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Summary: HP/TWILIGHT Crossover. After the war ended, Harry. Draco and Neville moved in to Potter Manor and instead of Hermione and Ron, the one that accompanied Harry to find the Hocruxes is Draco and Neville, they've become best friends since.

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"Alright, spill everything out." Draco huffs, crosses his arms in on his chest and stands in front of Hermione when everyone has seated across the living room. Edward still cradles Teddy protectively in his arms and Teddy seems at ease. While Harry sits beside Edward, watching his soul mate and son with a soft smile on his face.

"What?" Hermione chuckles and rolls her eyes.

"You risk Teddy's life on a vampire rampage, no offence Edward. I think we deserve to know what is going on." Neville exclaims impatiently, suppressing the guilt when he saw Edward flinch on his words. After all the events earlier and nearly lose his life, Neville really thinks he had the right to know what is actually happening.

Hermione let out a small sigh before starting her explanation. "It just happens that I and Luna are studying magical creature's lifestyle recently. That's why I figured out what had happened. First of all, I assume all of you know what basic instinct is?" Hermione looks around and when all of them nod, she continues her explanation. "Well, one of the topics that came across us is maternal instinct. I'm sure you've heard a lot of stories about some species that had adopted another species youngling and treated them as their own."

"Like Tarzan." Emmett enthusiastically interjects.

"Exactly. Everyone has basic instinct on everything. And supernatural or magical creatures is more vulnerable to their instinct, they usually just went with it, not really making any effort to suppress it. Vampires, while appearing beautiful and all, there're scary side of them acts out when triggered by something. Like when they are feeding, they won't recognize and will attack anyone that disturbs them. Not only foods usually does that, when their younglings is in danger also can trigger the primal instinct out, killing anything that bring harms to their youngling."

"But...Edward rejected Teddy and vampires don't usually have younglings." Rosalie hesitantly interjects. Edward tightens his arms around Teddy and snuggles closer to Harry.

"Edward is known for his rebellious acts isn't he? He's too used to defy his primal instinct to the extent he really doesn't know what exactly he wants anymore or to be more blatant, he ignores the beast instinct inside him. I believe something triggered his inside to finally recognize that Teddy is his. And it seems that Teddy accepted the bond too because he's so at ease like when a baby is in their mother arms." Hermione looks to Edward before continuing. "Usually for vampires, younglings mean someone they sire. I can't be sure about why Edward was able to bond with Teddy like that, but it may be due to the fact that Teddy technically shares Harry's blood and since Edward is his mate? I still need to research more on that."

"So we are Carlisle's younglings?" Alice asks, grinning. Jasper smiles and gives a peck on his mate's cheek. Carlisle smiles softly and nods and at the same time amazes at Hermione's insight about their habits and all. He really needs to sit down and have a proper talk with her, he might learn a lot of things about vampire for future references.

"That's why earlier although Teddy really resisted Edward, but now he's completely comfortable with him." Neville murmurs loudly to himself and flushes when he notices everyone's eyes on him. "What? It's just that, when I turned Edward hair colour to normal, Teddy resisted Edward to hold him and I think that's when all the chaos started."

"Wait, Teddy hated Edward at first because of his hair? But why? Fashion issues?" Emmett asks and everyone suddenly looks thoughtfully at Edward's hair.

"Weaslette." Draco suddenly sneers and just like that, realization dawn to Edward, Rosalie, Harry and Neville while the other looks puzzles at them.

"That makes perfect sense but since Edward and Teddy had bonded paternally now, I really don't think it will be an issue anymore." Hermione sadly mumble, obviously remembering their friends that abandoned them.

"What? Weaslette? What's that?" Emmett asks impatiently, same goes for the others who hasn't learnt the wizards past entirely.

"Now, drop that matter off for now." Carlisle says when he notices the sad looks on the wizards' faces. "We need to figure out why the wolves attack Edward and Teddy in the first place." The coven leader sighs regretfully, still thinking about the reasons why the wolves broke the treaty. Jacob who is sitting beside Neville winces at Carlisle's words, but his face remains impassive.

"Do you know anything about it?" Neville asks as he instinctively lays his hand on the shape shifter's arm. Jacob can feel his heart mellow at this trusting gesture and without hesitation nods his head rapidly. He should've discussed this matter with the pack before disclosing anything to the outsider and most of all to their enemy, vampires. But his heart cannot deny Neville and he feels wrong to lie to his mate, not when Neville looks at him like that.

"I…I'm…I" Jacob stutters, he really felt torn. He can't lie to Neville but he can't bring himself to betray the pack. Sam will be furious and tell him that he's not responsible. But Paul will back him up right? What should he do? Should he tell them about wolf's imprint?

"Imprint?" Edward who has been silent since his recovery suddenly asks. Jacob gasps and looks at the vampire. Damn! He forgot all about the mind reading vampire. Hermione let out a loud 'oh' sound while nodding her head. The others only look thoughtfully at the wolf.

"You? On Neville?" Hermione asks Jacob cautiously. The alpha wolf stares hesitantly at the woman who just technically saved the day and after few seconds, nod. Hermione sighs, both happy and worry at the same time. Happy that someone that will love Neville finally is here but worry that Neville might not take this greatly. She doesn't think Neville had any interest on any men but looking the way Neville slightly leans on the shape shifter, maybe, there is hope after all.

"What does that mean?" Harry asks confusedly. Imprint? The term is strangely familiar. He had come across with this term in Hagrid class but he hadn't really paid attention that time.

"Imprint huh?" Draco mumbles. He had obviously noticed that Jacob had imprinted to Neville and unlike Harry, he completely understood what it meant. It meant that Neville had a person that will be completely devoted to him.

Then, what should he do? Even Neville had someone now, no one will need him anymore.

"What's wrong? What had Jacob done? What is imprint?" Neville asks anxiously, thinking what possibly Jacob had done to him. What exactly is imprint? Why Hermione looks relieved and why does Draco looks so sad?

"What's wrong Jasper?" Carlisle asks as soon Jasper abruptly stands, as if alerted by something.

"The wolves are coming. I can smell them." Jasper narrows his eyes, glaring at the front door. After he went through wars, Jasper has been attentive all the time. Even though Jacob is there with them, he still can distinctively differentiate the wolves smell. More so when the other wolves are travelling in pack.

"It's okay, we got Jacob. They won't do anything." Harry smirks and stares at the shape shifter beside Neville. Jacob felt his heart drop at that statement, wondering whether they will hold him hostage to demand anything ridiculous to the pack, since they probably figured out he will do anything for Neville. And the fact that Harry's stare made him feel strangely intimidated and diminutive doesn't help.

"Don't scare him." Edward rolls his eyes and nudge Harry's rib. The wizard's gaze relaxed a little and look apologetically at Jacob, then turn to look Edward with a smitten look again.

"Whipped." Emmett and Neville say in unison and grin.

"Shut up." Harry glares at the duo.

"Will be arriving around two more minutes." Jasper suddenly says again and that made everyone except Harry and Hermione visibly tense.

Hermione obviously knew what would happen and wants to leave to find more information about the bond between a wizard and vampire, the only thing that intrigues her more. "Right, I need to go now. I'm on fire to do the research now, bye." And just like that, Hermione vanishes into thin air with a pop sound and leave some mouths hanging open.