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Now most of my regulars know I don't normally write Author's Notes, nor talk very much at all apart from replying to reviews (you've seen my Fan Fiction profile page!) but it seems there's some interest in this story and some people haven't been quiet about getting the next chapter up.

First things first: I haven't forgotten about you!

Next chapter will be coming soon, and to help you get back into the Sixth Sense mood, here's a teaser just for kicks:

Dr Jenner took a step towards her and lowered his voice "could I speak to you for a moment?"

They walked a few feet away, like it would make any difference. Lara was pretty sure the Dixon's heard everything she said into the night.

He leaned into Lara, making her twitch and finger's itch for a weapon. Over his shoulder she could see Daryl. He stood absolutely still, his gaze fixed on the back of Jenner's neck.

Houston, we have a problem.

"Step away from me" Lara said quickly

"What?" he leaned in closer, aggravating both her and a certain younger brother from Dixon Creek.

Rick was saying something. Daryl started towards them in an unhurried wolf gait that usually signalled he was a hair away from exploding into violence.

"Step away"

Jenner took two steps back, just in time to move out of Daryl's path. Lara's self-appointed shadow passed by him and deliberately stepped between the doctor and the blonde girl. Lara saw the way Daryl's eyes watched Jenner, too carefully and it was too calculating a look to be directed at their ally. Lara touched his cheek, running her fingers over the stubble. He took her hand in his, eyes cutting at her. A quiet growl reverberated in his throat. Jenner cleared his throat and decided he had somewhere else to be and he really needed to get there as soon as possible. Across the room at the table with the rest of the crew Merle couldn't help but laugh darkly under his breath. Lara had no idea what she has gotten herself into, and Daryl would never let her go once she did.

"What's with the territorial display?"

"He was too close"

"He was asking about my medical experience"

"Too close, I didn't like it." Daryl wrapped his arm around Lara's shoulders and led her away from the group. His possessive instincts in all its glory. "Share a room with me"

And he changed the subject, too.

-Chapter Eight

Now that I've given you a little something to get your hunger back (and your attention!), I'd like to ask a question (without trying to give too much away). Ever since I wrote my 'Their Girl' Boondock Saints fanfic, I've had a couple of PM's about a Ménage à Trios between Lara, Daryl and Merle. It's got me thinking, I've pretty much set out everything for this fic, but is this an actual thing? Do people really want to see this happen? Or is it just a minority? Who else would you pair with Lara? (Not that it will happen, or will…not…. happen. I don't know. I'm kind of confused now). I'd love to have some feedback, for or against!

(P.S- If it helps any, in Sixth Sense I've always pictured Merle as Liev Schreiber *wink*)

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OH! And another thing! If something about the teaser seems familiar, I sometimes leave little Easter Eggs in my writing depending on what I'm reading/watching at the moment. If you see it, PM me your answer!