Hello, my name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. You on the other hand may know me as lord Voldemort. How i ended up here? I got reborn. And now? Well, now i am good. Ha! And good ol' Harry?
Our dearest Harry Potter is evil. I know what you are probably thinking, that he is not evil, or that this is a story with switched sides. Or that it is because most evil doers think that they are good. That is not correct. Not in the least. This story isn't about me. Or Scorpius. Or Lily. This story is about Chelsea. The great one that showed me that good is in everybody. That when it comes to love or hate, they are both needed. She was never afraid. Never. Not even when she got killed and made me...Well. You will find out later. Now i just tell you how we started.
How we, The Shadowhunters where formed. And the most important of all...How one muggle girl knewed to make a difference.