Written for the 100 words challenge at RLt: Write a drabble of exactly 100 words that incorporates at least one of these ideas: Love, Betrayal, Regret, Forgiveness, Hope. Also, include at least one of these prompts in some way: "horse," "sword," "magic," "dragon," "ray gun," "spaceship." Prompts can be pluralized (for example, "dragons") or turned into adjectives (for example, "magical") or part of a compound word (for example, "horseback") and need not physically be in the story (for example, you could just have a character thinking or talking about a dragon rather than actually having a dragon appear). Feel free to use as many of the ideas and prompts as you like, but it would probably be difficult to use all of them in just 100 words.

DISCLAIMER: Chrono Trigger doesn't belong to me.


"Lavos is invincible. Fight him, and you'll be dead like that foolish Crono!" Magus said snappishly.

Glenn growled and drew his sword.

"You wish to fight me?" Magus asked.

A brief moment of silence passed by before Glenn closed his eyes and sheathed his sword. "Taking your life won't do any good."

Magus gasped. I've turned you into a frog and killed Cyrus, your best friend, but…

As Glenn turned around, Magus bowed down. Glenn… I'm willing to repay your kindness by helping you with my magic skill. If I join you then, I believe that we can vanquish Lavos...