This is the long awaited*not really* mpreg sequel to Vampire moment. Since some of you wanted to read this(and the fact that I really, really love mpreg), I have shamelessly written it. The lovely couple deserves their own child!

This is L/Light, which means Light will be the uke and the mother. I will never write or read fics that would be the other way yeah.

This fic is timed in late January, where L and Light have finished their vacation at Wammy for Christmas(the fic is in Vampire moments). The christmas fic is still unfinished though, there will be two more chapters detailing their stay at Wammy, so please take a look at it when I post them!


The light was still on in the main computer room. Footsteps softly padded towards the dim light and the door slowly slid open. A pair of beautiful yet weary brown eyes peeked into the room. The sole occupant of the room was sitting on a grand navy blue couch, lazily typing on the laptop on the table. His left thumb was held gently between his lips while his legs were folded close to his chest. The eyes of the tenacious man seemed to reflect the harsh glow of the screen, creating a soft hue of white amongst the onyx orbs.

Light shuffled into the room. He was wearing light green silk pajamas, the nightwear coming down to his wrists and feet. Light nuzzled his face into the fluffy white pillow that he was squeezing close to his chest. It was five in the morning, but Light was unable to fall asleep. It was also the third consecutive night where L was working overnight on some rough cases.

Light didn't know what came over him. He was feeling very clingy lately and needed someone to be close to every moment. He did not know what caused him to feel so vulnerable, and it was really getting to him since L was not by his side most of the day, and there really wasn't anybody else. Cases were pouring in from almost every country, and although this was good money, the couple barely had any time together.

Light drop onto the sofa, alerting L to his presence. L finally tore his eyes away from the screen and looked left towards his lover. L was slightly surprised by the drooping puppy eyes of his mate as Light leaned closer to him.

Light slowly curled into himself beside his lover and wrapped a hand around L's elbow. His other hand wrapped around the large pillow, while his head rested on L's shoulder. Light immediately felt a strong sense of security wash over his nerves as he leaned into L. The feeling of being protected enveloped his frame as his eyes fluttered close, finally drifting off into dreamless slumber.

L smiled softly at his lover's adorable antics. Light was like an angel especially when he was asleep. His face emitted a lovely, peaceful glow that filled L's heart with a sturdy contentment. He has really missed this for the last few days. Using his free hand, he gently stroked the soft auburn locks while his ears listened close to his lover's deep, calming breaths. L admitted that it had been a busy week for him. Even though he could finish a case in a matter of minutes, the amount of cases piled up over the winter and those that just came in were a little over a thousand, too much even for his mind to handle. His bank account was very abundant now, but he was forced to finish the rest of the cases, courtesy of Watari. He looked once at the screen, and then again at his lover. A minute of deliberation later, L pushed down the screen of the laptop and turned off the lamp beside the sofa. It would be okay to rest for awhile, since even he was getting tired. Besides, the soft, warm frame in his arms was luring him to sleep as well.

L slowly manipulated Light's body, such that both of them were lying back on the couch. Light's head was rested on L's chest and his hands were wrapping around L's waist. L buried his head in Light's hair and nuzzled in it, coaxing Light to release a soft whimper. A faint, strange scent wafted into L's nose. It was the scent of Light, but strangely different. Not in a bad way of course. Light smelled sweeter? Softer? But there was something else that even L could not pinpoint. It made him feel very possessive of the beauty in his arms.

The time ticked away slowly, and soon, both vampires were sound asleep on the couch.

Light awoke to the morning light streaming past the half-drawn curtains. Normally, he would sleep till noon, but he had a lunch date with Misa today. It was not wise to be late; it would annoy Misa, and Misa can be scary when she was annoyed. Very scary.

Light opened his eyes and realized the position he was in. L was spooning against his back, holding him in a strong embrace. A thick blanket was spread across the couple, one that Light could not remember having. It must have been Watari, Light mused. L was not the most meticulous person on Earth after all.

Lying in L's arms and under the comforter, Light felt particularly safe and warm. He fought the urge to sleep in, but eventually, the sleeping bugs won. It had been a week since he could indulge in this, plus the appointment with Misa is at least three hours away. That could wait.

The seventeen-year-old woke up to a strange sensation on his neck. He could feel someone biting gently on his neck, and a tongue was licking across the bites. It was extremely arousing. Light opened his eyes to the sight of L ravishing his neck and shoulders. He somehow felt the top half of his nightshirt was undone, revealing a large expanse of pale, white and delicate skin beneath. All of a sudden, he felt a cool breath on his nipples, before a wet mouth engulf the hardening pink bud. A small, involuntary moan escaped Light's mouth as L nipped and tugged at the rosy nipple, making it as hard as a small pebble. A series of moans left Light's lips as L continued his ministrations on the other nipple, his hand circling Light's stomach close to his navel in feathery light touches. Light didn't know if it was the fact that it was the morning, or that L had not touched him for a week that lead to him being so sensitive and needy, more so than ever. Every part where L touched him seemed to burn. His nipples were sore and tender, and the touch to his stomach felt strangely sensitive and very arousing.

L was enjoying this. Light had not been this responsive during their other trysts, and it was turning him on immensely. He parted Light's legs to admire the fully harden bulge beneath the long pants. He silently chuckled at the tinge of pink on his lover's cheeks as he did that. L undid the rest of Light's nightshirt and moved on to his pants. L was surprised when the harden shaft sprang free immediately. So Light wore no underwear to sleep… He was just begging to be fucked, wasn't he? L's mouth engulfed the tip of Light's cock and gave a deep suck, reveling in the loud whimper and the increase in wetness on the tip of Light's cock.

L could now feel his own large shaft aching and oozing precum against his loose pants. He nipped a little on Light's cock, drawing a tiny bit of blood that even Light may not have noticed, judging by the pleading moans for L to go faster. And L did, deep throating Light's cock all at once, sucking, licking, biting, while his fingers caressed and occasionally pinching both of Light's sensitive nipples.

"Please…please…"Light could barely form a coherent string of words, but L knew what Light was begging for. With a loud suck, Light arched off the sofa and came plentiful in L's mouth.

Light panted profusely. He was totally unprepared when L's cum filled mouth closed upon his, engaging him in a fierce lip lock. Light could taste himself in the kiss, but he was more aroused with L's wet muscle mapping out his cavern, engaging his tongue in a lusty tango. When they parted, both their lips were red and flushed. Light was even more breathless now, as he opened his mouth to take shallow, quick breaths. A trickle of white cum dripped down the side of his mouth. L quickly let out his tongue to lick up the white essence.

L kneeled in between Light's parted legs and admired his handiwork. Light's eyes were closed, while his red strands clung to the sides of his face with sweat. The nightshirt was open thoroughly, revealing the pale, heaving chest and the still-hard nipples. The beautiful thighs were folded and spread beside L, revealing the limp cock and a glimpse of the hidden entrance beneath. God, if hardness had a degree, L's would have gone over the top by now…Shaking his head, L moved out of the sofa, intending to finish the rest of the business in the toilet.

Suddenly, a hand reached out to grab L's. Light looked up to L with soft, wet eyes.

"You…you haven't…" Light stuttered, confused as to why L was leaving now. It was obviously not over.

L softly patted Light's head, before leaning down to kiss his cheeks.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of this in the toilet."

Light would have none of that. A hard tug later, L was sitting on his back to the sofa with Light's beautiful, wet and naked body crawling into his lap. Light grinded softly against L's clothed crutch, drawing a moan from the both of them. He then kissed across L's neck, while pulling on L's shirt. Soon, both men were in the same state of undress. Light used one hand to trace across L's nipples, while the other brush against L's well defined stomach muscles. The auburn haired beauty then suckled on one of pink buds while using his hand to spread precum all over older's rock hard shaft. Tease.

A moment later, beautiful golden eyes looked up to L with a seductive, sultry gaze.

"Fuck me," he purred, and then sucked gently on L's fingers, coating his saliva all over the long digits.

It was too much for L to handle. He let out a lusty, animalistic growl, before pushing two of the barely slicked finger into the tight, puckered hole. If Light was asking for it, then L would gladly give it to him.

Light let out a pained moan as the fingers burned his insides. Though painful, it was giving him a quiet, building pleasure that he craved so much. His hole was very tight after a week of abstinence, but he was getting used to this very soon. A moment later, two fingers turned into three. A loud cry escaped Light's mouth when L prodded a sensitive bunch of nerves. Before long, Light was shamelessly pushing down on the fingers, unstoppable whimpers and moans escaped the wet, flushed lips.

L, trusting that Light was prepared enough, removed his fingers immediately. He ignored the soft whine that escape the beauty's mouth, knowing what was coming later would make up for it. Slowly, L pushed the head of his cock into Light's quivering entrance. He felt his young lover's arms that were circled around his neck tensing up, and the hole clenched a little more.

"Relax. I won't hurt you." L whispered.

He kissed Light gently while sinking Light on the thick shaft. It was extremely difficult to stop himself from thrusting hard into the tight, quivering hole, but L held on, knowing better not to hurt his lover. After a few agonizing moments, L was finally buried to the hilt. Light rested his head on L's shoulders and nodded, albeit a little reluctantly, giving the permission to move. L lifted Light's hips and dropped him, the cock brushing harshly against Light's prostrate. A loud whine escaped Light as he wriggled, trying to get the cock to brush across the same place again. It was the best feeling ever! And Light could never get enough of it… Soon, the younger was riding L's cock in earnest. The pleasure was building up very quickly, pooling in his groin and begging to be released.

Light's enthusiasm was contagious, and before long, L was shoving his cock into Light's entrance just as hard to meet the thrust. His cock was getting so, so deep, and the friction with the hot, clenching walls was amazing! It was as though Light was milking L-junior for all its worth…

L could feel Light was close. The hole squeezed around L's cock in almost a painful grip while Light's moans escalated into a series of pleading cries. L pushed Light down on his back onto the sofa and his hand closed around Light's cock, squeezing the base of the cock hard and preventing Light's release. Light let out a loud moan, the pain as well as the sick pleasure of being denied surged through his body, eliciting a painful dry orgasm. Light felt his cock even harder than ever, the need to come even stronger than ever as L was slamming into his hole in a brutal speed.

"Ahh…no…no...I need…please…let me…more…PLEASE…" Light was sobbing by now.

L felt that his cum was almost exploding out of his shaft at his lover begging cries; he was holding on by sheer willpower. He loved it when Light was so vulnerable under him like this, begging, crying and loving it at the same time. Without warning, L released his grip on his lover's cock, and thick strings of cum shot out of the redden shaft. L was not far behind either, letting out a stifled moan and soaking the younger's hole with a copious amount warm, wet semen.

L collapse on the side of his lover, panting breathlessly. It was a great sex for an early morning, and L really had the urge stay with Light for the whole day. He did not know if it was a strong protectiveness of his mate, but it felt strange this time. His instincts were there stronger than ever, telling him not to let Light out of his sight. With a sigh, he closed his eyes, letting his tired mind take over.

Light looked at his lover with a cheeky smile.

"Is the great L spent already? You're really becoming an old man."

L's eyes snapped open. Old? Oh yes he was a few centuries old, but he was absolutely not going to be labeled an old man in that particular field.

"I'll show you what I can do, and you'll be screaming for me to stop," L growled.

And L did, uncountable times in fact, for the next three hours. As it seemed, another catastrophe awaited Light.

He was late for the lunch date with Misa.

Haha sorry if it was not up to your expectations. I did gave some rather obvious hint. Look forward to the next chapter!