Chapter #1: The Truffle Shuffle

'Data, are you coming then?' Alexandria,or Mute said in sign language to Data. He replied,' You go ahead, I'm going to try my newest invention out' Mute nodded, and walked down the two of the goonies could do sign language because of Mute teaching them, and those two were Data and Brand. Mute was still working with Stef and Andy, who were pretty slow learners.

A slight breeze made her hair swirl, trapping her pale face. Her choclate curls swirled around her face, circling her crystal Blue eyes. She sighed internally.Just think, tomorrow I will be in Detroit..she thought. Mute walked at a slower pace as she thought.When will I tell everyone that I have been practicing speaking with my adoptive mom and Andy?I mean, I've got my full vocabulary back . Sometime today would be best...She stopped in front of a random house as a black ORB drove by her very fast. It had bullet holes on the back of it.That looks familiar... Two cop cars followed afterwards and Mute realized it was just a fox and chicken chase.

She increased her pace a little faster, passing by an arcade which had strawberry milkshake and pizza on the window. She smirked. Chunk has been here. She peeked into ther window and saw Chunk occupying an arcade game, as always. Mute passed and began internally sing a Cyndi Lauper song. She soon arrived at Mikey's house, and saw him leave the window.He must still be upset about being forced to leave... Before jumping the fence, Mute looked back at her home town. She saw that same black vehicle drive by , but a man was looking at her this time. A small smile played on his lips. Confused, Mute continued towards the house.

You see, most of the boys in their pack had a thing for Mute. Even Data! Mikey would always look at her that way, Chunk always became lost with words around her,and sometimes,Data would show her some of his best and top secret inventions. Brand didn't, luckily,but saw her as a little sister. He always stood up for her and called her cute. Mouth, on the other hand, was always cocky and same old same old around her. She didn't know if he liked her or knew that she had a thing for him, though.

Mute jumped the fence, and almost fell over one of the strings from the contraption Mikey came up with. She caught herself in time and walked up to the house. She knocked on the door, and saw Mikey appear. He opened the door. "Oh, hey Mute."

' Hey Mikey'she mouthed. He smiled and let her in. "Mute's here!" Mikey shouted. Mute walked into the living room and saw Brand working out with a stretchy metal ab enhancer." Hey Alex." Brand greeted. She smiled at him, which he returned. Mute turned her head just as she heard the door open and slam. "Mouth's here!" Brand shouted, peeking through the doorway. Mouth walked into the room, wearing his smirk with all its glory. Mikey joined Mute on the couch." Hey Mute."

Hi, mouthed nodded. He started to talk about the Goon and how they couldn't do anything because of Brand failing his driver's test while Mute stared out the window and saw Chunk panting towards them, obviously about to tell them a story of something amazing... Mute focused back onto the 3 boys, just in time to see Brand attempt to punch Mouth, but miss, and fail. ' Chunk's outside' Mute did in sign language to Brand. He nooded and said, " Mute said that Chunk's outside." After Brandon said that, Chunk was heard screaming, "Hey guys! I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life!" Mouth walked over to the door,followed by Mute, and said, "Jerk alert!Look, it's Chunk!" He leant against the door ledge. " Hey guys, let me in!" "First you gotta do the truffle shuffle!" Come on." Do it." "BUt Mute is right there." Mute smiled slightly,and Chunk blushed. "DO IT!" Chunk let out a frustrated sigh, and hopped on the old dead tree log. He lifted his shirt,pulled a face, and began to make wierd noises as He did the truffle shuffle.

Mouth began to openly laugh, and Mute covered her mouth as silent giggles came out. " Mouth, cut it out,"Mikey said, pushing Mouth aside and pulling on a string which activated the contraptions for the gate to open. After the gate opened and the trio went inside,followed by Chunk, Chunk blabbered about how he saw the most amazing thing in his was about the ORB she saw earlier before she arrived here. Mute joined Mikey and Mouth by the fish tank.

" Is it more amazing than when Michael Jackson used your bathroom?"

''More amazing than the time you saved those old people from that nursing home fire, right?"

"Yeah, and I bet it was more amazing than that time you ate your weight at Godfather's pizza?''

"Okay Brand,Michael Jackson didn't come to my house,...but his sister did!'' Mute rolled her eyes at his lie.Whatever, she thought. She sat by Brand and began watching him exercise.

' Why do you exercise all the time?' Mute expressed with her hands. " I just like to stay in shape." 'Yeah, for Andy' Brand smiled slightly and said," Oh, whatever."

Mute heard James Bond music and looked out the window.Here comes Data...she thought. "Open the screen door!Open the screen door!OPEN THE SCREEN DOOR!" Data yelled. They all hopped up and ran to the door, but it was too late. Data crashed into them, and Mute ended up on top of Mouth. Sorry, she mouthed, blushing. " Nah, I enjoyed it." Mute blushed even more. She saw Chunk holding a statue. Mikey and Brand breathed a sigh of relief, only to take it back when they saw who was holding it.That staue must be pretty important...

"Hahaha, I bet you thought I was gonna drop it!" Chunk set the statue on the edge of the table."Well, good ol' Chu-" He was cut off by the statue falling. Yep,...Good ol' Chunk...