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Summary: HP/TWILIGHT Crossover. After the war ended, Harry. Draco and Neville moved in to Potter Manor and instead of Hermione and Ron, the one that accompanied Harry to find the Hocruxes is Draco and Neville, they've become best friends since.

AUTHOR NOTE: I have never read, nor watched Twilight before so I am not sure about what vampires in it actually look like. However, I will assume they have fangs and claws, at least sharp nails to attack their prey; it is a basic requirement to become a vampire anyway. Therefore, the vampires will have fangs and claws.

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Chapter 30

Harry treks back and forth on the forest floor, trying to figure out Bella's intentions of asking him to come to this place. The raven felt something was wrong with this situation; it almost felt like he should not be here in the first place. He really wanted to go home and be with Edward, but he realized he needed to know what Bella was trying to do.

Of course, he could just read her mind but the truth is, currently he is magically exhausted, he does not have any spare magic energy now to read the Bella's mind nor does he want to go to the extent of needing to read the her mind. Someone's mind is not a book to read after all.

He wonders how Bella got his phone number. He never gave it to anyone...except for Edward and his family. Hmmm, well, he did give his phone number to the school. Perhaps, she attained his phone number from there. Stealing confidential information huh? Well, she just gets crazier and crazier as time goes by, Honestly Harry sometimes did feel bad for her, snatching her boyfriend from her and all but…at the end of the day, Edward is his mate, and there is nothing to argue about, Edward eventually will go to his side.

Harry looks at a three pair of bands in his hand and smiled, feeling satisfied by the band's handiwork. He was assured by the goblins in Gringotts of its quality, having the purest substance that would be perfect for its purpose, his own family's inheritance. As for what is the substances is? Harry really is not interested in knowing. Although, he knows that in order to get these materials, is not an easy task, which bumped up the price for the materials, these goblins are beyond greedy; he almost spent half of his fortune for these bands. Draco will kill him after knowing this but it will be totally worth it.

Harry loves each of them. It looks simple yet elegant. They look almost identical except for the color of the diamond on it. It looks just like simple silver bands that were carved with Latin's words of 'Digiles Invenit Domi'. It was craved inward and outward in each of them. However, the space that resulted from craved words was filled with different kind of diamond colors. Harry and Edward's bands has pure white diamond filling the craved words while Neville has red diamond and Draco gets green diamond on it. It was beautiful and it was specially made for his family. He had be gone all day just because he needed the guidance of the goblins from Gringotts on how to channel his magic to infuse within the three pair of bands, the official Durand's family inheritance.

Using his pure Centaur's magic and blood, Harry managed to make the bands act like a soul mate bands, which only a soul mate can wear each of the same color. It will repulse them if the couple that is wearing them is not in fact, soul mates.

Harry realizes that Draco and Neville have yet to find their mate but regardless he just made them, just in case those brothers of his met someone and decided to spend their eternity with them. He doubted their mates would be ordinary human beings, with Centaur blood flowing inside them...their mate is definitely another magical or supernatural creature.

Speaking of mate... he wonders what he needs to do to seek his mate's forgiveness. Harry leans on a big tree and closes his eyes, trying to calm his thought. He never intended to speak those inconsiderate words to hurt Edward but... why did Edward reject Teddy?

"You came." Harry promptly opens his eyes as he hears Bella's voice. Smirking, he found the girl standing in front of him but keeping a distance from him, while cautiously leaning onto a large tree. Something feels off. Harry felt that since the beginning but now, the uneasiness growing inside him, he does not like it at all. In addition, with his lack of magic now, Harry feels vulnerable. He knows that it must be stupid to feel like that when it is just a normal human being in front of him but still...

Harry continues to look at Bella with a skeptical stare but choose not to say a word.

"What did you do to Edward? You did something to him didn't you?" Bella asks in a loud voice, as if trying to let the whole world knows. Harry narrows his eyes at Bella who desperately tries to act calm.

"Isabella Swan." Bella's body shivers, but not in a good way. The way the man in front of her utter her name even though it sounds so low, still has the same effect like of when a lion growls to his prey. "With all due respect, don't compare yourself with me. You were the one who was dying to get Edward to turn you. I claim him because he is mine, my mate. I am sincerely sorry for taking Edward from you but the fact he is mine is not going to change, so in the future, please refrain from doing anything stupid again. Please move on, there are more men out there that are more suitable for you. Now if that is all I will be taking my leave." Harry sighed inwardly now that he managed to calmly deal with Bella, it is not easy to face his love rival that almost had Edward. Now, he only wants to rush back and snuggle with his vampire.

"You are a liar! You bewitched him, I am sure of it. Edward loves me and it is impossible that he changed his mind for you! A freak like you only wants his immortality! Give him back-." Bam! Bella instantly falls to her knees when Harry suddenly throws his fist and hits the tree bark behind her. Nevertheless, the punch was meant for her, she knows it, because the fist is literally an inch away from her face and the feeling of the rush of wind when Harry punched the tree is still lingering in her mind.

Harry slowly inclines close to Bella's face and talks in a warning tone. "Why would I want immortality when I already have it?" Harry smirks evilly to the frightened woman who stares wide eyes at him. "Last warning; stay away from my mate or else…"

"That's enough threatening Durand. Let her go now." The Boy Who Lived Twice slowly turned around and to his surprise saw a large group of wolves. Standing in front of them is a tall dark man whom Harry assumed is the wolves' leader. Is this why he felt insecure about? No, this was not it… "What are you exactly?" The leader asks warily as his eyes dart to the huge tree that fell to the earth in half with the one punch. No human could do that.

"You must be Sam Uley, nice to meet you." Harry straightens his own jacket while slowly walking towards Sam. "First, I meant no harm to you or your tribe, just giving a fair warning to this woman to stay away from my mate. Mate for life, you'd understand right?" Harry winks as he says nonchalantly, the Quileute tribe is the last people he wanted to offend, Rosalie would kill him for making them move again.

Sam shuddered inwardly, both impressed and terrified on how the man in front of him is so well informed about them. From the last statement Harry made Sam knew he knew about wolf's imprinting and it made Sam want to get rid of him even more. He needed to think about Jacob, and what potential threat the Durand family would represent to the Quileute's existence.

"What is your intention in coming here exactly?" Sam straightforwardly asks.

"I came here to claim my mate. That is my only intention." Harry patiently answers.

"How do I know that? How can I know you are not cooperating with Cullen's to do anything dreadful?"

Harry inhales heavily, not liking how the man in front of him thinks about his family. However, Harry knows Sam's concern. This man is a responsible leader, doing his best not to let any disaster befall his tribe and as far as Harry is concerned, Sam is in fact a decent person so there is no reason to be pissed off.

"We are not planning to do anything, well, except I was hoping I can finally make love to my-… which is not your concern. Look, I promise I will not do anything that will harm your families in any way." Harry smiles serenely to Sam, hoping the Alpha can understand.

"I'm not sure-." Sam suddenly stopped and stares through Harry. Feeling curious of what had stolen the Alpha's attention; Harry turns around but sees nothing. However, he can faintly hear footsteps rushing towards their direction.

After what seems like ages, a young looking teenager rush to Sam's side and breathes heavily.

"Attack…Durand. Can't stop…" The young teenager desperately tries to utter a full sentence but fails.

"Seth, calm down. What is it?" Sam urges his cub to relax and waits for a full explanation.

"Paul… attacked one of the Durand's. Could not stop him," Sam immediately staggered. Paul? What the hell is he doing there? Breaking the treaty and all? Realizing that there was still an issue at hand, Sam turned towards Harry, but the man had already been long gone.

With his magic still recharging, Harry quickly apparated back to his house. He did that as soon the teenager said the words attack and Durand in the same sentence. Is that why he had been feeling off since earlier? Damn! He should not have left his family's side. They had better be all right.

"Harry!" Neville sighs in relief as soon he saw his brother, while holding Teddy in his arm tighter, shielding the toddler with everything he had.

The minute Harry apparated to his bedroom, he was shocked to find broken glass everywhere, he was immediately relieved inwardly as soon he saw Neville and Teddy were both all right. Standing side by side with them is an enormous rusty brown wolf. His heart instantly sank when he saw Edward whose back was turned towards him crouching defensively in front another huge dark grey wolf, not wasting any time, he quickly goes towards his mates side but was stopped by Neville who gripped his arm tightly.

"Don't go there. Edward…he changed. He doesn't recognize anyone anymore." Neville warns hesitantly.

"What do you mean?" Harry is confused by Neville's sudden warning that did not make any sense. Edward does not recognize anyone anymore... ignoring Neville's advice; the brunette once again tries to go to his mate side only to be stopped by Neville again.

"He nearly killed me Harry; he's not himself right now. Just don't go there." Neville hisses impatiently, trying to reason with his stubborn brother.

Harry yanks Neville's hand away and without hesitation raises his hand to the wolf. "Relashio!" The dark gray wolf was caught off guard when ajet of fiery sparks was released from Harry's palm, shooting said wolf out of the window, falling unconscious once the wolf hit the ground.

"Edward!" Harry kneels beside his mate but as soon he put his hand on the vampire's shoulder he was scratched crudely and at the same time, the vampire turned towards him a defensive position instead.

Taken aback by his mate hostile's response, Harry takes a real good look at his mate and he finally realizes what Neville had tried to warn him about, Edward's pupil had dilated fully, with his fangs fully extended, nails sharpened in other words deadly. The only times when he saw Edward this hostiles when he was feeding.

"Love, it's me. Harry. Please wake up." The brunette started to approach his vampire mate slowly.

Edward only spared a glance at Harry then turned his attention towards Neville who was still holding Teddy. The brown wolf immediately moves in front of Neville, ready to attack the vampire anytime.

"Harry, stop him! He wants Teddy!" Neville shriek when Edward moves forward to the toddler.

"Immobulus!" Harry sighs as soon he cast that spell on his mate. He still cannot believe it. Why Edward would want to attack Neville and Teddy? "Nev, bring Teddy to the Cullen's."

Neville nods without hesitation but before that, he turns to the big brown wolf to tell him to come along and quickly makes his move.

"Love, what happened to you?" Harry affectionately strokes his immobile mate's cheek. Although he cannot move, Edward continuously glares at his offender.

"What in Merlin's name happened?" out of thin air, Draco appeared and was surprised to see the mess. Hermione who was coming along was in shock too.

"I don't know." Harry answers the blonde without taking his sight of Edward.

"Harry. Edward is in his primal instinct. What happened?" Hermione who is quick to notice Edward's state asks.

"I'm not sure. All I know is a wolf attacked and Edward became like this. We need to goes back to the Cullen's."

"You! Stay right there! You are responsible for this aren't you?" Hermione and Harry instantly turn to Draco who is standing by the big hole on the wall while glaring down. Furiously, Draco quickly runs down the stairs and goes outside to confront with the person who might be responsible for this big mess.

"Why did you attack us? Isn't there a treaty line you are supposed to respect? Do you know how much this will cost you?" Harry and Hermione, who quickly followed Draco, saw the blonde yelling at whom Harry recognized as Sam. The Alpha of the group stares intensely at the blonde in front of him without saying anything in response. "I demand an explanation right here, right now!" The blonde yells again.

"Uley! I thought you respected the treaty line. What is that wolf doing here? We didn't do anything to you did we?" Harry joined in anger while pointing at the unconscious wolf.

"We…" Sam utter, not taking his eyes of Draco, only after a while he looks at Harry properly. "I did not know any of this. But, I had some idea why he attacked, I will explain it."

"Explain? That thing almost killed my mate and my family!"

"Harry!" Hermione nervously call out to the raven yet she was ignored.

"No one harms my family and-,"


"What?!" the raven ask impatiently turning towards Hermione who keeps interrupting him. Hermione immediately pointed her finger upward to the big hole on the second floor. Within a second, everyone looks up and only to see Edward standing calmly looking down at them. All the wolves immediately growl and grit their teeth, ready to attack the vampire.

"Edward?" Harry calls out.

For a moment there, a hint of recognition flickers on the vampire fully dilated black eyes while looking at Harry, only to vanish it as quickly as it came. Without further interest to the group of people downstairs, Edward looks out and sniffs the air, as he is ready, he leaps out and as he reaches the ground, then he immediately runs towards north.

"But I stunt him…" Harry murmurs, still in shock.

"Magic is never really effective with vampire." Hermione explains absent mindedly, still staring at the direction the vampire took off.

"Harry? Where did you say Ted and Nev are again?" Draco asks, looking nervously at his raven-haired brother.

"Shit!" Harry can only curse as he realizes Edward is going to the Cullen's house.

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