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Second Chance

Chapter 2.

Naruto sat at Ichirakus enjoying a few bowls of ramen after a long boring week of D-rank missions. Everything was peaceful for now, but memories of the future still haunted Narutos thoughts. As he got up to leave he spotted, once again, a beautiful blue haired girl with white eyes, this time however she was accompanied by her teammates.

'Now's a good a time as any.' Naruto thought before walking up to the group. "Hey Kiba, Shino, Hinata, how's it going."

"Hey Naruto." said Kiba

"H-h-hello Naruto." said Hinata in little more than a whisper, already beginning to blush. Shino merely nodded at Naruto.

"Where are you guys headed too?" asked Naruto.

"We're headed over to the training ground to meet Kurenai-sensei." Kiba answered.

"Getting a little training in, before your next mission huh." said Naruto with a smile, "Hinata, um do you think I could have a word with you… in private?" He looked directly into her eyes when he asked; she began to blush furiously and looked away.

"We're kind of in a hurry, actually." said Kiba harshly before Hinata had a chance to answer.

"It will only take a second, I promise dog breath." Naruto shot back, giving Kiba a dirty look, before turning back to Hinata and offering a smile.

"O-ok Naruto." said Hinata turning to her teammates and bowing, "I will be right back, please wait for me." She finished and turned towards Naruto, her face absolutely scarlet now. As they walked away, Kiba stood there frozen in his own fury and confusion.

"What does she see in that pathetic loser anyway?" Kiba spat, turning to Shino for an answer. "He's the biggest idiot I've ever seen and she won't even look at anyone else. He's never even noticed her before, what's he trying to pull?"

"Why are you so upset? They only went to talk." said Shino in a monotone, Kiba acted as though he did not hear his team mate as he kicked a rock the ricochet off a wall and hit him in the back of his, making him even more frustrated. Shino merely shook his head at the illogical behavior of his teammate.

Naruto and Hinata walked slowly around the corner, the young kunoichi unable to look at his face. She had wished for the opportunity to talk with the boy she had admired for so long and now when that wish had come true, she couldn't even speak. As they came to a stop just outside of the Yamanaka Flower shop, she found herself staring at the ground, pressing her fingers together in a clearly nervous way.

'I had almost forgotten she used to that.' Naruto thought to himself before smiling at her, "Can you wait here for just a second Hinata?"

"Umm o-of course N-Naruto…" Hinata began to say in barely more than a whisper, before he turned around and walked directly into the flower shop, leaving her standing there alone and extremely confused. She watch as he walked right up Ino and began talking her, thought she could not hear what they were discussing. 'What's going on? Why did he bring me here and then leave? Could he be getting me flowers?' Hinata began to think but cut herself off of that train of thought, 'No, there's no way that Naruto would ever do that for me, maybe for Sakura, but not me.' She thought sadly and began staring at the ground once more.

"Hey Ino, I need your help with something." said Naruto walking up to his old classmate and fellow genin.

"What is it Naruto, we don't sell ramen her you know." said Ino waspishly.

"I know that, I need your help picking out flowers for someone special." said Naruto blushing slightly, catching the blonde kunoichi slightly off guard.

"Really, who is it, Sakura?" said Ino rolling her eyes and thinking to herself, 'Good luck, that billboard brow would never give you the time of day."

"Actually it's for Hinata." said Naruto turning a slightly deeper shade of red now.

"Oh!" said Ino completely shocked at what she had just heard, she had known forever now that Hinata liked Naruto, everyone knew, but she would never have guessed that he liked her as well.

"Yeah, so um, what kind of flower do you think Hinata would like?" Naruto asked

"I'm not sure, but I have an idea on what she might like, I know she likes to press flowers." Ino said in a somewhat quieter voice, going slightly pink as well. "Here let me show you."

A few minutes later, Naruto made up his mind and bought a flower he was sure Hinata would like. He thanked Ino, and walked back out to Hinata, who was still waiting outside for him.

"Hinata, sorry about that, took a little longer than I thought it would." said Naruto grinning and rubbing the back of his neck, hiding the flower in his other hand.

"I-its ok, it wasn't that long N-Naruto." Hinata said unable to look at his eyes, "You wanted to t-talk with me?"

"Yeah I did. There was something I wanted to ask you." Naruto said hesitating slightly. "I was kind of hoping that you would, if you don't have other plans that is, have a bowl of ramen with me tonight." He finished turning an impressive shade of red. Hinatas head had shot straight up and looked directly at Naruto, with a look of utter shock and an even deeper shade of red on her face than Naruto had ever seen there before.

"I-I-I-I would l-l-like t-that, N-Naruto." Hinata said after what seemed like minutes, this had to be a dream, Naruto had just asked her on a date, this couldn't be real.

"Really, you will?" said Naruto a smile erupting as he spoke.

Unable to speak any more Hinata nodded with a shy smile. "Great, should I go to your house to meet you?" asked Naruto remembering for an instant how it had gone when had asked permission to date Hinata from Hiashi, her father and the head of the Hyuuga Clan.


"Lord Hiashi, I would like to talk with you." Naruto asked respectively.

"And what would you like to talk about boy, perhaps why you of all Konoha shinobi, have the nerve to be on a date with my daughter." Replied Hiashi with malice in his voice

"Actually that is the very reason; I want to ask, with your blessing, to date Lady Hinata." Naruto asked, hoping that he was not being to forward.

Hiashi looked as though his worst fear had come true.

"Why my daughter, the next head of the Hyuuga clan, what do you want to accomplish by this?" Hiashi asked as though accusing Naruto of sabotage.

"With all due respect Lord Hiashi, the only the thing I want to accomplish is to make Hinata happy." Naruto replied heatedly

"What are you after, is it money, you will not see any. I will never allow it." Hiashi nearly shouted, his temper rising.

"Your arrogance and conceit know no bounds do they old man, , the only thing that I desire is to be with Hinata, and for you, her father, to be happy for her." Naruto calmly said though his temper equaled that of Hiashi, "All I ask from you is to make this easier on Hinata, to not think about you for once."

Hiashi fell quiet, not knowing how to respond to what Naruto had said. Maybe he had always been a bit too hard on Hinata, but she was, after all, the next in line to rule the Hyuuga clan, he could not be soft on her. But this boy, there was something in his eyes that spoke the truth. Hiashi could tell that his intentions were true, that he really did care for Hinata.

"We shall speak of this no more tonight, I will arrange a meeting with Hinata and yourself, until then however you are to speak of this to no one. I will think about what you said tonight, now good night to you." Hiashi said finally.

"That's good enough for me, good night Lord Hiashi." Naruto said smirking, knowing that he had gotten to the old man. "By the way, breakfast is on me."

End of Flashback

"I d-don't think that w-would be a good idea." Hinata said looking scared, and shaking her head.

"That's ok, we can meet up at the training ground and go from there." Naruto said, "How does that sound?"

"Ok." Hinata said looking relieved.

"It's a date then. For you." Naruto said holding out the flower he had bought for her, a Heavenly Blue Morning Glory. She took the flower, fighting the urge to faint. "I'll see you tonight." Naruto said before swiftly kissing Hinata on the cheek, causing her blush so violently he would be surprised if you couldn't see her in the dark.

Hinata just stood there as he left, in complete shock of what had just happened. She reached up to the place where his lips had made contact with her skin, and small smile appeared before she actually did faint. Luckily, Shino was there to catch her before she hit the ground. Kiba was also there, slowly filling with a rage he couldn't explain as he looked at the flower still clutched in Hinatas hand.

Naruto was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, feeling more elated than he had ever before. 'This time we'll have so much more time.' He thought as remembered how little he had had with Hinata last time.

After she had woken back up outside the flower shop, Hinata along with her team rushed to the training field to meet up with their Sensei, Kurenai. When they got there, Kurenai was already waiting, a scowl on her face.

"You're late." Kurenai said calmly, but there was an undertone of impatience and irritation there as well.

"Yeah, well we had to wait for Hinata here to wake up, when she fainted after her "boyfriend" left." Kiba said scathingly, earning a small quizzical glance from Shino, though it went unnoticed because of his dark glasses. Kurenai however looked at Hinata then at Kiba, then back again.

"I'm sorry Sensei." Hinata said in a small voice, bowing her head in apology.

"Boyfriend?" Kurenai asked Hinata with a slightly raised eyebrow. 'My shy Hinata has a boyfriend, and here I thought she infatuated with that Uzumaki boy from Kakashi's team.'

"H-he's not my b-boyfriend, w-we're just having d-dinner, that's all." Hinata said quietly turning red once more. "I don't think he likes m-me in that way." She added sadly.

"He liked you enough to give that flower." Kiba spat angrily.

Kurenai looked down and indeed saw a blue flower held firmly yet carefully in Hinatas hand. It looked almost as though she were protecting the flower from harm, while ensuring she didn't drop it. The Jonin looked from at the blushing Hinata, and then at the flower, and then at the still fuming Kiba as everything fell into place. The boy from the Inuzuka clan was jealous.

"Who gave you that flower Hinata?" Kurenai asked in a tender voice. Hinata was too shy to answer, but blushed even more deeply, instead Shino took the initiative and answered for his teammate, "It was Naruto Uzumaki."

As soon as he had spoken, silence surrounded team 8. Kiba was scowling, Shino was simply himself, Hinata couldn't look at anyone, but Kurenai was openly shocked. She could never really understand her students' interest in Konoha's number one trouble maker, but for him to suddenly return that interest made her feel very suspicious. Kurenai had never once seen Naruto even acknowledge Hinata, and now he was asking her on a date. Something just didn't sit right with the Jonin, and she was beginning to get concerned about his intentions, and Hinatas well-being. It was bad enough that she was treated the way she was by her father. She would not let this boy break Hinatas heart; she would get to the bottom of this.

"Well that's sweet, when will you and Naruto be going to dinner?" Kurenai said with a fake but highly convincing smile.

"U-um, we are having dinner t-together tonight Sensei." Hinata whispered, "H-he's meeting m-me here first."

Kiba looked as though he had been punched, 'She's going out with that loser tonight!' he had clenched his fists in anger and another emotion he couldn't quite explain. 'Why is she wasting her time on that loser? She could do so much better.' He thought savagely, 'Why should I care anyways? She can do whatever she likes.'

Kibas anger did not go unnoticed by Kurenai; however she decided not to call him out on it at this time. She turned back to Hinata, "Congratulations Hinata, I'm happy for you, but now it's time to train."

Team 8 trained hard that day, especially Hinata, she seemed to be a lot more confident than she normally was, and Kiba was far more quiet and sulky than Kurenai had ever seen him. Shino spent most of his time quietly observing his teammates, Hinata however hardly noticed anything at all, she couldn't help but imagine how her date would go tonight, 'I'm actually going on a date with Naruto.' She still could hardly believe it was real. Kurenai released them early under the excuse that Hinata had done exceptionally well and earned a little extra time to get ready for her date. Hearing that Kiba stormed off as soon as they were dismissed, Shino followed calmly afterwards. Kurenai however asked Hinata to wait with her for a moment.

"I didn't want to ask in front of your teammates, but does your father know about your date with Naruto?" Kurenai asked, Hinata immediately froze looking terrified, and then very slowly began to shake her head. "Do you any intentions on telling him?" Kurenai continued seriously.

"I-I hadn't thought about t-that." Hinata said honestly, her eyes begging to water. She knew that her father would never approve of her dating, especially Naruto. "P-please don't t-tell him." Hinata said beginning to cry a little now, hating herself for being so weak.

"I won't Hinata, but I think that you should. He will find out eventually." Kurenai said in very understanding tone, startled a little at how Hinata had reacted.

"I-I-I w-will Sensei." Stuttered Hinata relieved at her teachers words.

"Have fun, and be careful Hinata. Your dismissed." said Kurenai with a warm smile.

"Thank you Kurenai-Sensei." Hinata said before bowing and then turned to leave.

Kurenai watched as Hinata disappeared from sight, the turned and disappeared in a puff of smoke, a few minutes later she was landing next to Narutos apartment building before casting a Genjutsu on herself to keeping anyone from seeing her. As she entered the boys' apartment she was slightly taken aback by the almost nonexistent smell of the place, Lavender. As she silently searched the apartment, she was surprised at how clean it was, she had always assumed that most boys Narutos age were slobs. She went through his drawers, his cabinets, his closet, even his fridge which was surprisingly well stocked. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, she found nothing odd or suspicious about the place until she got to his bed. When she lifted the mattress she was shocked to see a small box with an A-rank seal upon, it also bore the unmistakable mark of the Fourth Hokage.

'How in the world did this child manage to get his hands on that?' Kurenai thought to herself, a small frown appearing on her lips. She went to take the box so she could deliver it back to the Hokage when she saw that it was opened, 'That's not possible, no Genin would be able to break that seal, I doubt many Jonin could do that.' She opened the box and was stunned at what she saw inside. There were technique scrolls from the Fourth, odd shaped tri-tipped kunai, jewelry, special weights with seals on them, as well as folded up clothing that showed a small amount of flame embroidered on the bottom. As she reached to pick up a tri-tipped kunai, she jumped back as a regular kunai flew past her face slightly grazing her cheek.

"Now, now Sensei, we should not touch what doesn't belong to us." said a deadly voice from behind her, and releasing a wave of killing intent so potent that it froze Kurenai in place for a moment. As she turned around she saw that it was none other than Naruto himself. She was in shock now, not only did this child get behind her without her noticing, but he could have easily killer her with that kunai.

"Just who are you?" Kurenai asked in a strong voice, banishing the fear that had gripped her only a moment ago. "How did you get that box? How did you open it? And what do want with Hinata Hyuga?" Kurenai asked calmly now.

Naruto chuckled before answering, "I am Naruto Uzumaki. As for your second question, that box and all its contents are my birth rights, and were given to me from Grandpa Hokage. As to how I opened it, well I unsealed it, Duh. And the only thing that I want from Hinata is to make her happy." Naruto said slightly blushing as he said the last part, "But know this Kurenai-Sensei, what I have told you are High level secrets that no one else can know about. So before you decide to take matters into your own hands again, consult the Hokage, you should probably go and report to him now." Naruto said as he moved over to his bed and closed the box, before resealing it, and turning back to her with a fresh wave killing intent, "By the way, had you actually taken something out of that box without my chakra, it would have killed you, your welcome, now get out of my home, I have a date to get ready for."

Kurenai was jumping from roof top to roof top as fast as she could towards Hokage Tower. This couldn't be true, there was no way that demon brat was the heir of the Fourth Hokage. She wouldn't believe it, she couldn't. She had to admit that the resemblance between the two was there, though it had to be purely coincidental. When she reached the entrance, she completely disregarded the two Chunin guards as well as the secretary. She ran all the way up to the Hokages office and burst through the door only to find the Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, Inoichi Yamanaka and Ibiki Moreno, all apparently waiting for her.

"Lord Hokage, I'm sorry for interrupting, but I must speak with you immediately." Kurenai said impatiently, "It's about…"

"Naruto." Sarutobi said with a grim smile on his face. "He has already informed us on the matter, please have a seat, and we will explain."

"How did he already let you all know, I left his apartment not five minutes ago." Kurenai asked shocked.

"Let's just say Naruto has a quicker means of relaying information. Before he confronted you in his apartment he sent out four shadow clones, one for each of us letting us know the situation."

"And what exactly is the situation? Who or what is Naruto Uzumaki?" Kurenai demanded.

"First and most importantly Kurenai, Naruto is a Shinobi of the Leaf; he is loyal, both to his village and to his friends." Kakashi spoke up calmly, though there was a hint of finality in his voice. "Secondly the Naruto that you have seen since graduation is not the problem causing prankster he once was."

"What do you mean? Who is he then?" Kurenai asked again, losing more and more patience every time she had to repeat her question.

"We are getting to that, but first let me say that this is top secret information, punishable by death, if you were to reveal what you learn here today." Sarutobi said before doing a combination of hand signs and shouting out "Ninja Art: Sound Barrier". The room glowed with chakra for a moment before it faded. No sounds could be heard coming from outside the room.

"I understand lord Hokage." Kurenai murmured.

"Then let us begin the story as I know it." Sarutobi said with small sigh.

Two weeks ago.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage sat in his office, going through paper work that seemed to never end, when a young blond boy entered his office.

As he looked at the young boy, he felt a surge of pride and sorrow. Before him stood the legacy of Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage, his successor and sadly his predecessor as well. A hero of the Leaf, and the young boy resemblance to his father was uncanny, his personality however he had inherited from his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, the previous jinchuuriki of the nine tailed fox. He saw them every time he looked at the young blond. He felt sad, because the boy himself has never known his family, and he could not tell him, not yet. He knew that the villagers' treatment of the boy was harsh, and at times horrible. Jiraiya, the boys godfather, who had been secretly keeping tabs on him whenever he was in the village, had offered to take the boy with him instead, despising the villagers for the way they had treated his students son. He was an outcast, and he didn't even know why. The adults' attitude towards the 'demon brat' did not go unnoticed by their children, resulting in the boy having no friends. Since becoming a ninja however, the boy seemed to be making friends, both within his team and outside of it as well. He was growing into a fine Shinobi indeed.

"Naruto, how I can help you?" Sarutobi said with a warm and welcoming smile.

"There is something I would like to talk with you about, Lord Hokage." Naruto said very business-like, "It's very important, and I need you to believe me without a shadow of a doubt. So if you could summon Inoichi Yamanaka, Ibiki Moreno and my Sensei Kakashi, then we can get this over with." Naruto finished, looking at an openly stunned Hokage.

"What is this all about Naruto, why do you need them?" Sarutobi asked looking intently into Narutos eyes.

"What I have to say will be incredibly hard to believe, and the only proof that I have of its truth, is in my mind." Naruto answered calmly.

"Very well Naruto, I will hear what you have to say, and have Inoichi and Ibiki check the evidence." Sarutobi said unsure of what was happening.

Ten minutes later the three Jonin entered the room looking slightly irritated.

"You summoned us Lord Hokage." The Jonin said in unison.

"I did but it was actually Naruto here who has requested your presence." Sarutobi said gesturing towards Naruto, before performing the sound barrier jutsu. "The floor is yours Naruto." He finished as he sat down and gave Naruto his complete attention.

"Thank you Lord Hokage. The story I'm about to tell you all is one that you will not believe at first, you might assume it's a prank or a joke, but please hear me out." Naruto asked seriously before beginning. "I am not from this time; I am actually from about eight 5years in the future. Not physically of course but spiritually, and mentally. I come from a time where war has ravished not only Konoha, but the entire world. An organization by the name of Akatsuki began to hunt down and capture my fellow Jinchuuriki, yes I know about the nine tailed fox that my father has sealed inside of me. Their leader Obito Uchiha, under the guidance of Madara Uchiha, planned on using the combined power of all nine Tailed beasts, to resurrect the Juubi. The purpose was to use the power of the ten tails, to ensnare the entire world in a genjutsu of supposed peace. To accomplish he still needed the power of Killer-Bee from Kumogakure, host of the eight tails, as well as my own. To get us out in the open he started a war with the ninja world. There was a great alliance, and the battle was won for us, but at a very heavy price and with many lives lost. No one in this room with the exception of me lived to see the end of that horrible battle. Lord Hokage, you met your demise long before that war at the hands of your own student, the Snake Sannin Orochimaru. He killed and impersonated the Kazekage, before the upcoming Chunin exam. During the second part of the exam, in the forest of death, he also placed a curse mark on Sasuke Uchiha, leading to Sasuke leaving the village and joining him to get more power, so he could avenge his clan by killing Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke, after learning the truth of the coupe de ta against Konoha to take back power for the Uchiha, sought new vengeance against Konoha, and more specifically against the village elders who ordered Itachi to commit the genocide, especially Danzo Shimura who had given the order. In the end Sasuke killed Danzo. Sunagakure under orders of the false Kazekage allied with Otogakure attacked our village before the end of the last match. After your death, Lord Jiraiya and I left in search of your last student, the Slug Sannin, Lady Tsunade who later became the Fifth Hokage, she too died in the war in her battle with a resurrected Madara. Jiraiya died in a fight with the Akatsuki leader, his own student, Nagato also known as pain. All these things are preventable if we take the necessary steps now. As for you proof Inoichi and Ibiki I give you full permission to enter my mind and see for yourselves." Naruto finished his summary of events then turned to face his teacher and comrade, "I'm sorry sensei, but the Obito that you once knew has become a very different person, but he is alive."

Kakashi didn't know what to say to any of this, he didn't want to believe any of it, but he knew not even Naruto would make up such an elaborate lie. His normally calm and bored demeanor was gone, his half hidden face looked shocked, confused and in pain. He had to know if this was true, he had too.

"Inoichi, I want you to clarify this. Go into Narutos mind and find the truth, and if need be Ibiki will do a secondary check." Sarutobi said looking directly at the Jonin.

"Yes Lord Hokage." Inoichi said as he placed a hand on Narutos head and readied himself for the dive into the boys mind. He closed his eyes and found himself not searching at all, there were no lies, no alterations, just memories, far too many memories for a twelve year boy too have. He watched as the time stream flowed in front of him, clarifying everything Naruto had said, as well as things he did not say, as he saw the lifeless form of his own daughter, though an older version, lying at the feet of some unknown shinobi, before Naruto swiftly threw a kunai into his throat killing the bastard immediately. The last thing Inoichi saw was a bright light and then everything started over again. He immediately took his hand from the boys head, he had spent what felt like weeks watching the awful memories, but in reality only five minutes had passed. "Everything that Naruto has said is true Lord Hokage." Inoichi said panting slightly, looking incredulously at the boy.

"Show me." Sarutobi demanded in a calm voice, "Ibiki, Kakashi you should see this as well."

Five minutes later they all stood there in shock, staring at Naruto as though they had never seen anything like him. There was no arguing what they had just seen, even if they wanted too. Ibiki felt there was no need for his investigation. They all looked to the Hokage for instructions on what to do next.

"Well Naruto, what are the preventive steps that need to be taken?" Sarutobi asked with a grim look on his face, and a tired look in his eyes showing just how old the man was.

"First we need to reach out to all the Jinchuuriki and their respected villages and let them know just who the targets are, as well as all the information on the members of Akatsuki." Naruto said getting straight to the point. "We need to build alliances and I will need to go personally to speak with each of them, after all the only person who can truly understand a Jinchuuriki is another Jinchuuriki." He finished with a grin.

Everyone deadpanned at the boldness of the young boy in front of them. Not only was he asking for something that had never been done, he was also telling them without telling them that he would himself be the convoy for the village.

"Is that all?" asked Sarutobi.

"Not quite, there are two more things I would like to discuss. First I would like the inheritance that was left for me by my parents. Secondly I think it would be in everyone's best interest if Sasuke was told about the truth of the Uchiha clan before its gets out of hand, as well as Itachi to be removed from the missing ninja list and asked to return to Konoha." Naruto finished and turned to walk to the door, he placed his hand on the handle then turned his head slightly and spoke directly to Sarutobi, "I think that you should seriously consider my words, and keep this conversation between the people in this room."

Naruto then opened the door and left, leaving in the room three completely shocked and speechless Jonin, and one extremely stressed Hokage.

Kurenai stood in shock at what she has just been told; it certainly was a lot to swallow. She would have suspected a prank of some sort but knew that the Hokage was not one for pranks, and more than anyone else there, Ibiki would never tolerate such a thing.

"I, of course gave the boy his inheritance, sent out messengers to the Villages that possess the Jinchuuriki, and have instructed Kakashi here to schedule a time for me and the young Uchiha boy to have a sit down to discuss what really happened the night his clan was massacred. As for inviting Itachi back, well I have a plan as to how I wish to go about with that." Sarutobi said into the uncomfortable silence. "Is there anything else you would like to know Kurenai?"

The female Jonin shook her head, "Then you are dismissed." Sarutobi said releasing the sound barrier as she turned to leave.


"Lord Kazekage, there is a message here from the Hokage of Konoha." A sand ninja said as he handed a scroll to leader of the sand village. The Kazekage unraveled the scroll and began to read, a curious look on his face after he finished.

"It appears that our ally not only knows of Gaara being a Jinchuuriki, but is requesting that his own Jinchuuriki be able to meet with him." said the Kazekage, 'But what is this warning about Orochimaru? Either way I'll have to keep an eye open for him and tighten security.' He thought before looking at the rest of the list, there seemed to be quite a lot of information on this alleged group 'Akatsuki', however one name jumped out at him that he was not suspecting, 'Sasori of the red sand'. This was a bit unsettling, he had heard stories of the S-Rank missing Nin; however there was a great deal of detail on puppeteer as well as on his jutsu and his puppets. What was even more shocking was that his favorite puppet was none other than his predecessor, the Third Kazekage. After thinking it through for a moment he wrote down a reply agreeing to the Hokage's request, as well as asking for a time and place for two Kage and Jinchuuriki to meet.

"Send this to Konoha with our fastest messenger eagle." The Kazekage said quickly handing a scroll back to the Sand ninja. "And after bring my son Gaara to me, there is a matter I wish to speak with him."

"Yes Lord Kazekage." The sand ninja said trying to hide the fear in his voice; he did not want to be the one to get Gaara.


"Lord Raikage, an urgent message from the Hokage of Konoha." Mabui, the personal assistant of the Fourth Raikage, said running into the office only to find the man exercising, ignoring the huge stack of documents she had left there for him five hours ago.

"What could that old bastard want with us?" The Raikage asked snatching the scroll out of her hand, before she had even seen him move. He sat down and began unrolling the scroll, and gaping at what was written upon it.

"What does it say?" Mabui asked seeing the reaction on his face.

"They want to be our ally, and I don't know how he found out but he knows that we have two Jinchuuriki, and he knows who they are. His own jinchuuriki wants to meet with them." The Raikage said not bothering to take his eyes off the scroll.

"They know about Nii and Bee? How could they possibly know about them? Do you think this could be a trap?" Mabui asked fear apparent in her voice.

"I don't think this is a trap, but it could work out in our favor. If we were able to kill the Jinchuuriki, it would remove a potential threat from the Leaf." The Raikage said lost in his thought now. "Bring Nii and Bee here immediately."

"Yes Lord Raikage." Mabui said before disappearing in a puff of smoke

Fifteen minutes later Mabui along with Killer Bee and Nii Yugito walked into the office.

"You summoned us Lord Raikage?" Nii asked as she lined up next to Bee.

"Yes, I have a mission for you two." The Raikage said and evil smirk on his face.


"Lord Tsuchikage, we have just received a message from Konoha." A woman with short black hair and pink eyes said as she walked into the old man's office.

"Let me see." The grumpy old man said gesturing for the Kunoichi to bring him the scroll rather than get up and get it himself. His face from irritation to intrigue as he read through the scroll, he finished reading with a very smug look on his face. "It would seem that Konoha want to ally themselves with us, they no doubt heard of rising power and wish to with rather than against us."

"What are you talking about old man? Are you finally going senile?" the Kunoichi asked losing patience with the aged Kage.

"Stop being so damn so insolent Kurotsuchi, some granddaughter you turned out to be." Onoki shouted, standing up from his chair barely able to see over the large desk, before starting to complain about back pain and cursing under his breath about disrespectful youngsters.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I think it's about time that you named a successor and retired." Kurotsuchi said rolling her eyes as the old man was still complaining about bodily pain. "Anyway, why does Konoha want to ally with us? What else did the letter say?"

"I will tell you as soon as you get Roushi and Han." Onoki said sitting back down on his chair and closing his eyes as he rubbed his back.

"Yes Lord Tsuchikage." Kurotsuchi said sarcastically bowing in exaggerated way before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Rude brat." Onoki said shaking his head.

Half an hour later, the three ninja walked into the office.

"They're here now spill, what's going on with Konoha?" Kurotsuchi said looking annoyed.

"Well first of all, Konoha knows the identity of our two Jinchuuriki here, as well as your names abilities. How they know these details is, as of right now, unknown. However it would seem that the Hokage wishes for his own Jinchuuriki to meet with you two. This would be a great opportunity for us to display just how much power we have, and possibly acquire a powerful ally as well. If nothing else it puts us in a position to take out the Leafs Jinchuuriki to put us at a greater advantage.

"I will be counting on you two, if we cannot find agreeable conditions for our alliance you are too take out the Jinchuuriki." Onoki said looking from the Han (a tall figure with light brown eyes, who was dressed in red steam armor and a red straw hat) to Roushi (An older man with red hair, beard and mustache, that wore light red clothing.). They both nodded in agreement, before turning to leave. In the minds of both men however they had no intention of following the old man's instructions. After this 'meeting' they would both be leaving the village and going down their own paths.


A slender young lady with long auburn hair that covered one of her green eyes sat at her desk reading a scroll that had arrived fifteen minutes prior. She read and reread the scroll until it was engraved into her memory. She then thought on what was written, an alliance with Konoha was indeed a good idea, and a meeting with their Jinchuuriki didn't sound too bad either. She simply pulled out a blank scroll, after weighing the pros and cons for about an hour, and asked for a time and place for the meeting. She then sealed the scroll and sent it back to Konoha with her fastest personal messenger eagle.


A very young girl with spiky mint green hair and orange eyes sat near a waterfall reading a scroll that had just been delivered to her personally. At first she had found this very odd, she had no family and no friends. She had been exiled by her village for the monster that they had sealed inside of her. But as she read the letter, she was greatly intrigued as to what it said. It was an invitation for her, if she so desired, to come to Konoha and meet with a boy named Naruto Uzumaki. She had never encountered said boy before but what she read next made her answer an easy one, he was a fellow Jinchuuriki. She immediately sent a reply back saying she would be there in a week or so.

"Finally, someone else like me." Fu said to herself before packing up what little possessions she had and began making her way toward the Land of Fire.


Naruto was going through his closet trying to find something decent to wear, he knew that soon he was going to have to go shopping; nearly everything that he owned was orange.

In truth he was quite fond of the color, but the real reason was that all of the clothing shop owners had refused to sell anything to the 'demon boy'.

He would take care of that later however, he found a fairly nice black shirt and pants that weren't orange and got dressed. He didn't want to be late for his date with Hinata. He took one last glance in the mirror and decided he looked ok; he still needed a new wardrobe though.

Hyuga Compound

Hinata was in her room thinking on what to wear for her date with Naruto. She wasn't sure what she should do, she didn't want to dress too casual in case he was taking her somewhere nice, but she didn't want to dress too nicely in case he had a more casual setting in mind.

It was all so confusing, she still hadn't completely accepted the fact that he asked her on a date. She didn't even think that he had noticed her before. Sure they had spoken a few times, but she had always assumed that he liked Sakura.

She was so confused, but she wasn't going to let that stop her, she finally had a chance to spend time with the boy she admired and she couldn't just let that slip through her fingers. Even if she still couldn't admit her feelings for him.

Hinata decided on a simple t-shirt and shorts, nothing too short though, she still was not very confident in her appearance. Overall she thought she looked ok as she made her way to the training grounds to meet Naruto.

Naruto sat waiting patiently at the training field for Hinata. He was still not entirely sure what to say at this point. There was one thing however that he needed to ask her, he just wondered how should take to it.

After contemplating and trying to come up with a plan for five minutes, he had a general idea of how he wanted things to go. However making a plan and executing it were two entirely different things.

A few minutes later Naruto could see Hinata on her to meet him; even though he was sure of her feelings he still couldn't help but be nervous.

He had realized far too late his feelings for her the last time. He would not have any more regrets this time around. He turned and closed the distance between them quickly.

"Hinata I'm glad you came." Naruto said smiling at her, "I thought you might stand me up, or something." He finished playfully

"I-I wouldn't that, that would be m-mean." Hinata said not looking at him, trying to hide how pink her cheeks were; even though it was dark enough outside that it was hardly necessary. "S-so, um what did you h-have planned?"

"You don't have to be so nervous Hinata." Naruto said quickly but gently taking her hand into his own, nearly causing her to faint, 'How could I have been so dense that I never even noticed these types of things last time.'

Hinata was frozen in place just staring at the hand that was now holding her own, 'He's holding my hand, he's actually holding my hand. Does this mean he really likes me?' Hinata's mind was going haywire with what was happening.

Sure she had fantasized about Naruto running up to her and holding her hand and admitting his feelings for her, but it was just that, they were fantasies. She had never dreamed that it would actually happen. She hadn't prepared for this.

"Hinata are you ok?" Naruto said grinning slightly as he waved a hand in front of the shy Kunoichi's face, trying to get her to snap out of it. "Hello, earth to Hinata."

She slowly looked up at him, wide eyed and red faced from embarrassment. "S-s-sorry."

"It's ok Hinata. I actually really like that about you. You're very beautiful when you blush." Naruto said truthfully.

'He, he, he, Naruto just said that I was beautiful.' Hinata thought as the earth underneath her began to move up towards her, or perhaps she was just moving down towards it. Either way it didn't matter because Naruto had said that she was beautiful.

'Ok maybe that was a bit too much at once.' Naruto thought as he caught Hinata in his arms, she fainted. 'This kind of changes the plan.'

Naruto created three shadow clones, and gave them instructions. One was to go to Ichirakus and get dinner, the other was to go to Narutos apartment and get a large blanket and a pillow, the last one was to go collect firewood.

After about ten minutes the clone that had gone to his apartment returned. Naruto laid Hinata on the blanket, resting her head on the pillow. The other clone was starting the fire a few feet away.

A few minutes later Hinata stirred and found herself laying down, she looked up at the sky and for a moment she couldn't remember how she had gotten there. She remembered a dream where she had gone to meet Naruto for a date; he had called her beautiful and held her hand. She was still for a moment smiling to herself trying to hold on to the moment for as she could. It had been a good dream.

"I'm glad to see that your awake, I thought I might have to use smelling salts." A voice said startling Hinata out of her thoughts.

She turned her head to see Naruto sitting close to her and smiling with a look in his eye that she had not seen since her mother had died. It was the same way that her father had once looked at her mother. They were filled warmth, kindness, adoration and love. 'Love?'

Hinata sat there for what seemed like days lost in those blue eyes that had seen so often in her dreams, until she realized what was going on. She had not been dreaming at all. This was real, she had gone to see Naruto, he had called her beautiful and he had held her hand, not only that but he was looking at her like she was some kind of angel or goddess.

"Are you okay Hinata?" Naruto asked moving a little closer to her, concerned when she remained silent.

Hinata looked away, embarrassed by the tenderness in his voice. "I'm sorry, yes I'm ok thank you." surprising herself a little, she had not stuttered this time. "I'm sorry for ruining your plans." She said looking away from Naruto, fearing that he would be upset with her. Only to feel Naruto's hand gently takes hers again.

"No need to be sorry Hinata, you haven't ruined anything. It's not exactly what I had in mind but it's still nice, besides I'm still here with you after all." He said truthfully, it didn't matter to him where they were as long as he was with her.

Now however wasn't the time to tell her just how strong his feelings for her were, he didn't want to rush things, or scare her away. She had waited years for him to notice her; he could wait a little longer for her. It was at this time that his last clone came running over holding what looked a mountain of Ichiraku takeout.

"If I couldn't take you to dinner, the least I could do was bring dinner to you." Naruto said smiling at her. "I got you miso flavor, I hope that's ok."

"I-it is, it's actually my favorite, t-thank you Naruto." Hinata said blushing slightly again, taking the food that he was handing her.

They sat and ate together, in a comfortable silence for a while/ Naruto was on his sixth bowl as Hinata was finishing her first. She set her empty bowl down and looked to her date; she couldn't stop herself from giggling at the boy. He seemed to empty his last bowl in a single mouthful.

"Ah, that was great." Naruto said after draining the bowl.

"Y-yes it was very d-delicious, thank you." Hinata said with a shy smile.

"I'm glad you liked it." Naruto said smiling at her. And after taking a moment to clean up he turned back to her, "Hinata, there is something I would like to talk to you about."

"Y-Yes, what is it Naruto?" Hinata asked nervous, she had been enjoying herself, but now she was worried that maybe Naruto had not.

"Well, you see I really like you Hinata." Naruto said seeing the impact those words had on the wide eyed kunoichi. "And I would like to see you more often, as more than friends." Naruto said it a little quicker than he meant to, but was pleased to see Hinata blushing furiously.

"Y-y-you d-do?" Hinata barely managed to get the words out, she could hardly believe her ears. It was like one of her fantasies coming true.

"Yes, I really do." Naruto said, "Do you? Because if you don't then its ok, we can still be friends, I won't be mad or anything, I just thought I wou…" he was cut off as Hinata suddenly said well kind of yelled out "Yes".

They both stood there a little shocked at her outburst. "I-I-I mean yes, I would love to." Hinata said embarrassed

"R-really?" Naruto asked happily, Hinata merely nodded not trusting her voice at the moment.

Naruto walked over and pulled her into a tight hug, she nearly fainted again, she had dreamed of embracing him for so long and now it was happening. She felt as though she could fly, she couldn't remember being so happy. After a moment she wrapped her arms around Naruto and embraced him back.

They held each other for what seemed like forever. Naruto was breathing in the scent that he loved and missed, and Hinata engraving everything about this moment into her memory. No matter what happened after she would forever have it with her.

End of Chapter 2