Sasuke rested his arm on his forehead. Unfortunately, the human being only values when he loses something dearly to him. He has to accept that he lost her and not wonder if he knew about the consequences.

Sasuke sat quietly on the edge of the bed, grabbing the whiskey bottle. The drink is speaking louder. He wouldn't have treated her bad; he wouldn't have been an animal. When he gave her pain, she gave him unconditional love. He practically stole her life. He ripped her smile and gave her suffering.

Such a sinister love.

"Fuck." He tossed the bottle against the wall, breaking it in the process.

When he returned from his vacation, he left Mitsuki on her house and made his way to Hikari. He stood at her door, with bags in hand, waiting to return. To have his wife, his life back.

He knows he's still her man. He won't leave this time until she says he can come back. Enough of this distance, enough of this pain and drama. He knows she misses him. How much he craves to hear her voice, telling him to come back to her arms. His extreme jealously, still questions if his place on her bed is still empty.


How far has he come?

Her house was pitching black. She disappeared. But not for too long. He will find her and claim what belongs to him.

The detective he hired said she has a new friend who wants to go further. She cannot give herself to him, she doesn't love that guy. Sasuke is sure of it. Hikari wouldn't do it. She's too sweet and genuine to fall into a trap. "I promise i will compensate you for all this pain." Sasuke whispered, looking at the broken glass, his eyes deceiving him with her frame. "I'm not perfect but for you i will come close to it." Can Sasuke really assure her that he got sense?

She will never believe it. Not after all the poison, he spat at her. And not at the supposed space her gave her. A space that she's aware of his behavior with other girls. "Tell me to come back home, Hikari. Just tell me. Let me hold you. Let me love you forever. To err is human."

"Ahh." Sasuke exhaled, getting up and running his finger on his hair. "What happened?"

He made his way to the bathroom and turned the shower on. So many things running on his mind. He has to find Hikari, kick Mitsuki out of his life and assume his responsibilities as a man. He hasn't been sleeping well since his return. Maybe, it was Hikari's reaction to the presents he wanted to give her only to find out that he gave it to others.

If she at least gave him an opportunity to explain himself. An opportunity of redemption. Sasuke made a mistake he was ready to get over it with her help. Only with her help.

Scrubbing his back he remembered the soft touch she had. The giggles when he spun her around and kissed her in that way. The countless times they quench their thirst for each other. He's really an idiot. And maybe he should have brought that whiskey bottle with him.

What the hell is he thinking?

He must return her to him. To his life.

"Damn you, Hikari." He whispereds, glaring between half-open eyes at her memory . "Damn you."

Those cursed memories insist on pushing him down. He has been so paranoid that he thinks the world is laughting at him.

A/n: Sorry for being so short. This was mainly Sasuke's view. Hope you enjoyed and had fun reading it. Sorry for taking so long. XP