Chizuru looked out of the window and sighed as she slumped back in her chair.

It had been raining non stop for the last five hours .

She was so bored , she really wanted to do something interesting .

Her father had to work until late and her brother was out with his friends so she was all alone inside her boring normal house .

She tried to find something to do ,first she tried reading some books she had taken from the library but it made her even more bored .

She sighed and went to the kitchen and started cutting the vegetable's for today's dinner…even if she would eat alone once again ….

She blinked as she realized that she didn't have the most important thing for the soup , she huffed annoyed how could she had forgotten to buy it .

She lazily dressed up and took her umbrella out and headed to the grocery store.

She soon picked what she needed and started walking at the dark street as the rain fell from the dark clouds .

Then all of sudden she heard a gunshot and turned shocked she saw a guy with red eyes looking around annoyed a gun in his hand along with his companions .

At that moment his eyes turned towards her but before she could meet his gaze a hand pulled her inside a dark alley .

" Don't scream or I will kill you . " A happy but yet dangerous voice prevented her from moving .

Her breath hitched in her throat , she felt the gun pressing against her head .

Finally the man with red eyes along with his companions left .

The man loosen his grip on her and smirked at her " Why a girl like you wonder around alone at night ? It is dangerous you know . " He said as he finally showed himself .

It was an attractive man only one or two years older than her . He had brown hair and a pair of mischievous eyes in the color of emerald and a handsome smirk on his face . He had a gun on his right hand but he soon hide it inside his coat .

He chuckled " You still haven't answered my question little kitten . "

She blushed slightly but she shook her head and asked him " W-Who are you ? "

He raised an eyebrow at her amused " Hmm do you really want to know ? " He teased her lightly but then he introduced himself " I am Okita Souji and you are Yukimura Chizuru ,correct ? " He questioned with a small smile on his face .

The girl looked at him surprised " H-How do you know my name ? " She managed to question .

" Hmm ? Well it is written on your notebook . " He said his picked up a red small notebook that have fallen to the ground .

He started reading it aloud " Dear Diary, today is such a boring day I wish something interesting would happen . "

" DIdn't you wish that Chiz-zu-ru-chan ? " He whispered in her ear making the girl blush .

" I-I guess…I did…" She replied not sure what to say this man was dangerous she could sense it.

He smiled at her " Anyway since you owe me your life , how about helping me a little bit ? " He suggested .

" Y-You saved my life ? But from whom ? " The girl asked surprised .

He blinked at her and then a smirk found it's way on his handsome face " Oh so you don't know…you are pretty clueless you know that…"

His eyes turned serious " Those men you saw belong to one of the most dangerous gangs in all Tokyo , they will kill whoever stands in their way…innocent or not…" Souji explained as he buried his fist inside his hands and bit his lip making it draw blood .

She gasped " That's horrible ! " Chizuru exclaimed then she saw the pained look on his face She couldn't help but ask" Did they hurt someone important to you Okita-san ? "

The man looked surprised for a moment but his eyes darkened " That is no one of your business Chizuru-chan . " He announced as he glared her making her take a step back from fear .

Then a smile appeared on his face " Now , about the favour I asked you off…You see…I need a place to stay since I am new here-" All of sudden he started coughing hard the pain in his lungs worse than before .

" Damn it . " He cursed .

" Are you alright Okita-san ? ! " The girl questioned as she ran to his side a worried look inside her brown eyes.

He finally managed to stop coughing his eyes a bit glassy from all the coughing " I am alright …don't worry about it . " He tried to calm the girl down but then he started coughing even more than before and then Chizuru realized that he had just spit blood .

Her eyes widened as he fell to the ground and bit his lip " Damn not again…I-I can still.." He muttered before he lost consciousness .

" Okita-san ! Okita-san ! " The girl cried as she ran to his side , she looked " Somebody help ! " She called but no one could hear her ,her voice echoed on the dark night .

She bit her lip wondering what she should do .

She then shook her head , she had already made her choose .

She couldn't just leave him like that when he was injured and sick as well .

She took one of his hands and carried him back on her house that was nearby .

When she entered her house she realized that her family wasn't here yet and sighed in relief .

She took the brown haired man and lay him on her brother's bed .

He looked like he was in pain .

She put a wet towel on his forehead to make the fever cool off but his breathing didn't seem to ease at all .

She looked at him worried and held his hand she didn't know what else she could do .

Her eyelids slowly closed and she fell asleep by his side on the meanwhile two ruby eyes were watching them .

" You won't escape that easily…Okita…" He called as he disappeared to many small petals.

The end of the first chapter

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