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The routine of going to work and getting on with life soon engulfed both Jac and Jonny once more as though they had never been through the ordeal; which was good for them both. The balance between work and personal life became harder and harder for Jac to keep up with though when new CEO Imelda Cousins came on the scene. She seemed to be a lot kinder to the nurses, including Jonny who had been allowed to leave early to set up Zach's party. Jac was disappointed that she had three more electives to go before she could help with the decorations and party food, but then again she wanted to stay in Imelda's good books. Jonny stuck his tongue out at Jac as she saw him leaving the ward with his leather jacket, which she told him was not going to suffice in this cold, but did he listen? Of course not. She rolled her eyes and blew him a kiss, to which Mo feigned throwing up. She had never quite come round the idea that he was in a relationship with her; she was so heartless and cold, where he was lovely and kind and didn't deserve to be hurt. Not that she did, although she had often fantasised punching her when she moaned about her work. She could restrain herself though, as long as Jonny was happy, that was all that mattered to her.

Jac and Mo worked together all day and surprisingly got on quite well. They did this by barely speaking to one another, which was fine by both of them, although Jonny wouldn't have liked it. Aunty Mo had been invited to Zach's 6th birthday party, along with friends from school and a few children from the children's home accompanied by Mike, who Jac was sure was going to ruin her ice-queen reputation by gossiping with Mo. At this stage she didn't really care, as long as he didn't spill all the beans on her personal life, she was sure she could handle to rumours at work. She had coped pretty well these past few months with hers and Jonny's relationship being talk of the hospital.

Eventually they could both leave and attend Zach's party Jac took on the conventional role of mother and greeted all of the guests with a smile after cooking most of the party food. Mo was quite surprised at the effort Jac was making and was impressed by her calm attitude towards the screaming 5 and 6 years olds running around the house which had been newly decorated when Jac moved in from the ultimate bachelor pad to family home. Jac stayed close to Mike all night, making sure that he wasn't going to tell Mo any inappropriate stories. Much to her chagrin he did and Mo had a brand new way to annoy Jac. She wasn't bothered that much, she was happy that Mike was gradually getting back to what he used to be after Steve's death. After the party it was time for the birthday boy to open his presents. Jac thought that this tradition was strange as when she lived in the home, the kids would all wake up spectacularly early to open their birthday presents. Jonny said that this was the way that he had done it when he was a kid and it had just stuck. The bright-eyed child ripped open all of the gifts from his friends which were a huge selection of figures from Spiderman to Ben 10. Jac and Jonny had spent a long time on choosing the presents and had finally agreed on 3 big presents, 3 medium presents and 4 small presents. The front room was littered with wrapping paper as Zachary ripped opened a variety of gifts from Jac and Jonny, all of which received a squeal of excitement. Jac had another surprise for Zach that Jonny didn't know about. She pulled out a large bag from behind the sofa which contained a card with a picture of the three of them pulling silly faces on the front, which Zach found hilariously funny, a pair of Doctor Who pyjamas and his favourite episode on DVD (which was played repeatedly over the next week). For this she received the biggest hug and a sloppy kiss on her pale cheek and also a pestering for her to pull the same face as she did in the picture.

Jac had never been happier than this moment. She wasn't screwing anything up and this was the reason that she was glad she had taken Jonny's advice.

Jac had been in touch with her gynaecologist soon after the miscarriage after much persuasion from Jonny. The tests confirmed what they already knew: it was highly likely that she could carry a baby to full term, and even if she did, she baby was unlikely to survive child birth. She was distraught at the news, discovering what she thought was her only weakness was the one thing she wanted more than anything in the world. Jonny took this opportunity to once again point out the other options they had, and this is what eventually led them to Grace.