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"Umm… so how much of our conversation did you overhear?" Castle asked nervously, shifting from one foot to the other; his eyes jumping from the closed office door to her cold, hazel stare.

Kate couldn't help thinking how utterly adorable he looked, like a nervous teenager about to pick up his Prom date.

"I heard enough," and her eyes flashed hotly. "Let's start first with what you told the boys about us."

She was going to have the time of her life interrogating his ass, making him sweat profusely, and then jumping his addicting body and making him pay for that brilliant tongue of his.

And by the heavens, (she shivered at the thought of his warm tongue laving her nipple) it's certainly brilliant.

Rick noticeably gulped at her menacing gaze. "About that, Kate, I did NOT go into details about you… I was a very good boy." His eyes pleaded with her to believe him.

"You, - a good boy, Rrr- ick?" She trilled the first letter of his name knowing it drove him crazy. "I have a hard time believing that because I personally know just how bad you can be." She pulled on her lower lip and approached him stealthily. "Prove to me that you were a good boy."

Jesus, her face was flushed and her lips were parted and she looked like a sexy siren advancing on him. His loins tightened and all he could think about was taking her juicy lips in his and making her forget everything and anyone but him.

He hesitated... His Detective was very difficult to read at times and right now she was giving him mixed signals. This woman could turn him upside down and inside out in less than a minute flat and it thrilled him to no end that she was his.

He had to make sure that he didn't blow this, because if he said the wrong thing, (his abdomen clenched) it would mean a cold, empty bed for the entire weekend and he just couldn't bear to handle that punishment. (EvEr!) He had to make this right.

As she moved towards him, a hint of her feminine, black bra winked at him through her unbuttoned blouse and before he thought it through he said, "I did not tell them that your favorite place to shop for lingerie is Victoria Secret's and that you only wear push-up bras to make yourself appear fuller."

"Oh - my - God," she spluttered and by the horrified look on her face Castle knew he needed to somehow save face (Immediately) so he quickly huffed, "Even though you certainly don't need an underwire bra because your breasts," his eyes dropped hungrily to the two mounds, "are absolutely perfect."

Way to go Rick, you're off to a jolly good start. He cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"Really, Castle?" Men!

He nodded his head up and down, up and down, unhappy with her exasperated look. He decided it was safe to continue when she didn't pull out her glock.

"I did not tell them that you love wearing matching, lacy boy shorts because they make you feel like a cop as well as a desirable woman."

She gave him her classic eye-roll. "Is that your psychiatric analysis, Dr. Phil?"

"Oh no. That's my Writer / Author / Caveman impression of your umm, delicious lingerie."

She couldn't help smiling. "Hmm, and what else didn't you tell Esposito and Ryan?" she asked demurely.

Uh-Oh. She asked it a little bit too demurely.

"I did not give them a single detail about our sex life."

Her eyebrows shot up in disbelief.

"Honest, Kate. Scout's honor." He held up his 3 fingers in the Scout salute.

His voice took on a husky quality as he took in her blue skinny jeans and 3 inch Jimmy Choo pumps. "I didn't tell them that you prefer making love anywhere but in a bed and how I find it extremely titillating and utterly irresistable."

At that, her hazel eyes narrowed and she gave him her Detective glare, - the one criminals cower under when they're in interrogation. "I beg to differ… That happens to be your thing, Castle, but now is not the time to discuss it."

"Oh?" he grinned wickedly, "When would be a good time then to – " he paused looking directly at the top button of her jeans, "get into it?"

His tone of voice clearly conveyed that he would never tire of 'getting into her' – anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

She smirked. The man certainly had a way with sexual innuendo.

He looked mighty fine in his maroon dress shirt and black tailored jeans. (Seriously, who has their jeans tailored these days?) He was so metro sexual and there was no way in hell he'd ever find out that it was one of the things about him that made her all hot and bothered and just plain wanton.

He walked around the desk and said seductively, "I didn't tell them, Beckett, that you make the God-damn sexiest noises I've ever heard in my life, and that you consistently orgasm three times every single fuckin' time."

He knew exactly what it did to her when he spoke dirty. His animalistic leer also sent volcanic heat spiraling to her core.

"And I most certainly didn't tell them that you like to use your handcuffs for more than arresting suspects."

Mmm, handcuffs would certainly be useful right about now.

"Well that's a good boy, or you wouldn't have ever, ever seen my cuffs again."

His eyes, dark and dangerous were glued to hers, drawing her in… She was falling into a tidal wave of sea-blue orbs that had the ability to drown her in their depths.

Drown her in deep waves of desire. Drown her in undulating arousal. Drown her in new, overwhelming depths of ecstasy that no man before had ever accomplished.

Her eyes were mesmerizing covered in a smoky shade of gray and her lips beckoned to be eaten with the sparkling gloss covering their rosy surface.

She was close enough that Rick could smell the intoxicating scent of her cherry shampoo and his hands yearned to reach out and grab those beautiful tresses and haul her to his mouth where he could lose himself in her delectable lips.

Her beauty simply captivated him, day in and day out, literally astounded him at times. He couldn't control his body's response to her siren call, and as the blood flowed south, he started to lose his train of thought.

Where were we? Oh, yes… handcuffs. How I wish she kept a spare pair here.

"Yes, yes, I was a good boy." His hand raked through his own hair as the urge to reach out and grab those sexy hips and yank her towards him was mind-blowing. He didn't dare touch her in case he was still in the dog house.

"And I didn't breathe a word about your yoga classes increasing your flexibility so those fantastic legs of yours can – "

"Castle," she shushed him with a finger to his lips. "What exactly did you tell them?"

"Uhhh," his mind was clouded with the idea of sucking that digit into his mouth and swirling his tongue over the pad of her finger. "Only that, hmm– " he paused to remember exactly what he'd said to the boys and before answering her, his quirky grin lit up the room. "You're the best lay I've ever had in my life."

Oh, that deep voice of his did unmentionable things to her body. How the hell did I resist him for 4 long years?

"Thee Best?" she asked coyly and decided to take it up a notch. "With your vast experience? It's hard to believe that you," she poked him in the chest. "Mr. Richard Castle, famous author extraordinaire," another poke, "could find a leggy, controlling cop - simply the best." She smiled shyly up at him while tugging on the upper corners of her blouse, to reveal more cleavage. The minx.

"Seriously Kate," he groaned. "You've got to have some idea by now exactly how you affect me."

"Why don't you spell it out for me as you're the master wordsmith… What exactly do I do to you?" and her breath ghosted hotly over his lips.

Uggh. Enough is enough. It's time for 'Action Castle' to come out and play.

"How about I show you by christening this very room?"

Still not touching any of his body, Kate leaned into him teasingly and purred, "Yesss… I love a man with hands as gifted as his mouth, and you, Richard Castle, definitely have gifted hands."

What was that? His eyes about bugged out of his head. Did Katherine Beckett just say that she loves me?

All coherent thought was pushed aside as Kate put 2 fingers through the front belt loops of his jeans and jerked him roughly towards her. Her lips descended onto his, … playful as well as demanding, … over and over again, sliding erotically over his full lips, stoking the burning ember of desire to a roaring, uncontrollable flame.

As air became a necessity, Rick drew back from her to capture her earlobe with his teeth. He bit down with just the right amount of pressure to border on painful, drawing a sultry moan from her lips.

"Yes, just like that," he breathed into her ear. "The sexiest sound I've ever heard."

In a blink of an eye, Castle had flipped them around and had her back pressed up against the brick wall.

He took her mouth then as though he owned it.

And he does, she gasped at the knowledge that assaulted her. He does own me… Heart, body and soul.

Rick plundered her mouth skillfully, forcing his tongue deep inside the dewy depths with practiced precision. Tackling. Dancing. Tangling his tongue with her own.

His body was warm, hot, all-encompassing. Testosterone emanated off him in waves which heightened Kate's sexual awareness even further. The smell of musky hormones permeated the small room and made her breathless, impatient, on edge.

Nothing existed except for the two of them… His searing blue eyes, her lust-filled hazel orbs. His hawk-like nose, her narrow, straight one. His full, manly lips that wreaked havoc everywhere he placed them. Her delicate, thin ones that greedily devoured every inch of his skin she could reach.

Flying clothes. Victoria Secret undies and Frigo silk boxers.

Folders, papers, pens, letter opener swept off his desk.

Kate's back on the hard surface. Her legs splayed before him.

Gasping breaths, erratic breaths.

Galloping heartbeat, ricocheting heartbeat.

Slow French kisses, frantic kisses.

Roving hands, stroking hands.

Heated skin, slick skin.

Exploring touches, delicate touches, fiery touches.

Pleasurable gasps, pleasurable moans.

Lips trailing over goose bumps, trailing over silky skin, trailing over sensitive mounds and valleys until –

Beneath his magical ministrations, Kate broke… Mewling cries of unparalleled ecstasy escaped her throat and caused him to succumb, right after her, to the burning fire licking its way through his entire body, trying to consume him. Rick fell into the volcanic abyss; his heart exploding with the flame she ignited in him.


There would never again be another woman for him.

Utterly spent, Rick rested on her chest, taking deep, controlling breaths while listening to her strong heartbeat beneath his ear.

God, he was grateful that the horrendous bullet that entered her chest didn't take her life. He now knew he'd be incomplete without her.

He lifted his head up from her chest and propped his elbows on the desk, gazing down into beautiful, watery eyes.

"Kate?" He asked concerned. "Are you okay?" He brushed an errant strand of hair off her flushed face.

She nodded. "It's just… It's just…" she stumbled. "I never envisioned how amazing it was going to be between us… I mean, I knew it was going to be good, - but this?" She took a deep breath knowing that she wasn't quite ready yet to put 'this' into words. "I honestly had no clue."

He smiled broadly, like an excited child waking up on Christmas morning. "Neither did I." He bent to kiss her bullet scar reverently. "Neither did I."

As they left the bar that night and walked into the cool, crisp, autumn air, Rick sensed a change in Kate. She was openly showing affection for him by clinging to his side. Her laughter bubbled around them, encompassing them both in her happiness. Her arm curved possessively around his waist and she nibbled on his neck while they waited for a taxi cab. She was finally unreserved out in public, acting like they were a real couple.

His heart soared. Even though he hadn't heard the words, her earlier Freudian slip, plus her actions tonight, clearly showed that she loved him.

He could wait to hear her declaration though until she was truly ready, because he'd already decided years ago, that he would wait a lifetime for Katherine Houghton Beckett.

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