~The Prophecy~

Chapter 4: I'm Sorry

The Super Spacey Brothers were being COMPLETELY Destructive. Buildings were knocked down, Citizens were screaming in Terror, and NOGOTCHI was safe.
Then Himespetchi walked up to them, starting to feel unsure about this. 'Was it too late? I hope he hasn't forgotten me...' she thought.


Spaceytchi looked down for a moment, then looked back at her. He realized nobody had called him "Spacebar" in a LONG Time; ESPECIALLY coming from Himespetchi.
"P-Princess Spacey?" He said, out of shock.

A tear rolled down Himespetchi's cheek. She sighed and said...

"I'm sorry. I shoud've listened to you all this time. The Only reason I REALLY came here was to Find you so we could be happy together again.
I just thought Mametchi was my true Lover. I mean, he SEEMED that way. He was REALLY smart, nice, and understanding. I got the Wrong Idea.
But all I was REALLY doing was making the Situation worse."
At this point, Himespetchi was trying to fight off tears. She said very softly, "Gigashyun...

So...I'm Sorry."

Spaceytchi descended down to her. "Y-you REALLY mean that...?"
"Yeah. Yeah, I do," Himespetchi sobbed. "So, What do you say, SpaceBar? Can we be Happy Together again?"

Spaceytchi stared at her in awe. He had never heard Anything like it. Even his Brothers were Surprised by her words. Finally Spaceytchi said...

"YOU AIN'T FOOLIN' NO ONE!" and flew back into the sky, Giving his Signature Maniacal Laugh. "NOW, LET'S FINISH THIS PLACE OFF!"

Then he Fired a Beam of light at Himespetchi and the Others, Blasting them all into Ashes.
They had Done it. They had FINALLY Taken over Tamagotchi Planet, without even TRYING!

"Wow, Aniki, we actually did it this time!" Aka just couldn't believe it himself.
Spaceytchi smiled. "Yeah, I Suppose we Did!"

"Now What?"

And that's the Story! I know, it was a BIT Anticlimatic, but it was STILL fun to write up! :)