My head now rested in my hand and I looked down at her sleeping form. She looked almost like herself again now that she was unconscious. Her eyelashes brushed against her cheekbones with any movement she made. Her lips were slightly parted as she drew in deep breaths and heavily exhaled.

"Damon…" she sighed.

I looked up, bewildered to find that she was still sleeping. How – What? She just said my name which meant that she was dreaming of me.

"Damon…" she repeated and a small crease formed between her brows. "Don't go" she pleaded and I sat up, leaning against the headboard. It was obvious now that her subconscious mind hadn't switched off the emotions. She was still somewhat human.

I hated this!

I didn't want to be responsible for her or her mistakes. She was the mistake! What we did was a mistake because she hadn't been in the right state of mind. I shouldn't have done what I did because I knew we only slept together because she was angry.

Part of me wishes that I had never met Isabella Swan. Life would be easier on both of us, if I didn't know of her existence.

But God…she was amazing. The way she moved and her sighs…her moans…her touch…her warmth and how we seemed to just fit. I had slept with thousands of women but there was something about being with her yesterday. For a moment, I thought I caught her old self return with how she sighed my name, like it was a prayer. She must've felt that. It had been so real…too real.

I wondered whether she was my heaven but retracted. She was my own personal hell because I knew I could never have her. I would ruin her – well more than I had already done.

What was I going to do?


When I finally returned to consciousness, I found myself lingering in the sweet peacefulness of the darkness. Only when I tried to move, I realised that I was sitting upright and now laid out in a bed. The comfort of the white silk sheets were absent and the warmth of his body against mine was gone.

I tried to look around but my eyes were bleary. I blinked trying to clear my vision, only to find that my hands were tied down to a metal chair. My wrists shackled to the armrests and I tried to shake but my muscles felt heavy and bitterly ached. The more I moved, the more my body burnt and I frowned in confusion. "What…?" I trailed off numbly.

"Don't move. It'll hurt more"

I snapped my head up sharply to the voice being shrouded in darkness. Half his body enveloped by the shadows while the stream of light landed on his other half. "What the hell is this?!" I demanded, causing him to slowly saunter before me.

"You have been acting like a spoilt child, drinking and killing anything that moves. You're on a path of self-destruction" Damon listed and I threw my head back, feeling very aggravated.

"Unbelievable" I gasped and straightened up, not wanting to show any weakness. "I'm a vampire"

He crossed his arms and stared me down. "But you made yourself into a monster"

"Who are you calling black, kettle?" I hissed and trying to wriggle free again. Only my nerves were numb; my thoughts were nonsensical and my body seemed to fail me.

Damon took another step, completely standing beneath the light. He placed a hand on either side of me and leaned in, angrily snarling. "I'm sick and tired of it" he retorted and I felt something sting at the tone of his voice. "And what? You think sleeping with you meant something?"

I'm taken back but I compose myself and lean in with a devious smirk. "I didn't think we did much sleeping" I teased and rubbed my cheek against him, nipping at his ear before moving back and collapsing into the chair. I had the satisfaction of seeing him gulp nervously. "So what is this? Some kind of intervention?"

"If it has to be" he shrugged.

I scoffed at his audacity, wishing I could punch him. "Well I kicked out all my friends and I have no family, tough luck"

He finally stepped back and rounded my chair for a few silent minutes. I was just about to yell at him again when he spoke up. "I did some research on your father"

My breath hitched and I pressed my back onto the cold metal. "Anything good?" I gritted through clenched teeth, knowing exactly where this was going.

"Sheriff, Single father. Orphaned with no siblings" he listed and I kept my mouth shut. "I also know that your father was murdered" he finally said.

My mind remained still and I built a wall against him. "So what? I killed him" I shrugged and met his stare, unwavering and undefeated. "Don't kid yourself. This isn't a therapy session. It's not going to end in tears and some epiphany – some clear revelation"

"Then we'll just sit here" he concluded and dragged in a chair for himself. "No blood for as long as it takes" he countered and those blue eyes crackled in the darkness, gauging my reaction.

"Is this the part where I get scared and plead for my life?"

He smirked tiredly and classed his hands together, leaning in towards me again. "The vervain has weakened you so you'll be under" he informed me and the words seemed too soothing. I could feel myself slipping and the ground disappearing from beneath my feet.

Through the nausea, I looked down to catch a breath but panicked at the fact that the necklace was gone too. "Where's my necklace?" I demanded.

"It was never yours to begin with"

Suddenly I was very tired.

I was back in my bedroom; collectible lanterns, leather bound boos, purple covers and all. I sat up from the bed and continued to look around, relieving memories with each trinket that my eyes landed on. "What is this?" I murmured absent-mindedly.

"You're dreaming"

Wild eyes swerved to the figure at my doorway. "What are you doing here?" I demanded, glaring at Damon as I hated the fact that he had somehow managed to get into my life at Forks too.

He didn't get a chance to answer as I was soon distracted with the sound of the baseball commentary. "Dad?" I gasped and pushed past him, hastily trailing down the stairs and rushing into the living room. "Dad…?" I called out again but was met with an eerie silence and an empty room.

I looked around again and found that the image on the TV was blurring. It buzzed and the voices mingled, sounding outlandish and nonsensical. Then it grew static. The sound was so unnerving yet familiar that I grabbed the remote to switch it off.

"Charlie…?" I whispered more anxiously.

"He's in the kitchen"

I turned to find Damon there again. I wanted to shout at him and kick him out but he just gave me the one thing that I wanted…my dad. "Kitchen" I repeated numbly and raced past him and into the kitchen.

Only it all became surreal again as I saw red.

Red splattered onto the microwave…smeared across the fridge and the walls, dripping down the counter and a pool now drawing closer to me. His body lay in the midst of it, wide lifeless eyes locked onto mine as he wheezed his last breath.

Trembling hands were now brought up to my face as I caught the knife in my hand…covered in my blood. I gasped breathlessly and let it drop as I did. Wheezed breaths now crippling me as my feet crumpled beneath me as I studied my stained hands…covered by blood – my father's blood.

It was everywhere.

I looked around wildly for Damon but he was gone. He couldn't help me and I could help myself either. No sound came from my lips as I locked onto my reflection.

His blood now smeared across my lips and I watched in horror and awe as the chocolate brown was now coloured with a bloodthirsty scarlet. Large veins now bulged beneath them and the ink lips arted to reveal sharp jagged fangs.

The eyes dropped from the reflection and down to the sight of my father bleeding out. All reason retracted as I was consumed with hunger.

My fangs bared…my muscles clenched and I lunged!

I snapped my eyes open, a ferocious animalistic growl leaving me as I fought against the restraints. Damon simply sat there, smirking in pleasure at his victory. "Get me out of here" I growled and shook at the shackles again.

"Did you not like what you saw?" Damon chuckled and this only angered me further.

My forehead was dripping with perspiration and my heart was beating frenziedly. "Get me out of here!" I yelled and shook vehemently again. I tried to ignore the impending thoughts trying to close into my mind with the sudden memories of that night.

"Calm down, it was only a dream" he smirked playfully and I growled.

"You know what I don't like?" I questioned in between tired heavy breaths. He arched a brow, patiently waiting. "Clingy boys" I answered. "We had one night and now you want to keep me locked in your house" I chuckled dryly and coughed, spluttering with how dry my throat was. Still, I wouldn't allow him to think he had any power over the situation. "Or maybe you just like it kinky" I teased half-heartedly.

"I guess I just can't bear to let you go" he replied sarcastically, laying hand onto my shoulder which I shook off. It didn't matter as I felt the sharp sting in my neck and my body droop again as the vervain infiltrated my system again. "Sweet dreams Isabella…"


He had invaded my privacy, dug up things of my past that I wanted to keep locked away and then made me relieve them. What made things worse was that he was there too…he watched every single moment of my breakdowns.

Right now, I had just woken up from watching him interrupt mine and Edward's break up scene in the forest. He'd stood beside me, like a ghost when echoing the words that I tried to forget; 'Not good enough…don't belong…'

I just had to get out of here.

There were worse things about me that he would make me relive. I could not chance him making me see it all again.

Now, he was upstairs, giving me time to devise a plan. Only I was interrupted with the sound of his voice. "I already gave it John" I heard him say.

"Well Bonnie removed the spell from the device so it's okay"

Elena…great! This day was just perfect!

"At least Bella is safe" Damon sighed and I frowned at his words. What did he mean by that? Why did I care what he meant by that?

"Why do you care so much about her?"

My ears piqued up and I found myself unintentionally sitting up in anticipation. "I don't"


"You know you're my number one girl Elena" he continued and I hated the reminder of Isobel's words.

When I heard his footsteps approaching again, I turned to action when shaking against the chains again. "When I get out of here, I will kill you and your number one girl." I spat out disgustedly as he opened the cellar door. "Romantic isn't it?" I taunted, knowing that the threat of Elena would get to him.

"Don't make any promises you can't keep" he replied exhaustedly.

I shook my head and released another dry laugh. "This is ridiculous. I'm your creation Damon. I'm just another reminder of all your failures. Another reminder as to why you're a disappoint and why people can't trust you" I spoken and watched as each word burned through him, the anger now blazing in his eyes as he too began to shake. Karma truly was a bitch. "And you wonder why they all choose Stefan" I fired the last bullet and watched as he stumbled back. "Stop trying to save me. We both know that you're not your brother. You are so pathetic"

In a flash, I gasped when he appeared before me, thus silencing me. His hands back by my sides as the hurt now etched in each of his features. His eyes glistening with unshed tears but the anger holding him back, leaving him standstill in tremors.

All I saw was an opportunity.

Before he could stop me, I had sunk my teeth into his neck and sucked. I drank as much as I could in that second but it was more than enough time. As he pushed me back, I had already freed one hand and was using my newfound strength to push him back and free my other hand. He tried to fight back but I kicked him down, disappearing before he could try again.

I kept running, breaking through the doors and continued down the road that led to the town square. Only as I got there, I found a massive crowd and a banner that read; FOUNDER'S DAY.

Damn these small towns!

At least the masses would help for me to blend in with them. I continued on running and pushing past the bodies and ignoring their angry calls. I was sure that I was lost in the crowd but I couldn't take any chances. Right now, I was thirsty for blood and revenge.

My chance was standing only a few feet away from me, watching the fireworks.

A slow smile curled as I sauntered towards him. "Hey! Matt!" I croaked out and he turned to me, quizzically.

"Bella?" he grimaced as his gaze wandered down to my half-dressed state. The asshole hadn't even bothered to change me. Instead, he left me in his button down shirt and nothing else. It also didn't help that it was covered in blood. "Are you okay?" he asked.

I took that as my opening and grabbed his arm, fear as my mask. "I need your help"

"What is it?" he whispered frenziedly.

I pulled him with me. "We need to go where people can't hear us" I murmured and began to pull him along while searching for a hideout. From the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the sleek black locks and turned to see Damon, leading his brother and Elena to the crowd. They were looking but they hadn't seen me yet.

"Where are we going?" Matt asked, now suspicious.

I gulped and tried to catch my sharp breaths. "Somewhere quiet" I said and yanked him around the corner, where the alley was. Before the annoying blond haired jock could say anything, I had pushed him back against the wall.

My fangs were already extended and I jumped.

Then there was one loud, earth-shattering scream that broke through the night air, crackling across the silence. It didn't stop until I realised that it was me.

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