Chapter 7!

Finally the confession!

This song is kind of new (it was released November 6th)

But I totally love it and I think this song was perfect.

The song is Quiero por dos by Paty Cantú

And the Mentalist is not mine

Chapter 7 "Quiero X 2 "

"No quiero esperar, no quiero huir, no quiero repetir las viejas tonterías.

Quiero tus ojos, quiero tu amor.

Y si yo viviera para siempre, sin morir, amando simplemente

Estaría contigo eternamente.

Y si yo me fuera de repente volvería a encontrarte entre la gente, para enamorarte eternamente"

"I don't want to wait; I don't want to run away, I don't want to repeat the old nonsense.

I want your eyes, I want your love.

And if I could live forever just loving

I will be with you eternally.

And if I suddenly go away I will search for you among the people

And make you fall for me forever."

-You are in everyone I see, so tell me do you see me?... - I could tell, she thinks I'm talking senseless again.

- What do you mean? Jane you just keep talking senseless.

- Yes I know, sorry Lisbon.- I said and walk out of her office, I hate myself, the perfect opportunity and the perfect moment and I just screw it, I so damn screw it! But I come back, I'm tired and want to go home.- Lisbon if a case shows up, call me, I'm going home and rest.

- Jane, what's wrong with you? It's all about that woman again? - Am I too obvious? I'm totally losing my touch, I nod my head. - Jane for your mental health go and tell her!

- I will, but not right now. - I told her and go to the elevator, I'm tires for today and I just want to sleep a little bit.

- Let me give you a last advice, Jane.- I heard her voice as she stop the door of the elevator, I turned around and saw her worried expression, my lovely Teresa.-don't waste time trying to find out what she feels for you, just tell her.

- I will think about it.- I said and the door closes, the way to my house was calm, just me and a spanish song on the radio, I try to listen to the words the singer was saying but she talks kind of fast and I can't get the lyrics well, but based on the few words I get she was confessing eternal love. The kind of love I have for Lisbon.

I lay on my bed and start thinking about the way I should tell her my feelings, I don't want to make myself look pathetic in the moment I confess her my feelings, and I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. But today I realized I can't wait for a miracle, there are so much more guys trying to win her love and I would not live thinking that one day she will date someone better than me.

And now I'm here in front of her place and waiting for her to come and I will definitely tell her everything, in every single way I could, and make her understand all the things I've said to her.

- Jane? What are you doing here?.- She asked with a clearly confused expression.

- I just want to talk to you.

- Well, come in. - She said as she opened the door and let me in. I go inside and stare at his apartment. - Do you want some tea?

- That would be perfect Lisbon.- I sit on her couch and just wait patiently for her and in a few minutes she's back with my tea and her coffee.

- So what do you need Jane?.- She asked and smiled at me, she is so beautiful and again I'm blocked.- Jane? Are you still here?.- I nod with my head and smile, she smiles back at me and I've decided I will not make the same mistakes over and over again.

- I don't want to wait, I don't want to run away and I don't want to repeat the stupid things I have made.- I confess, and she just look so, so confused.

- Jane, stop talking if you are not going to tell me something that makes sense. Just tell me what are you going to tell me, what do you need?.- Now or never! My brain shouts and I decided to do what he's telling me to do.

- You...

- Pardon me?

- I need you, I want your eyes, I want your love, and I want to be with you. You are the woman I was talking about lately.

- Jane...

- Please let me finish, you are my best friend, you are so beautiful but your beauty it's just one of the thinks that makes me love you, and I can't hide this anymore.

- Jane, you are...

- No I'm not, I'm not talking senseless. I'm afraid of not living and be indifferent, but Teresa you make me feel so alive. I'm crazy about you.- She looks so damn kissable right now, but first I have to finish my speech. Cause I haven't told her all.- and if I could live forever, I would be with you eternally. And if I suddenly go away I will search for you among the people and make you fall for me. Forever.

- I don't know what to say, Jane... - she looks so confused and and I'm terrified, she didn't feel the same way?.- You just can't come here and tell me you love me out of nowhere.

- Why I can't Teresa? - I really want to hear her answer, if she is going to destroy all my hope then she should do it right now.

- Jane sometimes things like this are not supposed to happen.

- You didn't answer my question.

- Jane, we were co-workers. - Wait a moment we WERE?

- What do you mean by were? - I asked eagerly waiting for her answer, and for some reason I'm not sure if I want to hear it.

- I asked for a transfer. - And my complete world just falls into tiny little pieces.

- Where?

- San Diego. I have a week to pack all my things and go there.- She said and I can't handle this, I can't live without her.- But I want you to know that...

- Please don't, I don't want to hear it.

- But I have to tell you, I have to tell you I love you too. - And that's exactly what I didn't want to hear. Now I truly can't live without her, and this can't be happening.

- Don't go.


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