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"All right, class. I'm sure all of you are excited about the new project!"

Loud whistles and claps could be heard from the normally reserved students.

Light sat on his usual seat near the window. It was the first day of school, and to the young vampire's delight, the teacher immediately began explaining about their semester grading project. The teen's arms were on the table, back straight and his eyes were looking intently at the teacher, unlike the few months ago when he was merely staring lazily out of the window.

The rest of the class were exhilerated. This was the second year in which this particular project was implemented and the raving reviews from the seniors made it a must-do! This was also taken as the only opportunity for them to meet the ones they have always looked up to and no doubt, the students were going to make use of this advantage fully.

Mr. Daniel was undeniably elated about the attention, judging from the radiant smirk on his face. He paused for a moment, before continuing,

"You will be divided into groups of four, which I will announce later. Each group will be allowed to choose two occupations to work on and you will be engaging some of the higher ranks in that particular field. I will give you the names of your interviewees after you have chosen. No more than two groups can work on one occupation, so it depends on how fast your group makes your choice!"

Light beamed. It was great to be in a private school which is fully funded by rich nobles of the vampire society. The school only accepts vampires as students, which meant that the school population was made up of a handful of pureblood, a large population of half-blood and others.

The school also had many privileges that were inaccessible to other schools. That included fully funded luxurious overseas trips, interesting projects, pampered work experiences as well as student meetings with affluent members of the society.

"So which occupation do you want to choose? I fully support sports!" Shuichi said eagerly.

"You only think about sports, onii-san! We should do the model industry!" Naomi retorted.

"Look who's talking! I say we do sports!" The elder twin shouted.




The two other members of the group looked upon the twins with an amused expression and debated whether or not they should interrupt the escalating conflict. A few seconds later, the two shook their head. It's not worth their time…

The group of four was seated around a table near the garden. The group was made up of Shiba Naomi, Shiba Shuichi, Tsubasa Shun and Light.

Shuichi was one of Light's best friend. The lithe young man was the school's ace soccer player. His tanned golden skin was a squealing factor for his many fan girls in school. Shuichi was a very handsome young man with high cheekbones and sharp eyes. However, the mop of black hair on his head coupled with fading dark blue highlights made it was no surprise that he was one of the teacher's 'favourite'…

As for the other two, they were no more than acquaintances to Light. It's true that Naomi was Shuichi's twin younger sister, but she had her own group of friends. The twins were seldom seen together in school, but Light knew that Shuichi was very protective of his younger twin sister. The older twin could always get first hand information of who her sister was dating; it was beginning to freak all his friends out.

As for Shun, he was solitary person, though Light knew he had his own group of friends in his swimming club. Shun seemed like a nice person to Light, and the young vampire hope to know the swimmer a lot better during these two months.

"Light! Shun! Which one do you think is better?!"

The two quiet members jerked a little at the shout aiming at their ears.

"I'm not sure…" Shun said meekly. "What do you think Light? Or do you have another recommendation?"

Two glares suddenly turned to the auburn haired vampire.

"What…what about the police force?" Light said slowly.



"Oh great! Now we have three options!" Shuichi sighed.

After a long discussion, Light, being the soft-hearted person he was, gave in to the twin's choices. It was already in the evening and the group parted with the individual research allocated to each members.

Light was surprised when he noticed a black limousine parked outside the school. As he got into the car, the young vampire was even more surprised that L himself was in the car.

L almost never fetched him back from school before, and when he did, it was mostly due to something serious. One more look at L's choice of dress and Light's eyes narrowed in suspicion. The older vampire was wearing a brown suit and black fitting pants, his usual messy hair was combed rather neatly, with some strands dropping down on his forehead.

"Did anything happen?"

"Why would Light assume that?" L looked up from the computer and into his lover's eyes.

"L, you came to school for a reason didn't you?" Light asked doubtfully.

"I am here to fetch Light home." L affirmed monotonously. "Light is pregnant and I am merely playing my role as a responsible husband."

Light inwardly sighed. He knew something was going on, but before he could ask, L leaned forward and pulled him into a chaste kiss. The young vampire reluctantly decided to leave the matter for another day.

The next morning, Light woke up with a serious headache. He also had a sudden urge to throw up. The morning sickness came later than usual, but it doesn't mean it was easier for Light.

The young vampire spent the whole morning in the toilet vomiting what little was left of his dinner.

L was immediately alarmed by his lover's condition; stroking Light's back and mumbling soothing words to the pregnant teen.

Light was heaving profusely by the time it was over, and the young vampire realized that it was impossible to go to school today. His headache was worse, his body was void of energy and it felt as though he could vomit at the slightest smell of food.

L noticed the dilemma and carried his tired mate back to bed. His heart ached at his lover's pain but he knew it was a normal condition during the first trimester of pregnancy. There was no way he could stop it, but at the very least, he could make it better. Pressing on the intercom, the older vampire asked for the medicine and a glass of water.

Watari was the one who brought the medicine up, together with a tray of breakfast.

Light immediately covered his mouth at the smell. He didn't know why, but he felt that even the smell of his favourite food could result in such a reaction. That was pure torture!

L brought the medicine and the water to Light's lips after the second round of vomiting, and the pregnant boy calmed down after a few minutes.

Light felt a little better as he lay on the bed, a wet towel stroking his forehead in gentle motions. He didn't know he was sweating so much, and it has only been thirty minutes!

"I have informed the school that Light will be absent today." Watari said as he brought a bowl of porridge to L.

Light wanted to protest, but he felt so weak right now that even speaking was a pain. He could feel his throat getting sore. If this was the first day, he didn't know if he could endure a whole month of this! How could he even go to school in this condition?

L propped the pillows behind Light, pulling his pregnant lover up to a seating position and proceed on feeding the young vampire his breakfast.

The breakfast was bland, but it did help Light to keep his food down. The fact that it was warm also helped.

After eating the porridge, Watari brought a glass of lemonade and some prenatal vitamins to Light. The lemonade was dipped with a drop or two of blood, which made pregnant teen feel better.

After the breakfast, Light decided to reach for a book. He wanted to lay down to rest, but doing that may increase his urge to throw up his breakfast-He needed all the nutrients he could get for the baby…

L had asked Watari to fetch him his laptop to their room, since it was evident that Light needed someone to be close to. The older vampire was glad to provide all the support to Light. The pregnant teen was in a 'vulnerable period' right now and it was the least he could do.

"I'm sorry for the trouble." Light said softly, the little voice punctuating the silence of the room

L stopped his work halfway, looking towards where his lover was leaning on his shoulder.

L could see that Light was very tired; the pregnant vampire's eyes were drooping to a close. The morning had not been good for the both of them.

"I will say that Light is extremely brave. He is willing to endure all these hardships for our child." L replied, wrapping an arm around the pregnant teen's waist.

"Every mother has to go through this, don't they? They are all brave people, especially Minami-san." Light chuckled.


"I met her in the park two weeks ago. She told me that she had heart problems, but she still endured everything to have her child. She made me understand how fulfilled I can be with a baby." Light explained as he rubbed his still-flat tummy.

"Then I guess we should thank her, shouldn't we?" L asked, placing a small kiss on Light's forehead.

"Yeah…" the young vampire's eyes slowly fluttered to a close, his whole body relaxing at the embrace. "The next time we see her…"

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