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Summary: HP/TWILIGHT Crossover. After the war ended, Harry. Draco and Neville moved in to Potter Manor and instead of Hermione and Ron, the one that accompanied Harry to find the Hocruxes is Draco and Neville, they've become best friends since.

Chapter 34

Silent befall as Sam made his remarks and the other shape shifters give him glances of sympathy.

"Why? What is wrong with this Leah's imprinting?" Draco asks impatiently, why do they look so intense? Does it mean when a wolf imprint, something bad will happen? Then, how about Neville and Teddy? Will they be in dangers too?

As if understanding Draco's train of thoughts, Sam shakes his head and sigh.

"Don't worry; we will not let anything happen to our imprintee, we will protect them no matter what, even it mean it will cost our lives. When our kind imprints on someone, their imprintee will be their world. Our natural instinct will be kicking in to protect and please our imprintee, to be with them unconditionally, whether it is as lover, protector or friend." Sam answers, looking straight to the blonde's eyes.

"Oh. That doesn't sound...bad." Draco murmurs, looking away from the intense gaze and glances at a scarlet red Neville and completely missing Sam's small smile.

"Then? Why do all of you look so miserable?" Draco asks persistently.

"That…doesn't have anything to do with the situation here. I will explain when the time comes." Sam replies calmly, ignoring the pity looks from his pack. Draco rolls eyes in response.

"Ok then, back to our main question, why did that guy over there attack Edward and Neville?" Draco asks again. Something about Sam's answer irks him…or if to be completely honest… make him feel hazy and hyperconscious and all kinds of incongruous things.

Letting a small sigh, Sam gather himself and answer the blonde. "It's because Paul's sees Edward as a threat to his imprint. When Teddy cried in distress whilst Edward hold him, Paul's wolf had the impression that Edward was harming his imprint." That's what Paul told him when he finally get a hold of the distress wolf.

For a moment there, Sam can see realization in their expression and he knows at that moment, they'll understand but that doesn't mean blondie there will makes things easier for him. As if on cue, Sam heard Draco huffs indignantly.

"So…what now?" Neville asks, cutting off whatever Draco wants to say. He won't admit that it's because Jacob's stare is too intense, no, he will never admit it. Damn it Neville! You killed a giant snake before, this shouldn't intimidate you!

Jacob let out a whimper when he remember that Sam plan to evict Neville and their family. He cannot let that happen! No, that won't happen now since he and Paul have imprinted, Sam won't let them suffer because of not having their imprintee right? Because although Sam can be a prick sometimes but he always think of the pack first, Sam actually really cares for them.

"I have been contemplating on what I should do since Paul's thoughtless act. Actually my first thought since the beginning is hoping that somehow we could reach an agreement so that to retain the life balance here in Forks , all of you will agree to…" Sam hesitates and frowns, struggling to use nicer words instead of just telling them off.

"You want to kick us out from here." Edward smirks, 'helping' Sam to finish his words. The Alpha just sighs knowing he won't have an easy way here.

"Well…yes." the Alpha shrugs awkwardly and grimaces when he sees Draco fuming up again.

"I'm not going anywhere, my mate is here and unless he is moving to somewhere else, I'm staying here for good." Harry said seriously and kisses Edward's knuckles and causes the vampire to look somewhat shy.

"I know and now I don't have any intentions to kick any of you out now, no matter what, we need to find a way to sort this out." Sam replies earnestly.

"Yes, I agree. First, I want to know what Jacob's intention is toward Neville." Harry asks, crossing his arms over his chest, showing his dominance to Jacob. He has a mate and child now but for some reasons, Harry still thinks Draco and Neville is his responsibility and whoever want to have them must go through him first. "I know you imprinted on Neville, do you want him as a friend or more?" Harry asks determinedly, completely missed Neville flabbergasted and flushed face.

"I… I can be whatever he want but for myself, I want to be more than friend, I…I want him as my mate." Jacob tries to speak confidently but feels threaten under Harry's death glare. But Jacob knows he need to do this, he need to let Neville knows he is serious wanting to court him.

"Are you sure?" Harry asks looking at the wolf scrutinize.

"Stop talking as if I'm not here!" Neville suddenly lashes out, breathing heavily, everyone stops and look at him, surprised. When he realizes his sudden outburst, he quickly storms out from the house. Jacob look hesitantly at the door and Harry, and back to the door again, when he finally register what is happening, he quickly run out to chase Neville.

"Finally, let them talk and see how it goes." Harry said, smiling. As if he hasn't got anything to do with Neville outburst. Harry knows that Neville need to talk to Jacob and he also knows his best friend won't say anything until he get a little pressured and all Harry did was accelerate the process.

"You!" Harry suddenly turns serious and point to Paul. "I don't care what it is but you are not getting near Teddy until he is 25 years old."

"Yes sir!" Paul responses respectfully. Actually for now, he only want to acts as a protector for Teddy and nothing else but since Harry is his imprintee's guardian, anything the wizard say will have to do now. He will do his best to prove to Harry that he is capable and will protect Teddy.

"Now…everything is settled right?" Harry asks smilingly. The black hair wizard doesn't really mind about the imprint thing. Although it's quite weird, but same thing happened to him isn't it? Well, Jacob and Neville obviously need to talk and whatever Neville decides on he will support him.

Paul though… It can't be helped but Paul will not do anything to Teddy…ever. Argh, even thinking that someday in the future he will probably need to let Teddy go on a date with the man that obviously need anger management makes him irritated. Or fingers crossed they will remain as friends only for the rest of their life…

"Well, I guess that's all for today, alright? We can dismiss and go or do whatever you all want." Harry declared. He want to have alone time with his Edward, need to explain and ask for forgiveness.

All the other vampires have understanding looks on their face. Carlisle and Esme are the first one to leave and followed by their children except Edward. Rosalie gives Harry a 'you better explain well or else I'll kick your ass face' before she leaves. Slowly, the wolf pack except the Alpha leave the Cullen's house one by one. Soon, only Harry, Edward, Teddy, Draco and Sam left.

"And..why are you still here?" Draco asks the Alpha.

"I…I need to talk to you." Sam shrugs uneasily.

"What? If it is nothing urgent-"

"I've imprinted on you." the Alpha blurts out, without thinking.

Time seems to freeze with Draco and Sam staring at each other…

"Well….this is awkward… we will be in Edward's room and both of you can talk here, in the living room or outside, whichever suits you. The café in town is quite a good place to-"

"Harry, shut up and take Edward and Teddy elsewhere!" Draco suddenly shush the rambling wizard looks anywhere but at Sam.

"Okay, going now." Harry smirks, leading Edward and Teddy away from the living room, trusting Draco can handle the situation.

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