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Vacation Outtake

"Edward, it's not going to fit," Bella moaned, wiping the back of her hand across her forehead and gazing up at him.

Groaning, sweat dripping down his back, he pushed one more time before refusing to admit the fact it was just too big and the space was just too small. "I'm not giving up on this. Do you know how long it's been?"

"I know. We both need this," Bella huffed, pulling him into her and kissing him gently. "I'll go tell Lanie she'll just have to leave one of her seven bags home."

Edward leaned against his car and ran a hand through his humidity-inflicted hair. "Yeah. Okay. Give me Ben."

He was handed his one-year-old son and watched his wife saunter up to the house. They had been trying to get packed, wanting to be on the road twenty minutes ago, but taking a baby and a teenager anywhere for longer than a day was quite the affair. Edward was starting to wonder if he would need a vacation from the vacation before it could even start. Benjamin dug his little face into Edward's chest and cooed, reminding his father of the blessings their family had been given. Life had been flying at warped speed lately and they really did need the time together as a family.

Almost a year to the day, Edward had received his promotion at work and ran with it. For the first time in his life, he was providing for his family without laying awake at night with worries of the money running out. Lanie, the sister he had raised from the time she was born, was a pretty well-adjusted high school student who loved both his wife, Bella, and his baby son almost as much as he did. All of it was made possible by the little school teacher he had fallen hard for.

Bella was an amazing mom and wife but his favorite part was how real she was. While Rosalie had been nearly insane with the 'proper' way to do everything when it came to her son, Jackson, Bella was much more laid back. It wasn't like his wife let their son play with electrical cords but she wasn't ashamed to admit there were days when she let him play in a muddy yard with his Aunt Lanie-as long as he wasn't eating the mud. Bella was as dedicated as she was relaxed. There were nights when Ben would be up all night, screaming and carrying on, because of teething. It amazed him how she never became frustrated with the little guy even when he and Lanie were walking around in the daytime with ear plugs in.

It wasn't like he wasn't just as involved in his son's life as Bella, though. There were many nights he would get up with the crying baby or let his son teeter around behind him as he worked on things in the house. Ben was walking but just barely. It was clear, though, he was all boy. In an attempt to give his mother a heart attack, as Bella claimed, Benjamin had climbed onto the recliner when she had been dusting a few feet away and dove off of it before she could get to him. Ben loved mud, bugs, and had a special adoration for Luca, their family dog slash abominable snowman.

The Siberian husky had moved in when Bella had as he'd been her dog before she'd even met Edward. Ben would hold onto Luca's tail and it amazed everyone when the dog walked slowly as if to get the little boy to squeal in delight the way he always did. Currently, Luca was holed up at Bella's parents' house where he would remain until they returned from the beach. About to go in and tell the girls they needed to leave soon or they'd miss out on their reservation, he laughed as his sister came outside, half asleep and wearing a fuzzy pink robe and bath slippers. Underneath the robe was a pair of stretchy shorts and a tank top. Obviously, she planned to sleep through the trip.

"Eddie, can we please just go? Get rid of the green bag. It's just full of board games."

"We can rent them at the resort anyway," Bella smiled, grabbing the bag and running into the house with it. Seconds later, she was locking the door and sprinting towards the car. "Let's go. She's right, Edward, let's just go."

Rolling his eyes, totally unsure of when it became him who was holding everyone up, he strapped Ben into his safety seat and climbed behind the wheel. The Subaru had become his second home since they'd purchased it last year. Once in a while he would miss his old, rusty, faded-blue car but Bella had been right when they'd purchased this one. The old one simply wasn't safe anymore.

In an effort to keep him company, Bella started out the trip with her e-reader and a book of word searches but she ended up falling asleep before they'd even left the state. Not minding too much, simply enjoying the outing with his family, Edward wondered what he had done to become so lucky. There was nothing he would ever wish to change about his family. Hell, he was just glad he now had one.

Only stopping four times, they made the trip in just under ten hours. Traffic near Richmond was ridiculous but both Lanie and Ben handled the situation with minor irritation. In fact, they only had to pull over those four times because Bella needed to feed and change the little guy. There were already a few hysterical pictures of the girls at different rest stops and Edward couldn't remember a time when Lanie was so happy.

Despite the stops and upbeat attitudes, he was pretty sure they were all desperate to get out of the car for longer than ten minutes when they finally got to their resort. They were renting a townhouse for the week and saved some money by getting one a few minutes drive from the beach. The best part was not having to wade through a thick crowd of people to enjoy what the resort had to offer. With an indoor and outdoor pool, large hot tub, arcade, and small movie theater right on the resort, even if it rained, they would still have something to do.

"Can we go to the beach? Please!" Lanie begged as soon as they were opening their car doors.

Edward looked over at her as he lifted Ben out of the car seat and grabbed the two bags on the floor. "It's dinner time already. We need to get unpacked and run out to the store. We need to grab groceries and..."

The crestfallen look on her face made him stop and when Bella saw his sister so disappointed, he could see the wheels turning in her head. Looking at her phone, his wife went around to the back of the car. The way Bella treated Lanie made him love his wife even more.

"Eddie, come on. It's our first night here. I've never seen the ocean before! Neither have you!"

"I know but we really are going to need groceries and I know you have to be starving."

When Bella grabbed the tote bag which held all of their swimsuits and a towel for each of them, Edward watched her shut the trunk and frowned. The drive had tired him out and all he really wanted to do was relax for a few minutes. "Bells...can you open the trunk back up?"

"Nope. Come on. Come see our place for the week!" she smiled hoisting the bag up higher on her shoulder and sprinting up the stairs to the front door. He handed Lanie one of the bags he had before shifting Ben and a few other bags and following Bella. A wave of air conditioning hit him as he dropped the bags inside the door and smiled.

"This is awesome. Let me grab..."

"No," Bella cut him off, holding her arms out to take the fussing little boy. "Put your bathing suits on and give me about fifteen minutes to feed this one here. I don't want to worry about the wind blowing sand into his baby food."

"We're going to the beach?" Lanie asked excitedly.

Bella hugged Lanie's shoulders before smiling at Edward. "Heck ya, we are. Go get changed. Don't forget sunscreen! I don't care if it's dinner time, there's still a chance you could burn!"

Edward beamed at his wife as she was calling out after Lanie, who was already digging through the bag as she sprinted towards the downstairs bathroom. "Before you settle into the kitchen, let's go check out our room."

The house was two stories with a kitchen, living room, and full bathroom downstairs and two full bedrooms, one with an attached master bathroom upstairs. To Bella's pleasant surprise, the bedroom was larger than she expected. "We can easily fit his pack and play in here," Edward confirmed.

"Holy bathroom!" Bella gasped...and it was.

It was the size of Lanie's bedroom back home. Walking past a two-sink vanity, he eyed the jacuzzi bathtub. There was a shower inside a glass enclosure which held two stone benches on either side. The whole room was done in earthy, beach tones and he couldn't wait to get back from the beach and soak with his wife.

Ben started kicking his legs and fussing, obviously wanting to run free. The second Bella set him on the floor, he waddled to the jacuzzi tub and tried to climb up into it. Laughing, he snatched up his son and set him inside the empty tub, watching as the little boy happily stomped his feet and giggled.

"Are you naked?" Lanie called from the open bedroom door.

"No!" they both answered, shaking their heads.

"No fair! You get a jacuzzi? In your bedroom?"

"Correction," Edward smirked. "Benjamin gets the jacuzzi."

"Well, what are you two just standing there for? Let's go!"

With one fed, content baby and everyone outfitted in swim suits, they piled back into the car and headed for the sandy beach just on the other side of the highway. Bella watched Edward's face as soon as they set foot on the beach. The smile was almost as big as the one he wore the day they got married.

"Eddie! It's huge!" Lanie practically squealed, taking off towards the water.

"Alana! Wait! Be careful."

Bella hugged her son and kissed the top of his head while rolling her eyes. "He thinks your Aunt Lanie is made of glass."

Following the siblings, who were already up to their ankles in the water, Bella went over to where Edward dropped their bag and got a few towels ready. Once headquarters was set up, she made sure she had a tight grip on Ben and waded out to them. Neither were completely submerged, laughing as the waves brought water slamming into their torsos. The board shorts Edward wore rode low on his hips from the weight of the water and she felt her nipples harden for reasons other than cold water. Coincidentally, after a day of swimming in Rosalie's uncle's pool and seeing Edward in the shorts, Alice had been out shopping and found an almost identical pair in the size twelve months.

The second he saw her, he moved towards her and placed a kiss on her forehead before scooping up the kicking one year old with the outfit matching his own. "He wants down," Bella warned.

Carefully, though she still thought he was going to give her a heart attack, Edward waited for the waves to begin receding before letting Ben's toes touch down into the water. As scared as she was, she reminded herself how much she trusted her husband and decided to smile instead of cry. Many looks, especially low-riding trunks, were sexy on her husband but none more so than when he was just simply being a dad.

A few other people milled about the beach but most were either packing up for the day or had already made their way to the parking lot. The air was a little chilly and Bella really was starving but she had been just as excited for Edward and Lanie to see the ocean as they were. Her son was obviously just as thrilled as his father and aunt because he was kicking his legs and laughing like crazy. Out of nowhere, Lanie splashed over to them and kicked up enough water to soak Bella.

"Lanie," Edward began.

Reaching down, Bella splashed back and surprised both of them by running out into the waves and diving under. With hard strides, she made it out to the point she couldn't touch and bobbed with the waves. Her family watched from back on shore and she saw Lanie say something to Edward. He looked nervous but eventually nodded his approval. Seconds later, Lanie had joined her and the two girls splashed and squealed when they felt small rocks or little fish brush their legs and feet.

After spending time with Lanie, Bella swam back to shore and gave her husband a quick kiss. "You can go out and swim with her. I can take him."

"Um...I think I'm good here."

"What's wrong?"

"I...uh...don't know how I feel about the ocean. It's nice to play here in the waves but I can't see what's out there, under the water, and so I'm just gonna hang here with Ben."

A half hour later, with Edward already out of the water and playing with Ben on a beach towel, Lanie looked over at Bella and gave an embarrassed smile. "So...I know we agreed to come here because I wanted to but..."

"You're starving?" Bella asked, raising an eyebrow. When Lanie nodded, Bella started to laugh. "Race you to shore!"

The four of them sat around the living room with a pizza box in the middle and some comedian talking about being a redneck on the television. Finishing her last bite of pizza, Lanie got up from the couch and grabbed her phone. When Edward let out a loud sigh, Bella slid closer to him and cuddled into his side. "She's going to be fifteen, Edward."

"You've reminded me of this fact three days ago when she wasn't speaking to me over the damn bathing suit situation."

"I see where you are coming from on both fronts but she's not going to stay a little girl her entire life."

He let out a grunt. "I hear that."

"You were ridiculous over the suit, by the way. I wasn't getting into the middle of it before the two of you worked it on your own but I saw nothing wrong with it."

Popping an eyebrow, he shook his head. "My little sister doesn't need to be walking around in a bikini."

"Do you remember two years ago when she came home from Sarah's pool party in tears?"

"It wasn't because she wasn't wearing a bikini."

"No. It was because she was all arms and legs with a little bit of a belly and she couldn't wear one...when almost every other girl there did. Your thirteen year old sister wouldn't even eat a piece of birthday cake because she told me she felt fat. She's grown taller and slimmer since then. She is turning into one of those girls who is comfortable with her body."

"The fact she looks good in one doesn't mean she should wear one. I'm sure she'd fill lingerie just fine as well. Why don't we just take her to Victoria Secret and let her go wild? Bella, she's fourteen years old. What message is she sending?"

"I don't know but when I was younger and wore a two-piece bathing suit, I was content with my suit and never had any men give me a hassle over it."

Edward suddenly softened, looking down at her. "You don't know what guys are thinking about."

"Your sister isn't a guy. She's a very smart, responsible girl. If you reduce your opinions of her over what she's wearing, you're reducing your opinion of her completely. Would you have considered me a whore had you seen me at fourteen? She's not walking the streets in in one and she even had a cover up picked out to go with it."

"I'm trying to protect her."

"Someday, you're going to have to accept she is going to be an adult and I hope you realize it before she is one. At some point, you need to let her grow into herself and learn how to make and fix her own mistakes before she is on her own. I'm not saying let her spend the night at Embry's..."


"Or even let her wear inappropriate clothes. A two-piece bathing suit is not inappropriate at the beach, especially one not overly skimpy. I wasn't going to get involved with the bathing suit battle because it wasn't a huge deal and I honestly think she was making it a bigger deal than need be to prove a point with you. This Embry thing, though, isn't going away. We do our best to make sure they're not alone together to do...anything they shouldn't. They really only go out with a group of people when they go out at all. Most of their relationship is over the phone. Edward, she's in love."

"She's fourteen, Bella. She has no idea what love is."

"Neither did you," Bella smiled sadly. "She hasn't even physically seen him in what? Two weeks? So what if they want to talk on the phone more often than friends normally would. He's her boyfriend. He's respectful to her. He freaking asks you before taking her to the movies...even when they meet or simply go with other people. You try to get in between them, push them a part, you're going to lose their respect-warranted or not. I'm going to take Benjamin upstairs and get him ready for bed. I love you."

Edward watched Bella climb the stairs with their sleepy son resting his head on her shoulder. He tried to imagine Bella at fourteen and imagined she probably looked and acted a lot like Lanie. To have known her then, to have fallen in love with her as a teenager, could have saved him a lot of self-loathing from the way he'd conducted a lot of his life. Then again, he'd been incredibly withdrawn and angry as a teenager. He'd like to think his teenage self would have the smarts not to trust himself with her. His only companions for most of high school had been Jasper and Alana.

Walking up to find Bella, he heard Lanie saying goodnight to Embry and waited until he knew they were done talking. After a few minutes of contemplation, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Mind if I come in?"

"No. I just got off the phone."

"Was is Embry?"

"It was actually Sarah first but I wanted to call Embry and let him know we got down here. I forgot to text him we made it safely so I figured I'd just call and see what he was up to."

The idea of this boy caring about her enough to want her to check in made him smile. His sister could definitely have worse taste. "So, um, I noticed you were wearing the...other bathing suit today. I wanted you to know, even though I find it unnecessary for you to wear something so revealing, if you wanted to wear it...I'm okay with it."

"Really?" she shot back, completely not believing him.


"Well, I don't have it. I took it back to the store and got a tankini."

"You took it back?"

"Yeah," she shrugged like they hadn't gotten into a yelling, door slamming fight over the topic less than a week ago. "I was mad because there are a lot of people I go to school with who wear one and it's seriously not a big deal. I personally still liked it, and it was really cute on me, but you seemed...disappointed. I don't want to disappoint you."

"It means a lot to me to hear that," he smiled, his chest puffing up in pride. "By the way, I wasn't judging you. I was general. Newsflash, Lanie, men can be pigs."

"Not all men. My brother is pretty cool," she smirked.

More than anything, he wished what she said was true. "Lanie, I know it was the two of us for a really long time but I know what I'm talking about."

"Please. The only girl I ever saw you with was Bella and you treat her like a freaking princess."

"Believe it or not, there were other women in my life you didn't know about."

"Hold on. You had girlfriends before Bells? Other girlfriends besides that one who died?"

"That is a discussion for another night...when you're much older. The point is, trust me when I tell you if you want a man to respect you, you have to respect yourself and stand up for yourself. If you really want to wear a bikini...whatever. Don't drop your morals to impress anyone, though, not your boyfriend and not even your friends."

"Bella's definitely it for you though, right? You're going to stay together for sure?" she asked, the wheels obviously turning from his comment about other girls.

"Absolutely. I've never loved anyone the way I love her. Honestly, I think I knew she was the one way before we officially started dating. I...need her."

"I hope I find what you and Bella have."

"I want nothing more than that as well. Who knows," he smiled, loving this heart-felt one on one way more than the yelling match they'd gotten into over a stupid outfit, "maybe Embry will be it for you but it takes time and growing up...and being responsible to make a relationship like Bella's and mine work."

"You're being rather mushy tonight," Lanie smirked.

"Well, I do have one question."

"Ask away."

"What the hell is a tankini?"

Edward closed the door to his bedroom and started to change out of his swim trunks. He glanced over to make sure Ben was sleeping soundly and knocked quietly on the bathroom door. His shirt and shorts were on the floor and he bent to pick them up after hearing her tell him to come in. Pushing the door open gently, the image he was met with punched him in the solar plexus. His gorgeous Bella was immersed in a bubble bath, her one leg up high as she shaved it from her reclined position.

"Holy God, baby," he muttered.

Smiling to herself, she kept on with her task. "I'm almost done. I already did the other one."

"You beautiful."

Her skin was already sun-kissed, creating a stark contrast to the bright, white tub. Her hair was up in a loose bun with a few long tendrils hanging down and curling at the ends from the steaming water. Then there were her legs, both now peaking up out of the water as she brought her legs up towards her chest.

"I'm liking the outfit, hubs," she teased, turning so she could rest her arms on the side of the tub closest to him.

Realizing he was standing naked in the doorway, his hard-on kicking as if to propel him towards her, he watched her lick her lips. "Dear God, Bella..."

"Ben's out for the night. He had a really long day. Why don't you and let me take care of you. I need to get you ready for bed now."

He laughed at the way she worded that, the pun definitely intended. Closing the distance between them, he was taken by surprise when her upper body popped up out of the water, her wet breasts bouncing as she did so. With her lower body submerged, her upper body was accentuated even more and he nearly came when she reached out and grabbed his cock.


"Shh," she whispered, licking him softly before taking him all the way to the hilt.

"I need...I want..."

Releasing him momentarily, Bella gave a sly smile. "Take what you need, Edward. Take my mouth."

And he did. As her mouth reconnected with him, he started to thrust, gently at first but a little deeper each time. She groaned around him and his knees nearly buckled. When it was almost too much, Edward carefully placed his hands on her sides and lifted her up out of the water. Knowing they'd both fall if he slipped on the wet floor, he held her close and turned her against the vanity. The second she was seated, he went down on his knees and teased her clit with his tongue.

Bella's hands scratched his shoulders and eventually ended up in his hair, pulling gently to get him in the right position. Using both his fingers and his mouth, he got her right where he wanted her...contracting around his inserted fingers. Standing quickly, her protests were silenced when he slid right up and inside of her. Knowing she was a screamer and Lanie would easily hear, Edward kissed her hard. Their kiss broke shortly after, though. Her head went back against the mirror, her breasts arched towards him, as she shattered beneath him.

Bella was known to shake and shiver after an orgasm and this time was no different. Grabbing a lush towel from the rack, he wrapped her up and carried her into the bedroom. Little did she know, Edward was just getting started.

The days went by fast. They hit the water park, watched a movie, lounged by the pool, and even toured a few historical sites. Two days before they were to come home, Bella and Lanie snuck away for a few hours of shopping, leaving him to take Ben down to play in the kiddie pool. The girls had left almost two hours ago but it had taken a while to get them both ready to go. The little guy had eaten all his Gerber while Edward feasted on leftovers from the night before. With his slippery, sun-screen-slathered son in one arm and a diaper bag and towels in the other, he was grateful for the smiling girl who opened the gate for them.

"Here. Let me help," she laughed, grabbing a toy which had flown out of Benjamin's bag.

"Thanks," Edward replied absently, looking around for an empty chair.

"What's his name?"

Glancing at the toy in her hand, it took him a second to realize she was talking about the baby and not the rubber duck. "Oh, Benjamin. I'm Edward, by the way. If you could just put the duck back in the bag..." he said absently, adjusting Ben again and lifting the bag a little so she could get into it.

Ben suddenly decided he wanted down fiercely, pushing off of Edward and trying to squirm his way to the ground. More worried about his son slipping from his arms to the concrete more than the stupid towels, he let them go and held tightly to his little boy. "I got it," the girl laughed. "Lead the way."

Setting the diaper bag onto a plastic chaise lounge, he grabbed Ben's hat to keep the sun off of him. "Thank you. Really. He's at the age where he just wants to go. Little guy just started walking about a month ago and he suddenly thinks he can climb Mount Everest."

"He's adorable. How old is he?"

"He turned one in May."

"Hey, handsome," she cooed to Ben, who was much more interested in an ant crawling across the concrete. "My goodness, you two even match. No denying this cute guy, is there?"

Edward wasn't sure what babies found appetizing but had a feeling his curious little boy would definitely an ant in his mouth if given the opportunity. "Ben, no, buddy. Come here. Let's get in the pool."

Of course, Benjamin really heard Edward say, "Eat the bug. You'll love it."

His father caught him before he could decide for himself how tasty it would be. "He definitely takes after me in the looks department," Edward smiled proudly, "though he did get my wife's thick hair."

"You're married?" the girl asked, her cheeks turning red as she tried to look at his hand and ended up eying up his crotch.

"Happily," Edward replied pointedly. "She and my sister are out doing some shopping. I told them to go have fun. I wanted a chance to spend some father/son time with this guy."

"Well, I better get back to my friends over there," she gestured across the pool. Of course, a group of college-aged girls were sprawled out on chairs flipping through magazines and watching their friend.

"I really do appreciate the help. I love him to death but he can be a handful."

"No problem. There's a whole bunch of us just over there if you need anything else. We're on a trip to celebrate college graduation. Half of them are elementary education majors. They'd love to help you out."

Thankfully, despite her obvious interest, her bare-feet padded back to her friends. Carefully watching Ben, who was now trying to climb into the kiddie pool on his own, Edward snapped a few pictures and sent them to Bella's parents, Jasper and Emmett. A few minutes later, he called up Emmett to see how things were going at work. It was strange to be away for this long.

"What's up, man? How's South Carolina? Bet it's nice not having to be in this nuthouse and watching Bella strut around in a little bathing suit all week."

"Couldn't imagine I'd need anything else," Edward laughed. "What's doing?"

"Nothing much. Typical schedule bullshit but everything else is running smoothly. I got the picture of Ben. Not gonna lie, I'm totally jealous of a one year old right now. He's lounging by the pool and I'm working away."

"On the phone with me," Edward added.

"It's lunch time. Back off, boss."

"How's everyone doing up there?"

"Heard through the grapevine Luca's been howling nightly for Bella's return."

"Oh, no. I knew this was going to be an issue."

"Well, I should get back to work...or...lunch, I guess."

"Are you sure everything's okay? You sound kind of nervous."

Edward knew Emmett. He'd been there right after Em had gotten out of jail. He'd talked him through relationship issues, financial problems, and even intervened when shitty choices threatened not only his marriage but their friendship. He also knew when Emmett McCarty was trying to keep something from him.

"I, uh, yeah, man. Things are fine," Emmett replied, as if blowing off the question. He sort of sounded like a hippie coming down from a high.

"Emmett, what's going on?"

"Look, you have like two days left to enjoy. We'll all get together and talk when you get back up here."

"Now I'm going to be worried about what you're not telling me."

"Shit," he heard Emmett mutter. "Look, I'm handling everything, okay?"

"Is it something with work or..."

"Oh, man, Rose is going to kill me."

"Emmett. Talk. Now."

While Emmett filled him on the past day's activities, Edward listened quietly. There wasn't much for him to say. Before getting off the phone, the last question he had was, "Does he need me? I'll drive up there tonight and come back down here tomorrow."

"That's like...twenty extra hours of driving. No. He wouldn't want that."

"He's done crazier shit for me, Em."

A sick feeling had formed in the pit of his stomach as soon as Emmett started to sound strange but now he really was physically sick. He wanted to be happy, more than anything he just wanted to be happy about the news, but he couldn't help but worry. He'd gotten off the phone with Emmett a half an hour ago and, while Ben played carefree in the pool by Edward's legs, he forced himself not to call and break the news to Bella over the phone.

Finally, about ten minutes later, he looked up to see his angel striding toward him in a new tankini-which Lanie had explained to him the first night of the trip-and a huge smile on her face. Ben didn't notice her until she was only a few feet away but when he saw her, it was almost like she was a slice of heaven to the little guy. Letting out an excited squeal, he tried to jump to stomp his feet and Edward grabbed him before he went under.

"Hi, baby boy," Bella gushed, scooping up her dripping son and kissing his face.

"Save some of them for me," Edward remarked, rubbing her leg until she sat down beside him.

After kissing Edward, Bella looked around, "There are a lot of people here."

"Apparently, there is a whole group of college girls offering to help out with Ben anytime it's needed. They're celebrating graduation," Edward smirked, waiting for Bella's reply.

"You would find them, wouldn't you? I'm sure it was all about them wanting to spend their summer break babysitting and nothing about wanting to get into your board shorts."

"I made it clear I was married."

"Good. How long has he been in the pool?"

"Judging from his prune-y feet, I'd say it's been long enough. Our kid loves the water but he's been in the sun a little too much," Edward frowned, grabbing a towel and wrapping Ben up. Surprisingly, Ben began to suck his thumb and cuddle into Edward. "Yup. He's done. So, where's Lanie?"

"Over there reading a book," Bella pointed. "I let her buy a new one at the bookstore. The place was huge. Two stories!"

"Leave it to you two to find a bookstore at the beach," he chuckled. "So, um, there's something I need to talk to you about."

Settling onto one of the plastic chairs, Bella lifted her glasses and frowned. "What's going on?"

"I called Em when you guys were out..."

"Oh, no. Now what? Everyone back home was doing so good. Rosalie and Emmett are talking about another baby. Mom and dad are happier than they've been in years now that mom got her promotion. Hell, Jasper and Alice are the happiest..."

"Jazz had a bit of an episode Tuesday night."

"An episode? With his depression? Why? I thought everything was regulated. Did he mess up his pills?"

"No. It was a little more external than that."

"How bad was the episode? He didn't try know..."

"No. Nothing that extreme. He just drank until the meds weren't going to help and then threatened to leave..."

"This again? He can't leave her. Ally loves him so much."

"She, uh, went to stay a few nights with her parents. Again."

"This can't be happening. A whole year, Edward. They were fine for a whole year!"

"I think they're back to living together again. There was just some news neither of them knew how to deal with."

"What could possibly be bad enough for her to go stay with her family again?"

"She's three months pregnant."

"Well, shit."

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