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"Hit it boys," Phantom R said waiting for the DJ to play the song. Y. M. C. A. its fun to stay at the Y. M. C. A.(hey!) The music played. "Phew i'm really tired from that dancing," Phantom R said. "Wouef!" Fondue barked. "Yeah i know, I usually don;t get this tired so fast," Phantom R replied. "Well...Get your rest then so i can battle you..." A voice said. Phantom R looked up right when he was about to go to sleep. Phantom R saw a boy his age with a similar outfit, except it was red. "Huh? Who are you," Phantom R asked confused. "A fellow Phantom. I used to live here a while back, moved, and now i'm back. I was a Phantom before you. The names Phantom Dj, but...you can call me by my real name, Dimitri." Phantom R stood up. "Well nice to meet you, Dimitri," he said. "Err say that last word again..." Dimitri said. "Dimitri?" Phantom R asked. "OH. MY. GOSH! YOUR THE FIRST THATS NOT RELATED TO ME TO GET MY NAME RIGHT ON THE FIRST TRY!" Dimitri said. ... ... ... "...Uhhh..." Phantom R said. "Alot of people will call me 'Dominic' or 'Dimitrius' honostly is my name THAT hard to say?" He asked. "No...Dimitri. See? Ha ha not hard at all!" Phantom R said laughing.

The next day...

"Right, right, left, left, chu chu, chu hey!" Phantom Dj said. Pahntom R did the same.

"Big finish! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight down leeeeeeeeeeeeeeft chu heeeeeeeeeeey up!" Phantom Dj said. "Right down left chu hey up!" Phantom R replied. A buzzer made a sound. "hnnk!" Phantom R said realizing he had just lost. The crowd went silent. "We have a new top phantom!" A man yelled. "Looks like Vergier will have two phantoms to go after now," Dj said.

Later that night...

"...Napoleon your body is ready...Raphael...I hope you are ready." A red haired man said.

"Hnnk!" Raphael yelled waking up. "Gah! Raphael you woke me up! Its bad enough i have to sleep on the floor!" Dimitri said. "Sorry i felt something..." Raphael replied. "Oh, OK, sorry for yelling i get crabby when i don;t sleep." Dimitri apoligized. "You fool!" Napoleon yelled.

"Cragh-k-k-ugh..." The red haired men fell down, not dead, but unconsious. "my body is not complete! My legs are still badly injured!" Napoleon yelled as he kicked the red haired man so hard he became consious. "Where is that substitute...Leonard Bonar...get him," Napoleon yelled. "In the mean time fix my legs then i will be complete." "Your honor Leo-crgh-Leonard Bonar, he...parished after my son defeated him." The man said. "YOUR SON HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A THREAT TO OUR PLANS! FIX MY LEGS AND HELP ME DESTROY YOUR SON AND RULE PARI-" Napoleon was about to finish when the man punch napoleon right in his Jaw. "ARGH! YOU IDIOT!" Napoleon yelled. The man started running. Napoleon could only walk because his legs weren't finished. Adventually Napoleon lost his balance and fell. "You will pay for this...I will not forget yo-" Napoleon became unconsious.


Raphael's apartment

Raphael's bedroom

There was a loud three knocks on the door. "Hnnk!" Raphael and dimitri yelled waking up. "Who could that be...?" Dimitri asked. "Tch, i don't know but whoever it is they have some nerve to be knocking at this hour." Raphael opened the door. "F-f-f-f-f-fa-ther?" Raphael was stunned. At the door was his father coughing and wheezing really hard. "Are you ok?! Come in!" Raphael exclaimed. "I'm fine i just ran for a while" His father replied. "A while?" Dimitri asked raising and eyebrow. "Fine, an hour." Raphael's father said. "An hour? From who?" Raphael asked. "Oh, no one..." "No one?" Raphael asked now raising an eyebrow also. "F-fine. I-I-I was running away from..." "From..." Raphael and Dimitri said in unison. "From...Napoleon...The REAL Napoleon," Raphael's father finally cracked. "Can we discuss this fammily reunion in about 7 more hours?" Dimitri asked. "Yeah, lets go to sleep." Raphael agreed getting back in his bed.



Outside Table

"It's been a while since I've last been here," Raphael's fathr said smiling at the sky. "Dudes this cocoa is delisious espicially on a cold day like this," Dimitri said. "Your right, anyway...Tell us how it all happened..." Raphael said.

After Raphael's father finishes explaining...

"Ha ha, that'll be the FIRST and LAST we'll see of the REAL Napoleon," Raphael laughed. "Don't hide your disappointment. It makes you more gulable by the second," Dimitri joked. "Got me there, I was looking forward to an adventure." Raphael replied. "Oh, hey Layton...And Luke!" Raphael said greeting the two. They were still on their vacation.(My first story was a crossover with Layton and raphael read that for more info). "Very nice day, wouldn't you say?" Layton asked. "You can say that again!" Dimitri joked. "Oh, and who might this be?" Layton asked. "Dimitri, also known as Phantom Dj." Raphael answered. "Oh, hello mister are you with raphael too?" Luke asked Raphael's father. "Yes, I am." "Whats your name?" "Just call me...Raphael's father." Luke didn't know why but he was stunned. He's never seen Raphael's father before, but something felt different about his father. Almost like Luke could enter his inner feelings... "Uh, Professor. Theres something unusua-" Luke got interupted. "AHHWELLTIMETOGONOWHAHA!" Raphael's father said really fast and loud. "Uhh...O...K..." Dimitri and Raphael said.


Opera House

Concert room

"Why are we here so early? The concerts not until nine hours." Dimitri said. "I just want to look around the place, forget already its been a while since i last have?" Raphael's father replied. "Err actually..." Raphael was about to finish but he thought he shouldn't give his father a hard time. "Lets change." Dimitri told Raphael. "Why?" Raphael asked. "*cough* tickets *cough* are *cough* expensive *cough*" Dimitri replied. "Oh, right." They went to go change and then waited for raphael's father.


Opera House

Concert room

Marie was playing her violin while backup singers behind her were singing, "La la la la laaa la laaaaa la la la laaaa." Marie was playing 'Moon Princess' while the backup singers were singing along to it. "La la la la la la laaaaaa la la la laaaaaa. La la la la laaaa la la laaa la laaaaaaaaa." The song ended. The crowd got up out of their seats. "Bravo!" Some were yelling while others were yelling "Encour!" "You've really got to stop sneaking in the same place...Phantom R." Vergier scowled as he looked up at the three. "What?! There are two them? CONSTABLES...AFTER THEM!" Vergier yelled. "Great more running." Raphael's father said-running.


Tuileries Garden


"Think we lost em'?" Dimitri asked. "Yeah i think so." Raphael said. "Hey..you never told me your name. *huff puff* What is it?" Dimitri asked. "The names Isacc," said Isacc. "Isacc huh? Cool name." All the lights of the carnaval went off. One big helicopter light shown the spotlight on the three. "...NOW NOW NOW!" Vergier yelled as a giant net was flown over the three. "Touch this net and fell the pain...i suggest you just sit for now." Vegier laughed. There were chairs in the net. The three sat down while being pulled up and flew away. "Uhh Vergier jail's that-a way." Phantom R said. "Oh ho ho, I'm not taking you to jail..." Vergier replied. "Uh-oh. I think we're in for it now..." Phantom Dj said.


Eifle tower

secret passage way

"Ow! You didnt have to use the eject button sheesh!" Phantom R yelled. Vergier's helicopter left only leaving Phantom R, Phantom Dj, and Isacc. "You..." A voie said. "...Fool..." It continued. "...You..." "...Thought..." "...I..." "...Was..." "...Gone..." "...BUT IM NOT MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA AAA WE HAVE TRIUMPHED BEFORE THE BATTLE EVEN BEGINS HA HA HA HAAAH!" Isacc knew this voice. It was the REAL Napoleon. "Hmm...This is you son? The one causing all the trouble?" Napoleon asked walking up to Phantom R. "Well listen fool! You remember the TRUE chevaliers diaboliuqe? Well, ha ha haa...there are more. I will summon them by name. I am not playing any game. True chevaliers confront me at once. Because soon i will ahave I will be the one. To rule the world. Chevelier trust in me. For it is i you seek. I will use thy power wisely. And rein on everyone's parade!" Napoleon said. "What was that?" Phantom Dj asked. "It was the chant to bring out the ACTUAL TRUE cheveliers." Isacc answered. "No..." Phantm R said stunned. "...Way..." Phantom Dj finished. Giant robot looking monsters came out of the ground. Way bigger than the ones Jean-Francois introduced to Phantom R, Charlotte, and vergier. There were hundreds of them, no thousands! No, millions! No, billions of them! "I-impossible..." Isacc said.

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