"I hate morning sickness." I said groggily as I stumbled into console room. I peered round the corner to see Donna and The Doctor standing outside the doors in some sort of garden.

"1920's." The baby told me.

"Yes thank you," I muttered, walking towards the doors. "I can read the scanner."

"Smell that air." The Doctor said cheerfully. "Grass and lemonade ... and a little bit of mint. A hint of mint, must be the 1920s."

"You can tell what year it is just by smelling?" Donna asked.

"Oh yeah!"

"Or maybe that big vintage car coming up the drive gave it away." I said sarcastically, looking at the big vintage car pulling up to the manor. We slipped out of the TARDIS and hid behind a bush, watching a few guests converse with the footman.

"Never mind Planet Zog, a party in the 1920s, that's more like it!" Donna grinned.

"Problem is, we haven't been invited." The Doctor muttered before taking the psychic paper out of his pocket and waving it in front of Donna's face. "Oh I forgot, yes we have!"


"Is that the only dress you could find?" The Doctor asked as we leant against the TARDIS. I stared back at him angrily, then looked down at the dress I'd worn when we were in 1913, with the sleeves cut off.

"Seriously?" I asked dryly. "Before you know it, I won't be able to fit in anything apart from your jumpers from your last regeneration!"

He blinked a few times at me before turning back to The TARDIS and knocking on the door. "We'll be late for cocktails!" He called through. Eventually, Donna stepped out, wearing a 1920's style brown dress.

"What d'you think? Flapper or slapper?" She asked.

The Doctor smiled and linked arms with both of us. "Flapper. You look lovely!"


Classical music played through garden as we walked through. The Indian housekeeper noticed us and she began to clap impatiently as we approached her.

"Look sharp, we have guests!" She shouted, bustling off.

"Good afternoon!" The Doctor said cheerfully, waving, as the footman approached us.

"Drinks sir? Ma'am?"

"Sidecar, please." Donna said.

"And a lime and soda, thank you." The Doctor nodded.

The footman turned to me and I shook my head with a smile, placing a hand to my stoumach uneasily.

"How about a banana martini?" The baby asked, making me just roll my eyes.

"May I announce, Lady Clemency Eddison." The butler announced as an older woman with blonde hair, who I presume was Lady Eddison, walked over and shook The Doctor's hand.

"Lady Eddison." The Doctor said cheerfully.

"Forgive me, but who exactly might you be... and what are you doing here?" Lady Eddison asked in confusion.

"I'm the Doctor. This is my wife, Florence. And this is Miss Donna Noble... of the, Chiswick Nobles."

"Good afternoon, my lady." Donna said with a posh accent. "Topping day, what? Spiffing! Top hole!"

"No no no no, no. Don't do that, don't." The Doctor said quietly to Donna before presenting the psychic paper to Lady Eddison.

"We were thrilled to receive your invitation, my lady." I said. "We met at the Ambassador's reception."

"Doctor, Florence, how could I forget you?" She laughed quickly. "But one must be sure with the Unicorn on the loose."

"A unicorn? Brilliant! Where?" The Doctor asked excitedly.

"The Unicorn." Lady Edison said. "The jewel thief. And nobody knows who he is. He's just struck again, snatched Lady Babbington's pearls right from under her nose."

"Funny place to wear pearls." Donna muttered as an elderly man in a wheelchair started coming towards us, being pushed by a young man dressed smartly.

"May I announce, the Colonel Hugh Curbishley, the Honourable Roger Curbishley." The footman announced as the two men appeared next to Lady Eddison.

"My husband. And my son." Lady Eddison said with a smile.

"Forgive me for not rising." The Colonel said. "Never been the same ever since that flu epidemic back in '18."

"My word, you are a super lady." Roger said to Donna.

"Oh, I like the cut of your jib. Chin chin." Donna grinned.

The Doctor shook his hand. "Hello, I'm the Doctor."

"How do you do?" Roger asked.

"Very well."

"Your usual, sir?" One of the footmen asked, holding out a tray to Roger.

"Ah, thank you Davenport. Just how I like it." Roger nodded.

"How come she's an Eddison but her husband and son are Curbishleys?" Donna asked me and The Doctor quietly.

"The Eddison title descends through her." The Doctor whispered. "One day Roger will be a lord."

"Robina Redmond!" The footman introduced. We looked over to see a woman with black hair wearing a red dance.

"She's the absolute hit of the social scene, a must." Lady Eddison hissed to us as Robina approached us. "Miss Redmond!" She said cheerfully, shaking her hand.

"Spiffing to meet you at last, my lady. What super fun!" Robina said with a grin when a blonde man with a vicar collar appeared next to us.

"Reverend Arnold Golightly." The footman announced.

"Ah, Reverend." Lady Eddison said, shaking the Reverend's hand. "How are you? I heard about the church last Thursday night. Those ruffians breaking in."

"You apprehended them, I hear." The Colonel said.

"As the Christian Fathers taught me, we must forgive them their trespasses. Quite literally." The REverend said, giving us all a small smile.

"Some of these young boys deserve a descent thrashing." Roger scoffed.

"Couldn't agree more, sir." Davenport said, glacing at him.

"Typical." Donna said as we watched from afar. "All the decent men are on the other bus."

"Or Time Lords." The Doctor frowned.

"Now, my lady, what about this special guest you promised us?" Roger asked Lady Eddison.

"Here she is," Lady Eddison pointed across the way the rest of the guests entered as a blonde woman in blue dress came walking over. "A lady who needs no introduction!" Everyone began to clap and Me and The Doctor shared a look in confusion.

"No, no, please." The woman said nervously with a smile. "Don't. Thank you, Lady Eddison. Honestly, there's no need." She turned and held her hand out to The Doctor. "Agatha Christie."

"What about her?" Donna asked.

"That's me."

"Nooo." Donna gasped, making Agatha laugh. "You're kidding."

"Agatha Christie!" The Doctor grinned, shaking her hand. "I was just talking about you the other day. I said, "I bet she's brilliant". I'm the Doctor, my wife Florence and this is Donna. Ohhh, I love your stuff. What a mind! You fool me every time. Well, almost every time. Well, once or twice. Well, once. But it was a good once!"

Agatha blinked and looked between me and The Doctor, "You make a rather unusual couple."

"You think?" The Doctor frowned.

"Well obviously. No wedding ring." I looked down at my finger and nodded. Ah.

"Oh oh, you don't miss a trick." The Doctor grinned as I sheepishly stared at my hand before looking back up at her.

"So not married. I'll keep your secret, don't worry." She said, glancing back at Lady Eddison chatting with the guests before looking back at us. "I'd stay that way if I were you." She said, giving me a small smile. "The thrill is in the chase, never in the capture."

"Uh..." I nodded, when Lady Eddison turned to us.

"Mrs Christie, I'm so glad you could come." Lady Eddison said. "I'm one of your greatest followers. I've read all six of your books. Is, ah, Mr Christie not joining us?"

"Is he needed?" Agatha asked. "Can't a woman make her own way in the world?"

"Don't give my wife ideas." The Colonel laughed.

"Now Mrs Christie, I have a question. Why a Belgian detective?" Roger asked as The Doctor lenaed over at snatched the Colonel's newspaper.

"Belgians make such lovely buns." Agatha shrugged, making everyone laugh.

"I say, where on earth is Professor Peach? He'd love to meet Mrs Christie."

"Said he was going to the library." The Reverend said as The Doctor beckoned me and Donna over.

"Miss Chandrakala, would you go and collect the professor?" Lady Eddison asked the indian house keeper as we walked over to The Doctor.

"At once, milady." Miss Chandrakala replied before rushing off.

"The date on this newspaper." The Doctor muttered, holding out the newspaper to us.

"What about it?" Donna asked.

"It's the day Agatha Christie disappeared." We looked over at Agatha in confusion as she talked with the rest of the guests. "She'd just discovered her husband was having an affair."

"You'd never think to look at her. Smiling away."

"Well, she's British and moneyed." I shrugged. "That's what they do. They carry on."

"Except for this one time." The Doctor said. "No one knows exactly what happened, she just vanished. Her car will be found tomorrow morning by the side of a lake. Ten days later, Agatha Christie turns up in a hotel in Harrogate."

"Said she'd lost her memory, didn't she?" I whispered. The Doctor nodded back at me.

"She never spoke about the disappearance till the day she died, but whatever it was…"

"It's about to happen." Donna finished him.

"Right here, right now..." I muttered as I looked over to the door of house to see Miss Chandrakala running out of the house.

"Professor! The library! Murder! Murder!" She screamed. I rolled my eyes as The Doctor looked over at me.

"Something always happens." I groaned.


The Doctor, Donna, Agatha and I bolted into the library to find Professor Peach's body laying on the floor. The Doctor ran to the body, bending down and taking his glasses out as Greeves the footman appeared behind us.

"Oh my goodness." Greeves gasped.

"Bashed on the head. Blunt instrument." The Doctor said. "Watch broke as he fell," He turned over the professor's wrist to look at the smashed watch. "Time of death was quarter past four." He jumped up and began searching through the papers on the desk.

"Bit of pipe." Donna said, lifting up the bit of pipe next to the body carefully. "Call me Hercule Poirot, but I reckon that's blunt enough."

"Nothing worth killing for in that lot, dry as dust." The Doctor muttered.

"Hold on." I laughed. "The body in the library? I mean, Professor Peach, in the library, with the lead piping?" The Doctor stared over at me as the other members of the party drifted into the room, looking over at the body in horror, talking simulataneously.

"Someone should call the police." Agatha said.

"You don't have to." The Doctor said, taking the psychic paper out of his pocket and flashing it to everyone. "Chief Inspector Smith from Scotland Yard. Known as the Doctor. Miss Noble is the plucky young girl who helps us out along with my Wife."

"I say." Lady Eddison gasped.

"Mrs Christie was right. Go into the sitting room. I will question each of you in turn."

"Come along, do as the Doctor says. Leave the room undisturbed." Agatha said, pushing everyone out before shutting the door leaving just The Doctor, Donna and I.

"The plucky young girl who helps me out?" Donna asked as The Doctor got down on the ground.

"No policewomen in 1926." The Doctor said.

"I'll pluck you in a minute. Why don't we phone the real police?"

"Well the last thing we want is PC Plod sticking his nose in." I laughed as The Doctor took a pencil out of his pocket and scraped it along the floor. He pulled it up and turned back to show me it, now covered in a yellow slime. "Especially now I've found this! Morphic residue."

"Morphic?" Donna frowned. "Doesn't sound very 1926."

"It's left behind when certain species genetically re-encode." I said.

"The murderer's an alien."

"Which means, one of that lot is an alien in human form." The Doctor said.

"Yeah, but think about it. There's a murder, a mystery, and Agatha Christie."

"So? Happens to us all the time." He sniffed the slime then held it up to Donna.

"No, but isn't that a bit weird? Agatha Christie didn't walk around surrounded by murders. Not really. I mean that's like meeting Charles Dickens, and he's surrounded by ghosts. At Christmas."

Me and The Doctor smirked at each other, "Well..."

"Oh, come on! It's not like we could drive across country and find Enid Blyton having tea with Noddy. Could we? Noddy's not real. Is he? Tell me there's no Noddy!"

"There's no Noddy." The Doctor said as we got up and walked out of the library.

"Next thing you know, you'll be telling me it's like Murder On The Orient Express, and they all did it!" As we stepped out of the library, we bumped straight into Agatha.

"Murder on the Orient Express?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah. One of your best!" Donna grinned.

"But not yet." I whispered.

"Marvellous idea though." Agatha nodded.

"Yeah." Donna said. "Tell you what, copyright Donna Noble, okay?"

"Anyway!" The Doctor interupted. "Flo, Agatha and I will question the suspects, Donna, you search the bedrooms. Look for clues." He leaned in towards Donna. "Any more residue." He whispered, handing her a magnifying glass. "You'll need this."

Donna took it out of his hand, eyeing it oddly. "Is that for real?"

"Go on. You're ever so plucky." Donna gave him a look before heading up the stairs as The Doctor grinned at Agatha. "Right then! Solving a murder mystery with Agatha Christie, brilliant!"

"How like a man to have fun, while there's disaster all around him." Agatha commented.

"Sorry, yeah."

"I'll work with you, gladly. But for the sake of justice. Not your own amusement."



"No alibis for any of them." Agatha said as The Doctor pulled me onto his lap as he sat on the chair we were interviewing the suspects in whilst Agatha paced the room. "The secret adversary remains hidden. We must look for a motive, use "the little grey cells"."

"Oh, yes, little grey cells, good old Poirot." The Doctor nodded, placing his hand on my stoumach. "Do you know, we've been to Belgium, yeah."

"Yeah." I nodded in agreement.

"I remember... we were deep in the Ardennes, trying to find Charlemagne. He'd been kidnapped by an insane computer."

"Doctor!" Agatha frowned, making The Doctor shake himself from his thoughts. "Charlemagne lived centuries ago!"

"We've got a very good memory." I said quickly.

"For such an experienced detective, you missed a big clue." Agatha said, eyeing The Doctor.

"What, that bit of paper you nicked out the fire?" He asked.

"You were looking the other way!"

"Yeah, but I saw you reflected in the glass of the bookcase."

"You crafty man." She smirked at him before taking a piece of paper out of her pocket. "This is all that was left." She handed it to me and The Doctor peered at the bit of paper that read 'maiden'.

"What's that first letter? N or M?"

"It's an M." I said. "The word is maiden."

"Maiden!" The Doctor shouted, making me jump. "What does that mean?"

"We're still no further forward." Agatha said. "Our nemesis remains at large. Unless Miss Noble's found something."

Then there was a piercing scream.


The Doctor, Agatha and I arrived, running towards Donna who was standing breathlessly outside the door of one of the outside bedrooms.

"It's a giant wasp!" Donna gasped.

"What d'you mean, a giant wasp?" The Doctor asked.

"I mean, a wasp that's giant!"

"It's only a silly little insect." Agatha said, rolling her eyes.

"When I say giant, I don't mean big, I mean flippin' enormous! Look at its sting!" She moved out of the way to show us a huge sting sticking out of the door.

"Let me see." The Doctor said, pushing past her and bursting in the room. "It's gone." He said, as we looked around the dusty, empty, room. "Buzzed off."

"But that's fascinating..." Agatha said, kneeling down to look at the sting.

"D-D-D-Don't touch it! Don't touch it! Let me..." He kneeled down next to her and took a test tube out of his pocket and collected some of the slime. "Giant wasp... Well, tons of amorphous insectivorous lifeforms, but none in this galactic vector."

"I think I understood some of those words. Enough to know that you're completely potty."

"Lost its sting though, that makes it defenceless." Donna frowned.

"Oh, creature this size, got to be able to grow a new one." I said, shaking my head at her.

"Can we return to sanity?" Agatha asked. "There are no such things as giant wasps!"

"Exactly." The Doctor said. "So, question is, what's it doing here?"

And then another piercing scream.


By the time we got outside, we found Miss Chandrakala laying on the floor with blood coming out of her mouth with a small statue next to her.

We all knelt round her, "The... poor... little... child..." She croaked out before her eyes shut, dead.

"There!" The Doctor shouted. I followed his gaze as to see a giant wasp flying off above us.

"Come on!" The Doctor said, grabbing my hand and running off into the house with Donna and Agatha running after us.

"Hey, this makes a change, there's a monster, and we're chasing it." Donna laughed nervously.

"Can't be a monster, it's a trick, they do it with mirrors!" Agatha shouted as we ran up the stairs to find the wap. "By all that's holy!"

"Oh, but you are wonderful!" I grinned before the wasp flied towards us.

"Now, just stop, stop there!" The Doctor begged.

"Oi, fly boy!" Donna shouted, raising the magnifying glass at the wasp, making it fly off.

"Don't let it get away! Quick! Before it reverts back to human form." Everyone began to run again as I bent over breathlessly.

"Really?" I shouted after them, walking after them. By the time I caught up up with them, all of the guests were peering out of their doors as The Doctor looked along the corridor, dissappointed.

"Oh that's just cheating!" He groaned.


"My faithful companion, this is terrible!" Lady Eddison gasped, in tears as everyone sat down in the drawing room.

"Excuse me, my lady, but she was on her way to tell you something." Davenport said.

"She never found me. She had an appointment with death instead."

"She said "The poor little child". Does that mean anything to anyone?" The Doctor asked.

"No children in this house for years," The Colonel said, glancing over at Roger and Davenport. "Highly unlikely there will be."

"Mrs Christie, you must have twigged something, you've written simply the best detective stories." Lady Eddison begged.

"Tell us, what would Poirot do?" The Reverend asked.

"Heavens sake!" The Colonel shouted. "Cards on the table, woman, you should be helping us."

"But, I'm merely a writer." Agatha said nervously.

"But surely you can crack it, these events, they're exactly like one of your plots." Robina said.

"That's what I've been saying!" Donna exclaimed. "Agatha, that's gotta mean something."

"But, what?" Agatha sighed. "I've no answers. None. I'm sorry, all of you, I'm truly sorry, but I've failed. If anyone can help us then it's the Doctor, not me."


"I think the baby's getting bored." I muttered, placing a hand on my stoumach as me and The Doctor sat in the drawing room, waiting for Donna and Agatha to come back inside.

The Doctor looked over from the fireplace with a frown, "Bored?"

"He keeps asking for a banana."

The Doctor smirked at me, "That's my boy." I grinned and shook my head at him as the door opened and Donna and Agatha came in, carrying a small box. "What's that?" The Doctor asked, taking the box from Donna and putting it on the table before opening it to reveal it full of strange tools. "Oh! Someone came here tooled up. The sort of stuff a thief would use."

"The Unicorn?" Agatha asked. "He's here!"

"The Unicorn and the wasp..." I muttered as Greeves entered the room, carrying a tray with drinks.

"Your drinks, ladies. Doctor." He said, placing the tray on the table as we all sat down.

"Very good, Greeves." The Doctor nodded as we all took our drinks.

"How about the science stuff, what did you find?" Donna asked.

The Doctor took out a test tube, holding it up to Donna. "Vespiform sting. Vespiforms have got hives in the Silfrax galaxy."

"Again, you talk like Edward Lear." Agatha commented.

"But for some reason, this one's behaving like a character in one of your books." He took a sip of his drink, eyeing the test tube.

"Come on, Agatha, what would Miss Marple do?" Donna asked. "She'd have overheard something vital by now, because the murderer thinks she's just a harmless old lady."

"Clever idea. Miss Marple? Who writes those?" Agatha asked.

"Um, copyright Donna Noble, add it to the list."

"Donna..." The Doctor began.

"Okay, we could split the copyright."

"No. Something's inhibiting my enzymes. ARGH!" He shouted out in agony, grabbing the chair arms. "I've been poisoned!"

"What do we do? What do we do?!" Donna asked as the three of us bolted to The Doctor's side.

"Hold on." I whispered as he grabbed my hand, squeezing it. "You're not regenerating on me."

Agatha grabbed the drink and sniffed it, "Bitter almonds! It's cyanide! Sparkling cyanide!"

The Doctor jumped up and ran out of the room, pulling me with him.


The four of us burst into the kitchen and The Doctor staggered up to Davenport and grabbed him.

"Ginger beer!" The Doctor shouted at him.

"I beg your pardon?" Davenport replied.

"I need ginger beer!" The Doctor groaned before stumbling over to a shelf, sweeping stuff off in search.

"The gentleman's gone mad!" One of the women shouted as The Doctor grabbed a bottle and drank from it before pouring the rest on his head.

"I'm an expert in poisons, Doctor." Agatha said as he spat out the drink. "There's no cure! It's fatal!"

"Not for him!" I said, clutching my head, trying to think. "He can stimulate the inhibited enzymes into reversal... Protein!" I looked up and began to run around the kitchen as The Doctor leant against the worktop. "We need protein!" I searched through the kitchen as Agatha and Donna helped.

"Walnuts?" Donna asked.

"Brilliant!" The Doctor cheered, snatching the jar from her and stuffing hand full in his mouth before shaking his hand up and down.

"I can't understand you!" Donna gasped, watching him.

"Salt!" I said.

"What about this?" Donna asked, showing me a brown bag.

"What is it?" I asked.


"That's too salty!"

"Oh, that's too salty!" Donna said sarcastically as I handed The Doctor a jar of anchovies, which he gobbled straight away. "What's that?"

"Anchovies!" I said nervously. "Last thing, a shock."

Donna looked back at me, "Sorry Flo." She gave me a quick smile before pulling The Doctor forward by his face and kissing him, stumbling across the room before The Doctor pulled back and looked up at the sky, a grey gas bursting from his mouth.

"Detox!" The Doctor cheered, wiping his mouth and looking back down. "I must do that more often!" He suddenly realised what he had said and looked between me and Donna. "I mean, the, the detox."

"Doctor, you are impossible!" Agatha gasped. "Who are you?"


A thunder storm roared outside as I sat nervously next to The Doctor as we all sat around the dining table. "A terrible day for all of us." The Doctor commented. "The Professor struck down, Miss Chandrakala taken cruelly from us… and yet we still take dinner."

"We are British, Doctor." Lady Eddison said dryly. "What else must we do?£

"Then someone tried to poison me. Any one of you had the chance to put cyanide in my drink. But it rather gave my wife an idea."

"And what would that be?" The Reverend asked me.

"Well … poison." I smirked. "Drink up!" Everyone looked up at me suspiciously. "I've laced the soup with pepper."

"Ah, I thought it was jolly spicy." The Colonel nodded.

"But the active ingredient of pepper is piperine. Traditionally used as an insecticide." I smirked as everyone shared a look. "So, anyone got the shivers?"

Suddenly, a strike of lightning echoed from outside and the window blew open violently, making the candles blow out and the room go dark.

"What the deuce is that!?"

"Listen… listen, listen, listen!"

There was an echo of silence before a buzz filled the room.

"No, it can't be..." Lady Eddison said quietly before another strike of lightning filled the room.

"Show yourself, demon!" Agatha shouted.

"Nobody move!" The Doctor called out into the darkness as everyone began to move around. "No, don't, stay where you are!"

I got up to move when a hand covered my mouth. My eyes widened and I turned to see who it was, only for an arm to be put round my waist, over my arms as I was dragged back. I screamed into the hand, only for no noise to come out. I quickly bit into the hand, only for the person to casually shake me off before something sharp stabbed into my arm, making me automatically pass out.

When I woke up again, I was laying on the sofa of the library. I sat up, shaking my head as my eye sight adjusted and I looked over to see a man and a woman, both with brown hair, standing against the door.

"What's going on?" I asked as they looked up at me. I frowned, watching the man, he looked familiar... very familiar... "Luke?" I gulped, getting up and scurrying back a bit in fear. It was my baby brother, looking a lot older, not much younger than myself.

"Don't panic, Flo." Luke said, smiling at me.

"You sound so different." I frowned. "So, confident, what? You're so much older, how are you in 1926?" He grinned at my confusion. "Where's Rani and Clyde? Is everything ok?"

"Flo!" He laughed. "Everything is ok."

"The Doctor..."

"It's ok, he just thinks you got knocked out by the Vespiform." He smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me out into the corridor before turning to the woman with him. "Oswald, get back to The TARDIS." She nodded at him and ran off in a different direction as Luke dragged me the opposite way.

"Who was she?" I asked.

"Spoilers." Luke replied as we ran out of the house, round the side towards the front. "Right, basically, Lady Eddison is the Reverend's mother, the Reverend is the Vespiform, the Firestone is a telepathic recorder, Agatha is now trying to drown it in the lake and Robina Redmond is the Unicorn."

"Um. Ok, but how do you know that?" He stopped abruptly as we watched Donna and The Doctor run out of the front door.

"Timelines are complicated." He muttered, placing a kiss on my head before pushing me towards The Doctor and Donna.

I glanced back at him one more time before running up to them, "Doctor!" The Doctor looked back at me and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the car with them.

"You ok now?"

I nodded with a false smile, "Just slipped in shock, whacked my head."

"You said this is the night Agatha Christie loses her memory." Donna said as The Doctor began to drive down the drive after Agatha.

"Time is in flux, Donna!" The Doctor said. "For all we know, this is the night Agatha Christie loses her life and history gets changed."

"But where's she going?"

"The lake! She's heading for the lake. What's she doing?" The car stopped quickly and we jumped out as we watched Agatha holding up the Firestone at the Vespiform.

"Here I am! The honey in the trap." Agatha called out. "Come to me, Vespiform..."

"She's controlling it!" Donna gasped.

"Its mind is based on her thought processes." The Doctor said as we rushed up to her. "They're linked!"

"Quite so, Doctor!" Agatha said. "If I die, then this creature might die with me."

The Doctor stepped in front of Agatha, nervously facing the Vespiform. "Don't hurt her! You're not meant to be like this. You've got the wrong template in your mind."

"It's not listening." Donna said. Quickly she bolted forward and snatched the Firestone before throwing the lake. The Vespiform chased after it, making it drown in a purple glow as the four of us watched.

"How d'you kill a wasp?" I asked sadly. "Drown it. Just like his father."

"Donna, that thing couldn't help itself." The Doctor said.

"Neither could I!" Donna said defensively.

"Death comes as the end... and justice is served." Agatha said.

"Murder at the Vicar's rage." The Doctor said, making me raise an eyebrow at him. "Needs a bit of work."

"Just one mystery left, Doctor. Who exactly are you?"

Doctor Who?

Shit, Luke!

I gasped and turned, bolting up the lake, ignoring The Doctor's shouts after me, and kept running until I reached the house.

I bolted past the library and down the hallway I watched the woman, Oswald, Luke was with, to be faced with... The TARDIS... materializing away

"Luke?" I called out nervously, my feet fixed to the floor as the second TARDIS vanished.


"Lady Eddison, the Colonel, and all the staff … what about them?" Donna asked as we stood in the doorway of The TARDIS, watching Agatha walk towards the hotel. I'd decided not to say anything to The Doctor abotu Luke, and just decided that everything would eventually make sense at some point.

"Shameful story." The Doctor shrugged. "They'd never talk of it. Too British. While the Unicorn does a bunk, back to London town. She could never even say she was there."

"But, what happens to Agatha?"

"Oh, great life! Met another man, married again. Saw the world. Wrote and wrote and wrote."

"She never thought her books were any good, though. And she must have spent all those years wondering."

We stepped back into The TARDIS and I grinned, bolting up to the console and pulling up the grating.

"Thing is, I don't think she ever quite forgot." The Doctor said, throwing his coat onto one of the pieces of coral. "Great mind like that, some of the details kept bleeding through. All the stuff her imagination could use. Like, Miss Marple!"

"I should have made her sign a contract." Donna sighed as The Doctor pulled up a box from under the grating.

"And, where is it, where is it, hold on…"

"Here we go. C..." I said, opening up the chest. "That is, C for Cybermen." I threw the Cyberman chest plate to the side, not even bothering to think back to the scarring memories of the Cybermen. "C for Carrionites." I had to smile at the globe containing the Carrionites as I moved it aside, I rather enjoyed our first trip with Martha. "And... Christie, Agatha!" I picked up the copy of Death in the Clouds with a giant wasp on the cover, handing to Donna. "Look at that."

"She did remember!" Donna gasped.

"Somewhere in the back of her mind, it all lingered." The Doctor smiled, putting his arm round my waist. "And that's not all. Look at the copyright page."

Donna opened the book with a grin, "Facsimile edition, published in the year… five billion?!"

"People never stop reading them. She is the best selling novelist, of all time."

"But she never knew."

"Well, no one knows how they're gonna be remembered. All we can do is hope for the best. Maybe that's what kept her writing. Same thing keeps me travelling. Onwards?"



"Doctor." The Doctor span round from the console and looked at me with a smile.

"It's late." He replied as he eyed my pyjamas, a pair of blue tracksuit bottoms and one of his jumpers from his previous incarnation.

"I need to do something."

The Doctor blinked, "Of course."


"Hello?" I called into the big, empty house. No answer, silence. Then again, it was often silent in Leadworth. I ran up the stairs of Amy's house and made my way into her room to find her, Rory and Mels sitting on her bed.

"Hello stranger." Mels said with a grin. I gave a sigh of relief, it was time for some quality time with my best friends, without time travel nonsense. Of course I never mentioned the universes biggest secret under my jumper.

A/N - So there's a few things I wanted to clear up. When I said about Maria knowing the universes biggest secret outside of The TARDIS, that was her knowing that Flo was pregnant. And to all those who had worked out from the end of The Doctor's Daughter, yes Hero is Flo and The Doctor's unborn son, but they don't know who he is yet. Also, Luke being there in this chapter was because he was making sure she wasn't hurt by the Vespiform. And Oswald is of course Clara, but he didn't call her Clara in front of Flo because of spoilers! Hope everything is cleared up, PM me if you want anything else explained. :) Next up is River's episodes oh my god I am so excited eek! There will be references to Mels in it, but I am so excited! PLEASE REVIEW I LOVE YOU ALL!