Slade was sitting on his throne in his underground layer with his head resting on his hands. He felt angry, he felt betrayed, but the one thing he didn't expect to feel was remorseful. His servant and only friend, Wintergreen updates him on the very situation that made him feel this way.

"Master Wilson, the Titans are proceeding to the possible locations of Titan member Beastboy as we speak."

"I should have never made a deal with a man with a vendetta. Vendettas are pointless and frail. At least the Titans will fix this mess."

Wintergreen's expression turned somber.

"Master Wilson, if what Galtry said was true."

He took a deep breath.

"The titans are too late."

Slade put his head down in shame.

"Tell me Garfield, how does it feel to take everything from me?"

Nicholas swung the kanabo hard at Beastboy's abdomen.

"All the riches."

And then another.

"All the scientific breakthroughs that could've made us, made me famous."

Then another.

"It was bad enough that your whore of a mother married my step-brother, but then they created you, a sickening bastard child!"

Then another. For each hit, blood splatters out of his mouth as his body retracted in response to the ever growing pain. Beastboy couldn't speak, his ribs have been cracked or broken several minutes ago, collapsing both of his lungs.

"You may think that this is torture and unfair, but you know what I say? THIS ISN'T ENOUGH!"

He then slammed the kanabo at Beastboy's legs, easily shattering both of them into several pieces. Beastboy tried to scream, but all that came out were more blood spatters. Galtry then did the same to his arms, yielding the same painful results. Galtry then repeated slammed the kanabo onto Beastboy's broken body for at least a dozen times before it broke into 2 pieces. Galtry then used both pieces to beat him even more and more. After several painful minutes, Galtry sat on a chair as he panted heavily as he was exhausted. Beastboy was also breathing heavily, but for more serious reasons. After a minute or 2. Galtry stood up and laughed evilly. He then spoke to his nephew.

"You may think this is over, because my veryexpensive kanabo is now broken."

He tossed the pieces aside.

Beastboy raised his head up ever so slightly so that he could see Galtry.

"But don't worry dear nephew."

He then showed off a medieval mace and smiled evilly.

"Uncle Galtry has other toys."

Galtry laughed evilly again as hewalked towards Beastboy. Beastboy's green and teary pupils shrunk as he awaited the inevitable waves of sheer pain.

Cyborg was in his T-car speeding through the treacherous and slippery mountain passes. Normally, he'd be more careful, but there was no time to slow down when Beastboy's life was at stake. His then pressed a button that allowed him to communicate with the other Titans.

"Guys, you found Beastboy yet?"

"I searched through every room in this building"

Stafire then sounded even sadder.

"And I believe our missing friend is not here."

Raven's voice sudden stoic, but at the same time urgent.

"I can't detect his presence, if Galtry somehow made a magical barrier, he made a very good one. I'll keep searching."

"Raven, if he's not there, he's not there. Remember, the bomb's gunna go off in a couple minutes, you need to get out before that happens."

Robin's voice then came up,

"This doesn't makes sense, what does Slade have to gain from this?"

Cyborg's voice turned deadly serious.

"Robin, now is not the time to obsess over Slade! WE GOTTA SAVE BEASTBOY FIRST!"

He then pressed a button that cut off communication with the titans, he then focused completely on the task at hand. He turned another corner of the mountain pass.

Galtry was standing on the doorway with a thick brown winter coat on. He looked at Beastboy who was lying face-up at the ceiling with his eyes closed. He was still alive, albeit, barely.

"Did you enjoy fun time with Uncle Galtry?"

Beastboy thought, 'Fuck no.'

"You must be so overwhelmed by happiness that you can't answer. Don't worry, Uncle Galtry had fun too."

He then began to close the door. Right before he closed it, Galtry looked at Beastboy again and smirked.

"Oh and tell your parents that I said hello."

He then laughed evilly again as the completely closed the door. Beastboy tried to open his eyes, but they were so swollen to the point where opening them was next to impossible, not to mention painful. Beastboy knew that with the extent of his injuries which include a punctured lung, severe internal bleeding, and a depressed skull, that he didn't have much time left.

'Nothing I can do now.'

Beastboy then waited for 15 seconds which felt more like 15 years. During his time, his heart rate slowed down, and his elfish ears picked out a certain noise.

'Beep. Beep. Beep.'

Beastboy raised his head again and looked around the room. Initially he saw nothing, but when he took a more observant look, he noticed a machine or device hooked up to something. The device seemed to have a timer on it considering that the numbers went down from 30 to 29 to 28 and so on. He eyes then widened in shock, then narrowed in defeat as he realized, that this 'timer' was hooked up to several bombs, and there was nothing he could do about it. Beastboy lowered his head in defeat. He then smiled to himself about the situation.

'I've always wanted to go out with a bang.'

The T-car was speeding up the not so steep mountain leaving a pile of snow behind it's tracks.

"Don't worry B, I'm coming."

He then activated his custom mixture of nitro, which propels the T-car 3x it's maximum speed for 12 seconds. This mixture is experimental and therefore potentially dangerous and was vowed by Cyborg to never be used unless it's an absolute emergency. As the car drove over a 'ramp' Cyborg activated the built-in boosters and barely landed on the other side. After side-driving past several rocks, the building was finally in view. That only made Cyborg drive even faster, he connected the car's engine directly with himself, so now the car drove even faster than ever before as it uses the energy off Cyborg's battery. Cyborg narrowed his eyes at the buiding as he got closer and closer, then


The whole building was consumed in a huge ball of flame.


Just then a huge, sharp piece of metal struck the car, easily penetrating its armour, it became embedded into the back seats. The momentum of the hit and the explosion sent the T-car flying a short distance, then it started to roll rapidly down the slope. Cyborg was trying to press the eject seat button, but there was too much chaos that came with riding a rolling car. When the car finally rolled off a cliff, it temporarily stabilised. Cyborg used this opportunity to press the eject seat button and ejected off his potential metal tomb. He then shot his arm at the cliff side. The arm went through the rock and stayed there. The metal bond between the retractable arm and himself pulled Cyborg allowing him to pull himself over the cliff edge. Without even glancing at his T-car, whom everything back at Titans Tower thought was his #1 priority, he ran up the slope, all 1.3 km of it. When he reached his destination, he saw the building which was now just a large burning heap of rubble and debris. Cyborg immediately began to dig out the debris and rubble in search of his best-friend.

"C'mon B."

He lifted up a large piece of concrete off the ground. He wasn't there so he dropped it.

"C'mon B."

He lifted up 2 large re-bars, he wasn't there. He then noticed a dull purple amidst some of the rubble.


He ran to the rubble and began to dig around the purple, blur. In a superhuman effort he quickly uncovered Beastboy. He was virtually covered in blood, bruises, cuts, and was charred in several places. Cyborg's mouth began to tremble as he examined the data on his arm.


He lifted the life-less body of Beastboy bridal style and walked away from the rubble. He carefully lay the body on the snow and then he broke out into tears. As he was crying his communicator sounded and Cyborg took it out of a compartment and looked at it. Robin's face appeared on the screen.

"Cyborg, the buildings have exploded, did you find Beastboy yet?"

Robin then noticed Cyborg's red and puffy eye, Robin assumed 2 things, he was either high on something, or he was. Crying.

'Crying for what?'


His mouth trembled again.

"Yeah, I got him."

Cyborg broke into tears again. Robin was frustrated.


He kept crying.


Then it hit him. His facial expression turned sad as he realized the horrible revelation. Soon enough tears began to build-up in his mask and his mouth began t tremble. He was only able to mutter one word.