He felt something wet on his cheek and when he opened his eyes his whole body shook in shock…

Her lips moved slowly " I am sorry…" She said before a sword pierced through her chest "..This is …goodbye…" She smiled only one last time and then she was gone. He looked at her dead body and heard a laugh , he looked up to see two red eyes laughing at his misery .

He will never forget those red eyes that made his life miserable .

His eyes widened as his clutched his head 'Nightmares again…"His breathing was uneven , he looked outside it had stopped raining he blinked as a nice smell came from the kitchen…

He walked towards the room and saw Chizuru cooking while humming happily…

A small smile appeared on his lips…that girl was so happy and innocent , it seemed like in her whole life nothing bad has happened but even if it had she didn't show it .

He walked towards her with a smirk on his face and whispered in her ear " What are you making ? "

The poor girl hadn't noticed him so she actually jumped up in shock and turned to face him with widened eyes then she took a deep breath and calmed down " Oh my God , Okita-san please don't do that again…you scared me ! " She said still a bit surprised .

He smiled in an apologetic way " Gomen , gomen . " He replied " So what are you making ? " He asked once again .

" Oh ! Some soup for you Okita-san and some yakisoba . " She answered as she continued cooking a smile appeared on her face as she exclaimed " It's done ! "

Souji smiled slightly at her and she served the food and set it on the table .

" It smells really nice Chizuru-chan and now we shall see if it tastes good as well…" He said as he tried a bit of the soup .

" How is it ? " The girl asked kind of nervously .

He smiled " It's pretty good . "

The girl blushed slightly and smiled a bit as she started eating as well .

He started telling her jokes as they laughed together happily what Chizuru didn't notice was the tint of sadness his eyes had inside of them .

When they finished Souji stood up and took his cloak along with his belongings and headed outside without saying a word .

Chizuru looked at him surprised and followed him " Okita-san where are you going ? ! " She questioned as she ran to catch up with him

" Okita-san ! " She called his name again and this time he turned back to face her , he was glaring at her " What do you want ? " He said his voice cold as ice she flinched slightly at his tone and took a small step back .

" Please tell me where are you going Okita-san ! " She said trying to not stutter because of fear , his eyes were so cold and angry but they were sad as well at that moment she took some courage " I can't just leave you like that ! " She added since he hadn't replied yet .

" Why ? Why are you saying stuff like that ? I am just a stranger…" He muttered but she still heard him .

" Because of these days we spent together , I think you are a good person and you are not fully healed yet from those wounds ! " She replied .

" You don't want to get involved with me little girl . If you do you will suffer… so… stay away from me . " He added bitterly .

" Why ? Okita-san…you must have gone through so much…I-I think you need someone to be by your side…someone that you can tell your problems to , if you keep them inside you will suffer all alone…" She whispered the last words .

His eyes widened slightly but then his glare hardened " You…Do you think you really know me ? Do you believe you are someone important to me ? ! You just took care of me for some days ! That means nothing ! And even if I told you about what happened that day , it doesn't mean we are friends or something ! I won't tell you where I am going and you should never bother me again . " He finished without even looking back and then continued walking and soon he disappeared in the shadows .

If he had looked back , he would have seen her crying slightly , she wiped her tears and ran inside her house . She sat on her bed and hugged her knees as she leaned her head on them as she sobbed quietly .

Souji walked alone in the darkness and sat down in a bench and sighed " I shouldn't have been so harsh on her…" He muttered " But…if she got more involved with me…they probably will hurt her , she doesn't deserve that…So it's better if she doesn't know…if she doesn't know…who I really am…"

It started raining , he looked upwards to the sky and his emerald eyes closed as he felt the rain falling on him , it didn't matter…anymore…rain will wash away all of the memories they spent together…like they hadn't even met .

He stood up and continued walking all alone as the storm turned even worse , the thunder roared like an angry lion in the sky and then all of sudden he felt his breath being taken away , he fell to the ground and he saw something red in his hand…something he didn't want to see again…blood .

Chizuru had finally stopped sobbing . She stood up and wondered why….why did he act like that ?

All of sudden her window opened on it's own as wind came inside the room , she closed her eyes and when she opened them in front of her stood a man with red eyes along with two others one of them was tall and had red hair while the other was grinning and was holding a gun .

" Are you Yukimura Chizuru ? " The tall guy asked with a deep voice .

She nodded slowly , she was afraid ! Who are those guys ? Why are they here ? So many questions appeared on her mind .

The red eyed man smirked " Yukimura Chizuru…you will come with us…" He said and Chizuru felt someone hitting her neck " What ? " She wondered before everything faded to black .

When she opened her eyes again , she noticed that she couldn't move her hands nor her body , she looked down and saw that she was tied up .

" Oh you are awake…" Someone said and she turned to see the man with the gun that she saw before .

" Oi,Kazama ! " He called " The kid woke up ! " He announced and Chizuru's eyes widened ' Kazama…" That name sounded strangely familiar before she could think any longer she was thrown outside straight to the ground .

" We are finally here . " She heard someone saying and then someone pulled her rope up , she couldn't even speak or do anything only watch as they led her inside a dark corridor then she was thrown inside a dark room straight to the cold and hard floor .

" You will stay here for the time being…until he comes to save you…" Kazama said as they closed the door .

On the meanwhile Souji had found a shelter from the rain and all of sudden his phone rang he answered " Hello ? "expecting to hear Saito's voice to tell him where they would meet but instead he heard a familiar voice…a voice he didn't ever want to hear ever again " Hello…Souji...how are you ? " The man on the other side of the phone said grinning , Souji's eyes widened " Kazama Chikage . " he said as he clutched his fists .

" Oh I see you haven't forgotten me already , that's a good sign ! Now…shall I tell you something…nice…? Or you don't want to hear it ? " He asked toying with his mind .

" Spit . The . Damn . Thing . Out ! " Souji replied his patience already gone .

He smirked " I have someone you care about….do you want to hear her voice ? " He put the speaker on and then Souji heard a familiar voice screaming in pain " Stop ! " She cried as she started crying .

He recognized the voice " Chizuru ! " He muttered shocked and then he started shaking in range " You bastard , what have you done to her ? ! " he screamed not able to hold his anger any longer .

" Hm ? Me ? I didn't do anything to her…but you probably know…what I will do soon enough…Don't you ? " He replied smirking .

" What do you want from me ? Damn it ! " Souji cried .

" I don't want anything from you….I just want you to suffer once more…If you want to save her come to the same place in an half an hour…if you don't…you know what her fate will be . " And then he ended the call .

Souji started running as fast as he could his eyes filled with rage " I will save you Chizuru ! " He exclaimed as the thunder roared in the sky .

The end .

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