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Do you need additional summary? Okay I'll give you. Here in this story, Haruka is a trouble maker and also a heiress of Tenoh corporation. Stressed by this fact, Haruka's parent arranged a special 'assistant' to educate her daughter about anything required to be a good CEO. What Haruka will do about this situation? Who this 'tutor' her parent set up for her? The blonde never knew the deeper intention of Tenoh!

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"Damn you, Tenoh! I said no and you went anyway! What will I do if your old man knows about this?" The guy grabbed her collar and jerked the blonde's body on to the wall. He was mad… very angry and words didn't work for the person in front of him. It was the time to use his last resource. Violence. This technique at least would be getting a better respond.

"Put your hands off me." She said coldly. From her expression, everyone knew that this will end up very bad. People around them took steps back, giving both space enough to beat each other. However, the girl didn't seem interested in fighting tonight. She simply shrugged the guy's hand off from her shirt. After she regained her balance back, she stared at the other guy.

"Seiya, you know this relates her…"

"… Damn Tenoh! You used to have control about it. This time is different! You are totally fooled! That woman… No, that bitch really screws you over. She doesn't deserve this…" The guy named Seiya replied in disbelief. His action earlier was simply for the sake of his friend in front of him.

"I've never been screwed before…" Her tone made everyone in the room shivered.


"That's why, I do this. Now step aside." The voice was final. No one, no living being would deny the command from the blonde in this case. Seiya nodded, acknowledged his defeat and took a step back. He had done his portion and failed… he would contact that person.

"Seiya, do not you dare tell him. I'll never forgive you." She continued. The blonde walked toward the vehicle. It was a black ducati with red strips, she knew that the bike were provided by her opponent. She would never complain about the unfairness neither to back down.

Why? Because I am a Tenoh.

She put on the helmet and turned on the engine. She looked behind her shoulder. Her opponent, Daichi Kuga only threw her an evil grin beneath his helmet. They exchanged glances briefly before the factor of the battle stepped in.

The woman walked gracefully holding a race flag with her. Her black boots echoed through the entire underground. Right now she was the only moving object beside the roaring engine. Her light blonde hair and strawberry scent caught both racers in the matter of second.

Whoever the winner would've got her.

The biker girl watched the pretty hot blonde ready for the signal. She was supposed to be her faithful girlfriend. Not until a month ago that Haruka found out she was being cheated. Right now, nothing can describe her feeling but rage and fury. She will win.

She will win and then…

The woman lifted the flag up, sign the race began. In millisecond count both bikes deployed.

The blonde biker knew, the race would not be easy because the bike she was using. She didn't care though. She felt her adrenaline rushed up when the speedometer reached the maximum speed.

She will win and then… that bitch will pay.

"You are in big trouble, kid." His hand slammed the table hardly. The woman beside him jumped a little because of surprise.

"I'm sorry, honey." He murmured slowly to his wife. She only smiled.

"Dad… I can explain – "

"Oh, shut up! How many times I have to bail you out from police station?! This time is the 4th time for God sake!" He shouted.

The blonde only rolled her eyes, "It's the 5th, dad. You missed out yesterday event too…"

"Whatever! And that's exactly you create trouble in 24 hours! Tenoh Haruka, I didn't know what I have to do with you anymore…" He got up from his seat. Kazuya Tenoh was a president director for Tenoh corporation and his only heiress, the girl in front of him kept creating trouble during the last 3 years. This incident was the last button. He would never tolerate anymore, he must do something to solve and change his trouble maker daughter.

"You gained your business degree this year and now I think it's time you learn about responsibility, Haruka…"

Haruka wanted to cover her ears for her father's upcoming speech. Not about that responsible speech!

"Your mother and I have arranged a position for you in the company…"

This got her attention fast, "Dad, I told you… I don't want work in the company!"

"That's not up to you to decide, daughter…" The final tone said, it was really like a father and daughter. Everytime a Tenoh decides something, no one trespass that.

Haruka looked to her mother, hoping for back up but after few seconds she realized that her mother had joined the force with his father.

"Like I will obey that…" She was ready to escape, but several men in the suit appeared, blocking her way to the exit.

"Oh, Dad! Really? This time you use dirty trick like this! I have right, you know!" Haruka cursed, shoving from bodyguards out of her way.

"Give up, Haruka. And jot down this… I have right doing this to you too since I am your father. Get her, tie her up if necessary. She must show up for morning presentation tomorrow." Kazuya swung his hand command his men.

"Hey, let go of me… oh I swear you jerks gonna pay for this someday! Hey!" Haruka threw various curses to the guards but no success. She was lost in number. The next thing she knew that she ended got locked up in her room. The window was blocked from outside and never mention about the men guarding the gates.

No escape this time for me… Haruka sighed heavily. She recalled the last race before police interrupted them.

She would've been won if those polices didn't get in the way.

Haruka had seen Seiya holding his mobile phone, grinning widely. The blonde also noticed his friend was the one who called the police.

"You forbid me to call your father, so I call the authorities instead." He mouthed before she was dragged away into the police car.

Such a good friend she had.

Haruka cursed inside. In the last 3 years nothing has been right for her. She ended up to the point where everyone calling her a troublemaker. Haruka counted the events which lead her to this position of life. Yet, she couldn't. She wondered where she was starting to mess everything up? She knew when but she refused to let the event affect her in anyway. In other words, she was in denial stage of grief.

Her minds kept wandering until her eyes fluttered shut and the dream took her vision.

The blonde racer yawned widely. For 2 hours she had been drowning in the depth of boringness. Haruka finally understood the word about the death is more interesting than life… or is there any phrase like that? Who cares – the moment the meeting's over she would absolutely storm the hell out of here.

"Haruka." Kazuya's voice shattered her thought. The blonde noticed, everyone's eyes in the meeting room were staring on her. Her father had introduced her to them but Haruka couldn't recall even one of those executives board.

Well, she didn't have that great memory spaces. Her mind immediately would erase useless information and reset it to fun mode.

"Yea?" She lazily answered.

"Since you really that tired hearing the presentation… why don't you present something for next month board member meeting? I want you to report us about our management strategy on sales next year."

Haruka sat straight, day one and her amazing father had already given him a homework. Very important one. Haruka wasn't stupid, since the task usually given to one of the best in the company.

Oh, it's totally on dad. You took my bike, my damn credit cards, and my ehem! DVD collection… I will show you what kind of Tenoh I am. This is war!

Haruka's eyes flickered with rage.

"- that's and after this I want to see you in my office." Kazuya ended the meeting.

The blonde trouble maker strided into her father's office. She greeted her father's secretary with a brief wink and teasing smile.

"Are you in trouble, Haruka?" The secretary asked, responding Haruka's tease.

"You know me, Saeko. That's my occupation." Haruka chuckled. At least there was something fun she could do in this big company. The staffs were cute too. Haruka never been a player, but she loves to tease. It's innocent and safe.

Kayuza cut the two's interaction with a brief fake cough, "Saeko… go back to your work. Haruka, in my office now."

Haruka followed her father's footsteps. Once inside, the blonde noticed another person inside the room. The stranger was occupying the huge spot in the office. Her father usually provided the booth only for a very important person.

And now that person was sitting there. Who is she?

The stranger woman looked up by her arrival, "I'm sorry I make you wait, Miss Kaioh." Kazuya smiled. They both shook each other's hand.

Haruka smelled something suspicious going on here. If that woman not his father's mistress… she must hold something powerful to be able to make the great Kazuya Tenoh apologize over the small matters.

"Haruka, this is Miss Kaioh Michiru." Kazuya gestured to other woman.

Haruka took a better look. The woman has a strange color of hairs, and her hairstyle was up done professional. In addition her glasses and her work clothes. Although Haruka felt the woman was about her age, everything about her was screaming about professionalism. In Haruka's opinion… it's totally lame.

"Oh yes… and who she is?" Haruka replied uninterested.

"Fix your way of speaking, Haruka. This lady would be your personal assistant from today."

Haruka deadpanned.

Wait, what?!

"You remember about next month presentation right? I will give you back your privileges if you do well in that meeting." Kazuya said.

The woman named Kaioh Michiru bowed slightly. Haruka concluded the woman was from an up prestigious family from the way she was perfectly bowing.

"Nice to meet you, Haruka. I will assist you from now on."

Haruka finally heard the voice. Haruka hates it already. She hates it how she likes her name being called with such gentle voice.

But wait, how can she calling me by my first name?

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