Hello everyone! This is my first fanfic and first time I write something in English (my mother tongue is Spanish) but I hope you understand me and like my story

It's basically based in some songs I think it match them and most of the chapters will be Jane POV.

Disclaimer: The mentalist and the song are not mine!

First chapter is based in the song "If only they knew" by A Rocket to the moon and I totally recommend you listen to it, is an amazing song.

Chapter 1 "If only They knew"

"Talk to me I'm torn I could get lost in a voice like yours. Tell me if I'm wrong or right, tell me I could stay tonight.

[...] cause no one loves you more than I do, they don't see you like I do baby, they'll try to but if only they knew they'll never come close to you.

And you brighten up the world with your eyes and you are so damn lovely when you are on my mind, cause you are the only one" - If only they knew by a rocket to the moon

It's been almost a year since we found Red John, and everything is so different but kind of the same, I help Lisbon and her team closing cases but there's no more serial killer I desperately want to kill, no more Lorelei, no more revenge and thanks god no more nightmares. Now I could sleep more hours.

But I have to admit than recently my dreams are all about one specific person: my boss Teresa Lisbon. And some times in them we are in a "more than friends" aptitude and I kind of like it.

Few months ago, when this dreams started I realized that maybe I truly was a little bit in love with her or probably head over heels in love with her, I honestly don't care about that anymore. But I don't know if she feel the same way about me or not, so I don't know if I want to take that risk right now, telling her my feelings and try to turn my dreams into reality, but I've been waiting too long and maybe it's too late.

And those thoughts makes me feel kind of torn and right now I want to hear her voice so much, so I get up from my couch and walk to her office, where I could tell she is doing some boring paper work and she'll be mad at me cause I interrupted her. But I wanna see her so much and I want to hear at whatever she's going to say.

But I was totally wrong, the new guy working in missing people is talking with her, since the first time he arrived at the CBI, he had a big crush on Lisbon, but how could he not? I can't blame him, she had that effect on people, not just me.

And watching her dealing with her "fans" it's kind of funny, the way she is trying to look friendly with them, and in this case I decided to help her. Or that's what I tell to my self denying to me that the real reason is pure jealously.

-I'm not interrupting something, am I?.- I said as I walk throw the door and stare and them, the guy just move his head right and left and then excused himself telling he had some work. - I guess I'm not.

- What do you want Jane? .- she asked in a demanding voice but all I can't think is the answer, 'cause if I want to be completely honest I'd tell something like "I just want to hear your lovely voice, my love" but of course that confession will freak her out. So I'll lie.

-Well being totally honest I just want to annoy you and your admirer or what ever that guy is.- Ok I don't lied at all. I want to annoy the guy trying to woo the woman of my dreams.

-Peter? He's not my admirer, he is just friendly.- She tells me trying to lie to herself but of course not me. How could she not see the effect she had in people? But specially me, cause I'm totally captivated by her and I could tell she have no idea about that yet.

- Everybody wants to see what they want truth or not.- I smiled with my answer waiting eagerly for her answer.

- Yeah so you should consider the possibility that you just want to see he's flirting with me.- she saids as she rolled her eyes, his beautiful eyes, they are so bright than could light up the world, and so does her smile, I'm totally delighted by her. But I have to answer to that senseless deduction.

- You are wrong in that part my dear, but I'm not worried about men flirting with you cause the only one that knows you it's right in front of you.- I confess trying to sound funny so she can't get the true meaning behind my words.

- And you couldn't be less vain.- Love, you are so, so wrong right now.

-I'm not vain, I'm just telling you the unique truth or am I wrong?

- Not wrong at all.

- But it's funny how you manage to talk to them, trying to look friendly and listening to every word they say so you can manage to answer if they make you a question. - I said trying to return to the original conversation.

- Haha so funny, but for real, what do you want?.- Ok, so she didn't believe me, and of course she don't, it was a lame excuse after all.

- I was kind of hungry and I want to ask if you would like to go and eat something with me. - as I finished, she starts laughing and I just wonder why.- What's so funny Lisbon?

-Nothing important, just something that came to my mind when you asked, but of course I'd like if you pay for it.

- I was expecting that.- I offer her my arm, she just smiled at me as she entwine her arm with mine and I swear I can feel my heart skip a beat, I just realized I'm not just the only one that knows her more than everyone but I'm also the one who loves her more and for me she's the only one, and she is going to know it, but honestly I don't know when I'll have the courage to tell her my feelings, but she, my love, must be prepared cause it'll be soon.- Teresa there's is one thing I want to say.

-what is it Jane?

-I could get lost in a voice like yours.

That's all folks I really hope you liked it.

And I'm open to every thing you want to say about the fic or my poor writing.