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Summary: HP/TWILIGHT the war ended, Harry. Draco and Neville moved in to Potter Manor and instead of Hermione and Ron, the one that accompanied Harry to find the Hocruxes is Draco and Neville, they've become best friends since.

Chapter 1:

War changed people; Draco knew that.

After all, he wasn't the same after the war there was something about Harry Potter's changes that he couldn't understand.

A few months after the war, Draco sensed some huge changes in his best friend. Yes both of them and Neville Longbottom are best friends, it happens even before the war. It's not bad really he thought just weird. Really weird. He had known him for years and he knows Harry is not exactly a man with patience; he is quite short tempered and reacts to situations using his instinct. Both he and Neville do trust in his instinct and judgments but can't help to think that sometimes Harry is just a stubborn and reckless git. Not to mention when he is angry, his magic will be going all crazy and that is not the things that you want to neither see nor experience.

But recently Harry becomes more relaxed, calm and collected. He also has lost the shy and humble attitudes and became more confident. Not arrogant but more like a person that know what exactly he is doing and what he is capable of doing. Sometimes Draco swears he can see twinkles in Harry's eyes when he is forming a plan.

Ever since the war had ended the Ministry has been forcing Harry to become an Auror. The blond had been more than surprised Harry didn't blow up the Ministry's office when they kept insisting that he should take the job. Of course becoming an Auror had once been a dream of Harry but that is before the trio knows the Ministry's intentions. They were hoping that when Harry had become an Auror they will have more controls in the world. Not only Harry manages to not destroy the Ministry office in a recent meeting, he also didn't argue with them like usual. He even sits down and listens to their rambling about securing the world's safety and improving the wizard world before he politely decline the offer saying he is not interested to become a tool again he then proceeded telling them who he think that is suitable for the job. The Ministry was left speechless. When Draco asked him why he didn't get furious with the Ministry, Harry just casually says human don't argue with a bunch of monkeys and there are no benefits coming from it.

Harry's magic and strength also get stronger drastically in this recent time. When they were cleaning up the mess at Hogwarts that caused by the war, he saw Harry do a lot of wandless magic. It should've been alright since technically the three of them had their magic boost up but once he saw Harry restoring whole Hogwarts magical defense by himself and not to mention wandless, surprised would be an understatement for his reaction at that time. Draco was stunned! Looking at Harry like he suddenly grew two heads. He was speechless, standing exactly at the same spot for an hour. Restoring the ward is not a problem. But doing it alone and covering the whole Hogwart's ground? That's impossible! When he finally snapped out from his reaction, Harry was gone. One more thing that confused the blond even more is every single night Harry will take his time to work out till he collapsed out of exhaustion. He will run, do push ups and swims doing anything that will tire him out. When Draco or Neville asked him what its all about, Harry will look away in embarrassment and said nothing .

Harry also suddenly got the habits of star gazing. He can lie down on the Potter's Manor garden and gaze at the stars for hours. Sometimes Neville and Draco will join him and during those times they can hear Harry muttered about a star shine too bright from the others and something about the star's position. He suddenly bought a lot of books about constellations too. He will read it over and over again, trying to fully understand it.

Initially, Draco thought it was an after effect of the war, but it didn't make sense. It felt more like his best friend was going through a transformation, because what kind of after effect would change a man's personality and magic like that?

And let's not even get started on Harry's looks because Harry Potter was cute before the war, but now he was just drop dead gorgeous. The-Boy-Who-Lived, suddenly hit his growth spurt, reaching a good height of 6'3, and with all the exercising he had been pushing himself to do, his once gangly body had become toned and firm, muscled in all the right places. His raven hair was still short, but somehow that too seemed to be different. Instead of the messy bedhead he had been sporting before it now looked windswept, always forever making him look like he just had a really good shag. He had even gotten rid of his glasses! Draco had thought that he would have been sad to see them go (no matter how dorky they were), but when Harry had come out, his eyesight corrected and no glasses covering his face.

Now that he thought about these changes though, should he really be concerned?

Though it was very strange—the changes in Harry… maybe it wasn't the best time to bring it up. He should really think more about how to break the news about his departure to his two best friends. Draco really didn't want to leave. He grew up in the Wizarding world, and memories of his life could be found in every nook and cranny; but if he stayed, he would only be seen as a plague—avoided by everyone.

Who would even hire a Death Eater's son? The answer was no one.

Draco knew that he had no future if he stayed where he was, so a fresh start would have to do and the only place he would get that fresh start was amongst the muggles. Nobody would know of his history there and he could start anew. He could be the person he wanted to be instead of the person he had been branded as, and as determination filled him, he decided that he would break the news to his best friends that night.

It couldn't be delayed any longer.

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