~The Prophecy~

Chapter 1: Not Possibly


That was The Planet where the Famous Triple-Threat-Trio were born.

Those 3 were Commonly Known as Spaceytchi, Akaspetchi, and Pipospetchi, but Preferably Known as "The Spacey Brothers".

in 2009, these 3 Came to The Commonly Known Tamagotchi Planet, seeking power over it. But Why?
...Well, Boys will be Boys, and these 3 were no Ordinary Boys.

Back on Galaxonia, Spaceytchi, the Oldest, had a crush on the Princess of their planet Now known as Himespetchi. He Loved her for both the Right AND wrong Reasons.
...but, we'll get to That Later.

Our Story begins on Tamagotchi Planet, the very planet which was about to face a Dangerous Threat.


"What About it, Mametchi?" The Young Girl known as Himespetchi inquired. Himespetchi was Always a bit of a Questioner.
"I'm Learning About it today. It seems to be a nice planet, where-uh oh." Mametchi Stopped. What he saw was only the Beginning of this Wonderful tale.

"A Prophecy!"
"...What? what Does it say?"

It was a Piece of paper with a Drawing of...Tamagotchi Planet. Below it, There was some writing.

"It is said that an Anglerfish boy and his two Apple Brothers will Come down from a Far Away Planet and Rule Over it, Making it their own."

Himespetchi froze. "...You don't Think...?"

"No...Not Possibly! There's no way Spaceytchi could EVER want to..." Just then, Spaceytchi Walked up.
"Hello, Everyone! did I miss something?"

After a bit of Silence, Himespetchi ran off as fast as she could, Screaming "I DIDN'T MEAN TO GET INVOLVED...!".

"What's with her?" Mametchi just Smiled and ran off, leaving the Paper behind.

Spaceytchi Picked up the paper, read it, and Stopped.

"Oh no."