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Last time we left our heros, Isaac failed to bomb the cheveliers, thus giving Napoleon a plan...but what kind if of plan? Let's find out...

"Ugh...Aghh...What happened?" Phantom Dj asked being the first to wake up. "Huh? Where are we? This place seems awfully familiar..." He said. They were in a dark and stinky cave with red and normal light bulbs and a patterned floor. There was a throne-like chair with gold stands around it. "...Welcome, to my secret hideout." Napoleon said not concerned Dj was awake. "Let me guess...We're in the sewers?" Dj asked. "Correct. Once all of you wake up I will continue with a plan." Napoleon replied. "What plan?" Dj asked. "...I will take you to my lab down that pipe, then i will place you in scanners..." Napoleon began.(The sanners look like the ones from Code Lyoko.) "...Finally i will still your DNA and give it to my cheveliers making you powerless and rhythm-less." He finished. "DNA? Why don;t you just steal our whole body period?" Dj asked. "If I do, the chveliers would turn on me." Napoleon answered. "Well taking our DNA and giving it still doesn't make sense. And why would you tell me your plan anyway? Won't I just stop you now?" Dj said. "Hmph, I told you my plan because once its accomplished you can do nothing about it." Napoleon said. "Gah...ergh...H-huh?" Phantom R woke up. "Raphael! Your finally awake." Dj said. "Where are we?" Phantom R asked. "Napoleon's hideout." Phantom Dj answered. "Ugh...hmph! I'm trying to save my father! I don't have time to get traped in a smelly place!" Charlie yelled waking up. "Well someone's grumpy when they wake up." Phantom Dj said looking at charlie. "Bequiet you fool." Charlie replied. "WOEUF WOEUF!" Fondue woke up. "Argh..." Isaac woke up. "We're all woke now, Napoleon. How do you plan to get us to follow you?" Phantom Dj asked. "Simply..." Napoleon answered hold his hand out in front of him. "...Go! Get them!" He yelled as those Fake(Human) Cheveliers came out of most of the pipes. "Father and Fondue stand back! Me, Dimitri, and Charlie have this." Phantom R said. 6 cheveliers came infront of Phantom Dj and Phantom R. 3 were in blue and 3 were in red. "I've got the blue you get the red!" Phantom Dj exclaimed. "C'mon!" Phantom Dj and Phantom R yelled in unison. The two hit the 6 were knocked out. 3 cheveliers came in front of charlie. "Take this!" She shouted kicking a soccer ball as it jumped off the chevelier and came back, then she kicked it again the ball bounced off again and she kicked it once more this time catching it instead of kicking it again. "Way to easy!" Phantom R said. The cheveliers were defeated. "En guarde'! I challange the both of you!" Napoleon said throwing to swords at Phantom Dj and Phantom R. They caught the swords.

Phantom Dj and Phantom R win the sword fight and the group ran while Napoleon was knocked out. The group used rhythm to escape the sewers. They then sleep for the rest of the night...


Raphael's apartment


"Man, as soon as i woke up my back started hurting." Dimitri said rubbing his back. "Yeah, mine to." Raphael said rubbing his also. "Hmph, I see you two finally woke up." Charlotte said in her pink school dress. "Hey fighting mele is way harder than fighting with a long ranged weapon, or in your case, a soccerball." Raphael snaped. "Geez whats up with all the clouds?" Dimitri asked. *BOOM KAPOW!* The sound of thunder rumbled as lighting stuck in the suddenly started to rain really hard. "The cafe has some umbrellas! Lets go there!" Raphael said signaling the group to run.



Inside Cafe

"The one day they don't have umbrellas..." Dimitri said. "I'm sorry sir but we didn't expect rain like this so soon, otherwise we wouldn't have gave our umbrellas to the Cafe out of the city." A Cafe employee said. "It's cool. Let's go guys." Raphael said.


Raphael's apartment

Raphael's bedroom

... ... ... "HEY!" Charlie snaped. "Ch-Charlie! I..erm...uh...I..." Raphael said. Raphael had walken into his bathroom with Charlie in the shower. The smoke covered everything in the shower except charlie's face. "I suggest you get out Phantom R, NOW!" Charlie said with no hesitation. "Yes sir..I mean Ma'am..I mean I..er..I'm going!" Raphael said quickly escaping the bathroom. "What went on in there? I heard something, but the closed door drowned out the sound." Dimitri asked. "You...Don't wanna know," Raphael said. "Ha ha if you say so." Dimitri laughed and started to read a book.


"YES! ALMOST GOT MY LEVEL 3 SUPER!" Dimitri yelled. "NO, NOO!" Raphel yelled. "YES! GOT IT! GOO PARAPPA!" Dimitri yelled. Raphael and dimitri were playing Play Station All stars and Dimitri just got parappa's level 3 super. "YOU GOTTA DO WHAT?" "I GOTTA REDEEM!" "SURE ABOUT THAT?" "I GOTTA RELIEVE!" "YOU GOTTA DO WHAT?" "I GOTTA RECIEVE!" "BUT MOST IMPORTANT?" "I GOTTA BELIEVE!" The super finished and Dimitri won. "Yeah baby!" Dimitri yelled. "Aw man!" Raphael said. "CAN'T BEAT PARAPPA THE RAPPER!" Dimitri boasted. "Hey look it stoped raining!" Isaac said. "Ugh, finally we can go outside and stop watching these two play their little games." Charlie said.


The Louvre


"Woo!" Dimitri yelled swinging from poles and jumped on roofs. "See? I told you this was gonna be fun!" Raphael said. "So you do this to escape the constables everytime?" Dimitri asked. "Yup." Raphael replied. ... ... ... "OW!" Raphael and Dimitri yelled as they both got hit by soccerballs. "Stop goofing around! We need to find my father and get this over with!" Charlie yelled. "Right, sorry charilie!" Raphael replied.


Eifle tour

secret passage way

"Father! I'm here to save you!" Charlie exclaimed when she saw her father standing near napoleon. "...Charlotte...I...I am not brainwahsed..." Vergier said. Charlie gasped. "I...Joined by choice...I-if i didn't..." Vergier kept pausing not knowing what to say. "If you didn't...T-then what?" Charlie asked. "...They would actually get her this time...Your mother, Charlotte..." Vergier finished. "My mother...? WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH MY MOTHER!" Charlie lost her temper and just ran aimlesly everywher. "Calm down, child. She's not gone for good. Yet." Napoleon said. "...Calm...Down...? WHO. DO. YOU. THINK. I. AM?!" Charlie snapped. "Napoleon, you almost hurt Marie's mother...If it wasnt for that necklace..." Phantom R started. "I'm NOT letting you even TRY to hurt Charlie's mother!" He finished. "Hmph, En Garde! I challange you once again Phantom R!" Napoleon yelled throwing Phantom R a sword. ... ... ... "...Hey!...No!...AHHH!" Charlie yelled. "Ch-Charlie?" Phantom R said looking at the sky. The scream came from there, but he saw nothing. "Woah!" Phantom R said almost getting sliced by Napoleon's sword. "Isaac! Are you o-WHAT THE?!" Phantom Dj started...but didnt finish. "Dimitri!" Phantom R yelled, again the sound came from the sky. "BWAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Isaac yelled in a monsterous voice. Isaac started to transform into a giant black bird. "F-father...?" Phantom R said. "Fool, I am not your father, your father is knocked out somewhere..." The giant bird said. So thats why Luke felt that way! The thing copying Isaac was an animal! Luke's special talent is to talk with animals. "I knocked him out before he escaped the eifle tower and hid him. I shape shifted into him until all of you were together." The bird said. "I don't care anymore! WHERE. ARE. MY. FRIENDS?" Phantom R demanded to know. "Dimitri and Charlie? Oh their taking a trip..." The bird replied. "...A...trip? Wait a minute! You don't mean..." Phantom R said. "Yep, heh heh heh. Their falling out of teh sky and will land who knows where?" The bird replied. "You bring them back. NOW!" Phantom r said as his bracelet started to glow. "What the!" The bird was being chocked by the bracelet's power! "Now's my chance!" Phantom R thought. "Bring them BACK." Phantom R said. The bird chocked more. "NOW!" Phantom R demanded. The bird got chocked to the limit. Dimitri and Charlie re-appeared. "*cough* *wheez* I'll be back..." The bird said and flew away. "Now Napole-Huh?" Phantom R started to say. "Darn, they got away!" Phantom R said. Phantom R walked to charlie and kneeled on one leg putting one hand on charlie's shoulder. "I'm sorry we coudln't save Inspector Vergier now, but trust me, we'll save him later." Phantom R said. "...Thank you Phantom R..." Charlie said an started to cry. Phantom R and Dimitri looked at each other. "Sorry, Charlie. Next time for sure!" Phantom Dj said. "T-thank you..." Charlie ran into the eifle tower's elevator crying her way down and into her apartment. "Let's go Dimitri" Phantom R said. The two walked to Raphael's apartment.

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