweet-smelling liquid. After bowing low to wish the royal couple happiness, the maids departed… leaving Byakuya and Rukia in the wedding chamber.

At long last.

Byakuya had been waiting too long for this. He had to endure the wedding dinner and accept endless toasts from his officials and ministers, while he knew full well that she was waiting for him in the wedding chamber. He had endured too much, of waiting for the woman in front of him now that it felt almost unreal.

"You may lift your head," Byakuya spoke, and Rukia obliged. The Pharaoh was immediately met with the lovely jewel-like eyes of his beautiful Queen.

"Come to me," Byakuya spoke again, and Rukia bowed before walking closer to him. When she was right in front of him, the Queen stopped politely and kept her head down.

"May I touch you?" Byakuya asked softly, his voice barely a whisper. Rukia's head shot up at the question, her eyes wide. The Pharaoh's expression remained impassive, as he waited for her answer.

"O-Of course." Rukia bowed her head. "I… am yours, my King." The heat crept into her cheeks as she spoke the words.

"I believe… that is correct." Byakuya's hand touched her right cheek then, and his other hand pulled at her waist. He moved closer, pressing his body against hers as he slowly bent his head down. Their lips met in a gentle kiss, one that spoke softly of yearning. Byakuya moved his lips expertly over Rukia's, inciting a single breathy moan from his queen before pulling away abruptly.

Rukia's expression of confusion almost made Byakuya smile, she looked lost and absolutely adorable.

"There is something I want to show you." The Pharaoh offered a single hand to his Queen, who took it readily. He led her over to the cupboard in the chamber, before removing a golden box from underneath several important papers. Byakuya transferred the box to his wife, who opened it curiously before letting out a gasp of awe.

"Only few have ever laid eyes on it," Byakuya spoke.

"This is… beautiful, my King!" Rukia looked up, before gazing admiringly back at the masterpiece in the box. "This is… a seaweed guardian of some sort?"

This time, it was Byakuya's turn to gaze at his queen in subtle awe. "It is the first time someone guessed the identity of my artwork correctly." The Pharaoh replied. "Yes, it is seaweed. Rather, I personally call it the 'Seaweed Ambassador'."

Rukia nodded with interest, fingering the cotton toy. It was a green seaweed guardian dressed in Pharaoh clothing, with its own crown and gorgerine necklace. To her, it was… a wonderfully artistic masterpiece.

"Your art is beautiful… my King." Rukia continued as she touched the seaweed toy.

She was answered by strong arms that swiftly scooped her up from the floor. "M-My King?" Rukia looked up at the Pharaoh in a panic, who now carried her with an emotionless expression.

"We can spend time admiring the masterpiece, of course." The Pharaoh carried his queen over to where the bed waited against the wall. "However…" Byakuya carefully lowered Rukia onto the bed before hovering above her. "… there are more urgent matters for the night." The Pharaoh whispered huskily into her ear, sending a tingle down the young queen's body.

Rukia opened her mouth to reply, but Byakuya easily stopped her with a fierce openmouthed kiss, and this time it was passionate and hard, expressing all of the pent-up desires and passion between them. Both husband and wife traded moans, as their tongues entwined between their lips. Rukia reached out to run her fingers through Byakuya's hair, as he pressed his body into hers.

Both of them had waited… and the want had been developing too strongly…

Releasing her lips, the Pharaoh moved to kiss her neck with restrained aggression, causing Rukia to moan under the sweet assault. His tongue tasted the skin along her pulse point and he nibbled gently at a sweet spot, easily marking her. When Byakuya's mouth contacted the metal of Rukia's gorgerine necklace against her chest, he growled softly and started to remove the accessory with his swift hands. Dropping the necklace to the floor, he continued to tease at her bosom with his mouth.

Rukia was already breathless under Byakuya's ministrations, and she writhed helplessly under him as she felt him nibble at her breast through the thin clothing. "B-Byaku…" Her voice was a soft moan, as he slid the upper part of her dress off to leave her chest naked and exposed to his eyes for the very first time.

Rukia gasped and moved to cover her breasts but Byakuya easily stopped her hands with his own.

"You are beautiful…" The Pharaoh murmured as his one hand cupped a single breast. Rukia's cheeks were already red as she breathed hard, adding to the erotic image of the woman below him. Byakuya slowly ran his hand along the gentle swell of Rukia's right breast before stopping to tease her nipple between his thumb and finger, causing another moan to erupt from Rukia's lips.


Moving his head downward, Byakuya captured the other breast with his mouth. Rukia cried out in pleasure as he flicked his tongue over the mound and began to lick the pink coral in the center, nibbling gently at it.

"Does it feel good?" Byakuya lifted his head to gaze at Rukia, his voice husky. "Tell me, my Queen."

Rukia was panting but she slowly nodded, immediately stifling another moan as Byakuya moved to suckle on her left breast, while his hand performed erotic ministrations on her other breast.

I have waited for too long… but I'm going to take my time with you now…

"P-Please…" Rukia's hands were entwined in Byakuya's hair as he worked on her chest. Her body writhed slightly, and she was highly aware of the warmth that was slowly pooling between her legs and the heat in her body that had moved to that very spot.

Byakuya's lips finally left her chest to travel down the length of her body, stopping to dip into her navel before moving lower. When he encountered the final part of her dress, the Pharaoh swiftly removed it, even causing the robe to tear in his impatience.

Rukia herself was very needy at this point, and sat up to remove Byakuya's clothes. He allowed her to undress him, his hands lightly tracing the curve of her spine up her back as she did so. When he was finally rid of his upper robe, Byakuya gently pushed her back onto the bed and continued to taste his way down Rukia's naked body.

When he moved toward her inner thigh, Rukia gasped softly and tried to squeeze her legs together. Byakuya responded by kissing lightly against her thigh and then gently nudging her legs apart.

The feminine scent from Rukia's most intimate area was making Byakuya heady with passion, and he was already hard with desire. Wasting no time, Byakuya licked at her nether lips, before plunging in with his tongue. Rukia cried out, throwing her head back in pleasure as her hands gripped the white silk sheets.

"B-Byakuya!…" How he loved the way her voice reverberated with passion as she called out his name. How he loved the way she called out his name, without any formal title to stand between them. And how he loved her… how he loved her…

I am going to make love to you this night, Rukia…

Byakuya positioned himself before her, as her legs straddled him. "Rukia…" His voice was husky as his grey eyes met her hazy violet ones. They were going to become one, the sacred reunion of a man and woman. Byakuya wanted to take Rukia gently as their first time, he did not want to cause her more pain than was necessary.

When she nodded, he slowly entered her causing her to gasp slightly in pain. Byakuya stilled to allow her to adjust to him, keeping his arms securely around her body. The Pharaoh leaned down to sprinkle tantalizing kisses at her neck to soothe his queen. After some time, Rukia's strangely timid voice was heard. "Byakuya… you may… move." Byakuya looked down to see Rukia smile up at him in a sign of consent. He started to move then, causing little gasps from the woman below him.

The pleasure he felt as Rukia's tight walls clenched around him was immeasurable, as he moved within her. Slowly, Rukia's eyes grew round with passion as she derived the pleasure from Byakuya's thrusts, her hips slowly rolling up to meet them. Her legs tightened around him, almost pushing Byakuya over the edge as he gave one thrust after another.

"Harder… faster…" Rukia's voice was raw as she clung to Byakuya, her nails leaving marks down his back. Her husband conceded, as his pumps became more powerful, pleasure shooting down her body with each erotic thrust as he went deeper and deeper.

"Rukia…" Byakuya moaned, keeping one hand on her leg as he felt her walls tighten remarkably around him with her heightening arousal. She felt so good, too good, her voice and body was driving him to the climax…

Rukia's mind was hazy with pleasure and lust, and she could barely comprehend anything as her husband moved in and out of her. His hands and lips were setting her body ablaze, and she was slowly reaching the peak…

Byakuya's thrusts became erratic, and he leaned in to capture Rukia's lips in a passionate kiss. With one powerful thrust, Rukia came, moaning into Byakuya's mouth as her walls tightened with the erotic onslaught. Byakuya gave one final thrust before he himself came, shuddering as he spilled his seed deep inside his beloved.

"I love you, Rukia..." Byakuya whispered, his lips brushing softly against Rukia's as he spoke.

"I love you too..." Rukia smiled, her lips contacting his gently in turn.

They remained in each other's arms for a long time, refusing to disengage as the orgasmic haze slowly settled around them. Byakuya brushed light kisses over Rukia's hair and forehead, as she smiled. He then moved to hover over her, their noses touching. "Rukia?" His breathing was still slightly rushed from the passionate act.

"Hmm?" Rukia herself was also breathing hard. She smiled and nuzzled Byakuya's nose with her own.

"We shall proceed with the second round shortly," the Pharaoh spoke in an authoritative voice. Despite his impassive face, his grey eyes twinkled with mischief.

"W-Why are you giving orders now?" Rukia countered, flustered. She reached to hit Byakuya above her but he captured her hand easily.

"You dare hit your King?" This time, he brought her hand to his lips, kissing her knuckles gently.

"No." Ignoring her pink cheeks, Rukia smiled back at Byakuya. "But I dare hit my husband."

"That is right," Byakuya spoke solemnly. "As husband and wife, we have no need… to hold back."

Rukia caught the naughty glint in Byakuya's eyes but there was nowhere to escape, he was completely on top of her already.

The Pharaoh captured her lips in a hot open kiss and as the passion seared through her body once again, Rukia forgot why she was trying to run away in the first place.




The shouts travelled through the gardens as two small figures jumped from one bench to another, fighting each other with wooden swords. The two boys were sweaty and breathless, but their eyes shone with spirit and happiness.

"Sefu, Aki! It is time to wash up for dinner." A woman appeared at the gardens, her violet eyes bright with a smile on her face. Another woman followed behind, her head bowed.

"Mother!" The two boys turned, and immediately ran toward the woman. They smiled at her happily as she knelt down to inspect them. "Where is Father? He said he would be back by this evening, right?"

Rukia smiled as she adjusted the clothing of her two sons. "I am sure he will be here by dinner. He must have been delayed for a while."

"Maybe he got waylaid by robbers! And he fought every single one of them bravely!" The younger son brandished his wooden sword in a combat pose.

Sefu and Aki were sons borne to Byakuya and Rukia. Sefu was the oldest child and was born five years after their marriage. He possessed his mother's beautiful violet eyes, and his father's cold elegance and maturity. His name, Sefu, bearing the meaning of 'sword', soon manifested itself in his proficient swordsmanship and combat skills at his young age.

Aki, three years younger to Sefu, was Byakuya and Rukia's second child. His eyes were the misty grey of Byakuya's, but the characteristic single strand of hair falling over his forehead was undoubtedly Rukia's. He was playful, retaining the childish innocence of his mother, and very intelligent in the world knowledge and arts as his father. The name 'Aki' carried the meaning of 'intelligence'.

Together, the young sons were a lively duo in the palace. They studied in the royal halls mainly, but sometimes were sent on education trips to the capital to study amongst the commoners under disguised names. On certain days, they trained swordsplay with their father in the training grounds, while secretly counting down the time to enjoy the sweet cakes with their mother, who sat watching nearby. On leisure days, they enjoyed chasing Advisor Renji around the palace grounds.

Rukia had always insisted on bringing her two sons out amongst the commoners, despite Byakuya's initial misgivings about the danger. However, the Pharaoh was quick to change his mind after accompanying his family to the village where he witnessed the happy interaction between his sons and the children there. As a result, the two princes were mindful of their royal blood while still retaining the humility and kindness of good leaders.

"Who won?" Rukia now inquired, smiling at her two sons.

"Sefu did, as always," Aki pouted as Rukia ran her hand affectionately through her son's black hair. But then the young prince brightened. "I'm improving fast, though. Managed a poke at his buttocks just now, you should have seen him jump!"

"The improvement is true. But that poke was underhanded… and uncalled for." Sefu gave his younger brother a strict look, so reminiscent of his father. But then a smile curled the lips of the oldest prince. "But it was funny."

Rukia burst out laughing, as her two sons did.

"What is funny?" A deep voice interrupted their conversation and both the queen and her two princes turned toward the source.

"Father! You are back!" Aki ran first, followed by Sefu. Rukia watched as the two princes threw their arms around Byakuya (despite their sweat-soaked clothes)… and the Pharaoh easily accepted the embrace of his two sons.

Byakuya's and Rukia's eyes met at that instant, and husband and wife only gazed at each other, without the need for useless words.

"Have the children been well?"

"Yes. And very active these days. I think Sefu will be looking to challenge you one of these days." Rukia smiled as she walked alongside Byakuya. They were on the balcony overlooking the palace grounds, the very same balcony where they had shared their first kiss. It had been after dinner, and after the boys were sent back to their bedrooms to rest for the day.

Byakuya turned to Rukia and stopped walking, putting his arms around her. The Pharaoh pulled his Queen gently into an embrace. "I missed you," Byakuya murmured against Rukia's hair and she smiled, closing her eyes.

"I missed you too."

"And will you both be listening till the end of your parents' conversation?" Byakuya spoke abruptly, and Rukia's eyes opened. The queen chuckled as she heard two pairs of feet running away from behind the walls.

"It was Sefu's idea!" Aki's voice could be heard as the two princes ran back to their rooms.

Rukia laughed softly.

"You spoil them too much," Byakuya gently admonished her.

Rukia looked up and shook her head, causing the dangling gold coins from her crown to jingle softly against her hair. "I just want them to grow up as common children do. They don't have to be burdened by the palace formalities or restrictions." Rukia smiled. "But of course, they have to listen to their mother."

Byakuya softly chuckled as he tightened his arms around Rukia. Then he pulled back suddenly to gaze into her eyes, before whispering huskily in her ear. "The astrologer has informed me that tonight is an auspicious night… to try and conceive a daughter."

"Such a lowly excuse." Rukia could not resist smiling at her beloved. Byakuya could be so naughty sometimes, even after all these years.

"I have been away from you for almost two weeks," Byakuya spoke. "A hot-blooded King may only sustain so many nights alone without his wife. I am merely one breadth away from stripping you down and making love to you right now."

Rukia's eyes widened at the seductive confession, a blush immediately colouring her cheeks. She looked about the balcony, which was empty save for the both of them. "Don't say things like that!" she whispered fiercely to Byakuya.

"Why not? As man and wife, we have no necessity to hold back," The Pharaoh pulled his wife closer as he bent his head toward hers.

Rukia smiled as she naturally closed her eyes, her lips meeting gently with Byakuya's in a sweet kiss.

"Yes, my husband, my Pharaoh."

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1) Why are you leaving? Will you absolutely have no time for fanfics anymore?

I'm heading off to the working world, as a doctor. And yes, absolutely no time for fanfics anymore. I might come back but that might be a very long time from now, but I'm not ruling anything out.

2) Is 'The Emperor's Last Consort' going to be halted permanently?

Like I said, I don't know when I will return to writing fanfics. But if I do, it will probably be the Demons fic that I aim to finish first, as the Emperor fic is a LONG way from the finish line. If you happen to land in the hospital I'm working in and recognize me, do call out and I will tell you how it was supposed to go. ;)

3) What is your favourite fic out of all your works?

My favourite is 'To Win You Back'. It's probably because it's the longest complete Bleachverse ByaRuki fic I have written, and because that was the fic that required more thinking and depth for me to write. I love my AUs as well but TWYB is really special to me.

4) Do you hate the haters?

Yes, I hate them. That's only fair, because they apparently hate me. XD There's a line between constructive criticism and just plain flaming to hurt other people (and it's easy to do because we're on the internet), and I do not respect the latter. There have been reviewers who tell me what's wrong with my fic, and of course I get a little upset (honestly, nobody likes to be told their baby is ugly) but after exchanging reasonable PMs, I see their point and then feel silly about getting upset (and trust me, there's been a lot of these moments, most of them happened during TWYB chapters). But there's also people who give you useless things like 'Your fic's gay' or 'It makes me sleep', and these people are the ones I have no problem being rude to. If it was so easy for you to be rude, it shouldn't be a problem to me too.

But I'm extremely thankful for receiving a lot of love and support from the majority of readers.

5) Have you ever experienced doing serious writing before?

No, not ever. But do you know the IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards? In my country, I was one of the recipients of that award in 2004 when I submitted a short story for it, I was 16 then. But it was a long time ago… and right, I just revealed my age. XD I was very proud of that achievement though. :)

6) Will you consider coming out with an original novel?

Actually, it is my DREAM to come out with an original novel. I have plenty of ideas but never enough time to write them. I might need a long holiday to get a proper novel working though.

Alright, that's it. Thank you again, and hope you enjoyed the fic and other works. Keep the ByaRuki love, everyone! :D :D