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Kitty logged on
CakeMaker logged on

Kitty says: "Hey Peeta :D"

CakeMaker says: "Hi Kit Kat *-*"

Kitty says: "...?... "

CakeMaker says: "Don't you like the name? "

Kitty says: "Oh no. if you call me that, it's okay ;) "

CakeMaker says: "*_*"

MissKiller logged on

CakeMaker says: "Hey Clove"

Kitty says: "Heyo"

MissKiller says: "Uh...12 is online =.="

Kitty says: "I am fine, thanks for asking -.-"

MissKiller says: "I don't care how you are! "

CakeMake says: "Ey! No cat fight! "

MissKiller says: "That's no cat fight. I have a knife" *grins*

CatoLover logged on

CakeMaker says: "Hello there :) "

CatoLover says: "Hi ^^"

Kitty says: "I changed my name :D"

MissKiller says: "Congratulation, Kitto! "

Kitty says: "-.-"

CatoLover says: "Guys, please no cat fight!"

Kitty says: "She started it! " *points at clove*

MissKiller says: "Don't point at me, kitto! "

Kitty says: "Stop calling me kitto, you stupid kiddo!"

CatoLover says: "I said no cat fight! "

MissKiller says: "just that you know it, I was really good in school!"

Kitty says: "Ohoh. How many classes have been repeated? "

CatoLover says: "Guys! Please! "

MissKiller says: "None. I did it my way" *evil grin*

Kitty says: "You mean to threat the teachers so they give you good grades?"

MissKiller says: "At least we got a school!"

Kitty says: "We have a school, too! Open your eyes, ma'am -.-"

MissKiller says: "It doesn't matter, 'cause everything looks the same in your little kip! "

CatoLover says: "Like little kids... " *head-shake*

GuyFromDistrict1 logged on

Kitty says: "Oh I almost forgot! Clove, I should say hello from the Niveau. I know you don't meet very often"

MissKiller says: "Save it, Katniss -.-"

GuyFromDistrict1 says: "What's going on?"

Kitty says: ":P"

CatoLover says: "Cat fight -.-"

CakeMaker says: "Sorry, I was just away from keyboard (8D) what did I miss? "

CatoLover says: "Not much, Peeta^^"

GuyFromDistrict1 says: "You were away from keyboard? :o"

CakeMaker says: "Yep, I sold something. "

MissKiller says: "Do you know where Cato is? "

Kitty says: "Nobody needs him! Hey Peeta, I changed my name :D"

MissKiller says: "I'd love to hit her right now *-*"

GuyFromDistrict1 says: "xDDD"

CakeMaker says: "I know... your 'Gale name' -.-"

Kitty says: "What? "

CakeMaker says: "Gale is calling you that, right? "

Kitty says: "Well...yes, sometimes"

CakeMaker says: "=.="

MissKiller says: "Uh now it's getting interesting! "

Kitty says: "Yeah but Gale is one of my friends, too...you know that"

CakeMaker logged off

MissKiller says: "Hahahahhaha"

Kitty says: "you are a MONSTEER!"

CatoLover says: "0.0"

MissKiller says: "Muhahahaha"

AlcoholFreak logged on

GuyFromDistrict1 says: "Who could that possibly be?I really have no idea :P"

MissKiller says: "I really ask myself how they survived the games with such a mentor... "

AlcoholFreak says: "Haymitch is in the House! "

Kitty says: *Facepalm*

AlcoholFreak says: "I told a few people to come in here :D"

CatoLover says: "What people? "

TheHungerGamesRocka logged on
MisterFlickerman logged on
MissPretty logged on

MissKiller says: "These people +.+"

Kitty says: "Okay...MisterFlickerman is Caesar, but who are the others? "

MisterFlickerman says: "Yes it's me! Your favourite moderator!"

MissKiller says: "...Eh... "

MissPretty says: "It's me, Portia^^"

MissKiller says: "Why did you choose this name?"

MissPretty says: "I could ask you the same :P"

TheHungerGamesRocka says: " Hey Hey! Guess who I am!"

Kitty says: "Cato... -.-"

TheHungerGamesRocka says: "No it's Cinna -.-"

Kitty says: "O.O"

MissKiller says: "Hahahaha xDD"

MisterFlickerman says: "Oh Marvel! You still owe me money! "

CatoLover says: "What money? "

MisterFlickerman says: "He didn't know how to log in. "

MissKiller says: "Wait you said, you did it by yourself xD"

GuyFromDistrict1 says: "No...but I had to ask somebody! -.-"

Kitty says: "Wait...he lives in the Capitol"

MisterFlickerman says: "He called me. And he said, he would send me the money! "

MissKiller says: "I think you should better give him the money, Marvel :P"

GuyFromDistrict1 says: "oh there's someone calling! I have to go, sorry guys!"

MisterFlickerman says: "Don't you dare, Marvel! "

GuyFromDistrict1 logged off

MisterFlickerman says: "He's a dead man! "

CatoLover says: "O.o"

TheHungerGamesRocka says: "Oh well, he's gone... :D"

MissPretty says: "Is Peeta online? "

MissKiller says: "Yes, Katniss. is Peeta online? XD"

Kitty logged off
MissPretty logged off

TheHungerGamesRocka says: "What's going on? "

MissKiller says: "Poor Katniss xDD"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt logged on

CatoLover says: "Catooooo *.*"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Heyo"

TheHungerGamesRocka says: "AHHHHH! "

CatoLover says: "What happened? "

TheHungerGamesRocka says: "My golden eyeshadow is gone! +.+"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "How manly :P"

MissKiller says: "xD"

TheHungerGamesRocka says: "I have to go, buy a new one! "

CatoLover says: "eh...ok... "

TheHungerGamesRocka logged off

MisterFlickerman says: "I have to go, too. My show starts in a few minutes! "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "bye"

MisterFlickerman logged off
MissPretty logged on

CatoLover says: "Welcome back, Portia :D"

MissPretty says: "Stupid Laptop -.-"

MissKiller says: "Oh apropos Laptop. Is your Laptop still broken, Cato? "

CatoLover says: "Hahaha xDD"

MissKiller says: "What? "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Glimmer...I have a knife... "

CatoLover says: "No his Laptop is still not working :D"

MissKiller says: "Is he with you?"

CatoLover says: "No, he broke my IPad xD"

MissKiller says: "Haha really?! :DDD"

AlcoholFreak says: "And...? On Monday Peeta thought...- "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "the cake was a seat pad, we know that! Glimmer, please don't tell her! "

CatoLover says: "He sat on it...again! And then I kicked him xD"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "=.="

MissKiller says: "Shouldn't you be mad at him now? "

CatoLover says: "It was my old IPad"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "What? You said it was new!"

CatoLover says: "I would never give you my new things! :O"

MissKiller says: "Hahahahaha xDD"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "-.-"

AlcoholFreak says: "How can you be online then? "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "I stole a Laptop. "

MissPretty says: "I am not surprised ^^"

CatoLover says: ":D"

MissPretty says: "I log off, see ya guys! "

MissPretty logged off
CoolHunter logged on

MissKiller says: "And I thought Catos name is stupid xD"

AlcoholFreak says: "I go, drink something"

AlcoholFreak logged off

CoolHunter says: "Hi. Where is Katniss? "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Gone. Because of Clove :P"

CoolHunter says: "She's never there :( "

MissKiller says: "Ohhh poor Gale xD"

CoolHunter says: "Thank you -.-"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "What? Thought we would give you cookies? "

CatoLover says: "I have cookies :P"

CoolHunter says: "Good for you +.+"

CatoLover says: "You are so boring! Clove, could you please...? "

MissKiller says: "Sure thing :D"

MissKiller kicked CoolHunter out of this chatroom

MissKiller says: "It's fun :D"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "How can you do this? "

MissKiller says: "Just I can do that! Mwhahahaha! "

CatoLover says: "Press the name of the person you want to kick, and then the button on the left side. "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt kicked MissKiller out of this chatroom

CatoLover says: "0.0"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Mwhahahaha! "

CakeMaker logged on

CatoLover says: "Hey Peeta"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt kicked CakeMaker out of this chatroom

CatoLover says: "Cato! "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "XD"

LittleDuck logged on

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Whoever you are. Bye! "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt kicked LittleDuck out of this chatroom

CatoLover says: "Cato...let it be! XD"

MissKiller logged on
CakeMaker logged on

MissKiller says: "CATO!"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Hi :D"

KuchenMacher says: "You kicked me O.O"

CatoLover kicked IAmSexyAndIKnowIt out of this chatroom

MissKiller says: "Thank you xD"

CakeMaker says: "Are just the 3 of us on? "

CatoLover says: "Yep. Let's say mean things about boys! :D"

CakeMaker says: "Ehm... "

LittleDuck logged on

CatoLover says: "Who are you? "

LittleDuck says: "Prim ;) "

CakeMaker says: "Hi^^"

KitKat logged on

LittleDuck says: "Katniss! *-*"

KitKat says: "Hey sweety ;) "

KuchenMacher says: "KitKat? "

KitKat says: "yes *_*"

CakeMaker says: "You changed your name because of ME?"

KitKat says: "Yes ;)"

CakeMaker says: "*_*"

MissKiller says: "Hey guys! There are kids in this chatroom! "

LittleDuck says: "Who? "

CatoLover says: "You xD"

LittleDuck says: "Ey! I am almost 13! So please! "

MissKiller says: "Ohoh the duck has spoken! :o"

LittleDuck says: "wrote! I am not speaking! "

MissKiller says: "don't correct me! "

LittleDuck says: ":P"

MissKiller has kicked LittleDuck out of this chatroom

KitKat says: "Clove! "

MissKiller says: "She's annoying! "

KitKat says: "yeah...okay"

CakeMaker says: "O.O"

KitKat says: "She's not your sister, Peeta -.-"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt logged on

MissKiller says: "Welcome back, Cato"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Who of you kicked me? " *looks at Clove*

MissKiller says: "Wasn't me! It was Glimmer! "

CatoLover logged off

CakeMaker says: "Hahaha xD"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "You can't run away from me! I know where you live!"

KitKat says: "She can't hear you XD"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Shut up, Cat!"

KitKat says: "You can't tell me anything!"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt banned KitKat from this chatroom

MissKiller says: "Banned? "

LittleDuck logged on

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Yes. I read the chat-book ^.^"

CakeMaker says: "There's a chat-book?! "

LittleDuck says: "You can read?! 0.0"

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt banned LittleDuck from this chatroom

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Yes! And you are all weak! Mwhahahaha! "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt banned CakeMaker from this chatroom

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Just one left! " *grins*

MissKiller says: "Cato. Don't. You. Dare. "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "bye Clove! " *waves*

MissKiller says: "CATO! "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt banned MissKiller from this chatroom

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt says: "Cato is the coolest! Ehm...somebody there?

... Okay... I maybe shouldn't have banned everyone...na...doesn't matter. "

IAmSexyAndIKnowIt logged off

Chatroom empty