Chapter 2 Flee or you die

Scorps p.o.v

It had been month's since Tommy's arrival now. I let one of my houselve's swear to secrecy to keep him safe and healthy. My parents hadn't find out. Great thing. Hogwarts was great. I hated Rose Weasley with all of my guts. Albus seemed okay. It was christmas break and i was eager to see Tommy again. I missed him. He was a true friend.
I got out of the train quickly and immediatly was welcomed by dads cold face. Let me explain. My parents...Well,they don't know how to be i am just left alone as a little puppy.
Let's cheer for that!(Me being sarcastic) I fastly got to my room and was meeted by Tom, looking all comfortable on my bed. He was laying on his belly and read a book i was unfimiliar with." Hey Tominator."
He raised his brows. " What?!" He laughed. " Sorry, but Tominator?You really should watch those muggle movies less." He grinned. " But tell me dear Scorpius...Did you miss me?" He jokingly said.
That boy was a weird one. I swear to god. " No...Not at all. In fact i like shagging girls more than you. Sorry, but you are BAD in bed." He laughed even harder." I never knewed you where gay."
" In your dreams." " Well Scorp,it seems to be that it more was that i enterred YOUR dreams. Otherwise why would you think i was bad. I mean i am stll an eepy peepy virgin like you always still...
Eepy peepy virgin sounds weird dude." " Hey! Do not mock my words!" " Whatever." The young dark lord just rolled with his eyes. " But...No freakin' way!" I yelled. " No freakin' what?
Be a little bit more clear young one." " Young? You are just three months older!" " Let me correct you. It's almost an eon." " Tom, you where dead.
I can't let you count your previous life with this one and i mean that it's weird you stll are a virgin.I mean i thought great aunt Bellatrix..." Tom Marvolo Riddle looked horrfied by my words. " Bellatrix Lestrange?! You can't be f***ing serious about that one! That chick is mental!No offense." He quickly added, because she was family. " Tom have you ever heard that saying no offense is just like saying sorry after you raped somebody?" " Alright that was just a kid on Youtube. You really should memorize their comments less.
You are turning into a nerd." " An attractive one that is." Again he rolled his eyes. " Geek." He murmered." Snake demon! " " Blondie." " Creep!" " White haired loser." Why are we friends again? Suddenly i leaned against a lamp and...Of course it fell." Scorpius! What have you done now!" His father yelled. He heard footsteps. " Shit!" I had to hide Tom...But it was already to late.
Father stormed in and saw Tom bored laying on my bed. " Who the hell is this!" My father yelled again. " Non of your concern Draco." He simply dad remembered how the lord had looked like.
" OUT! I do not tolerate the younger version of the dark lord in my house!" " But dad..." " Silence! Crucio!" My dad began torturing Tom." NO!" I screamed. Trying to stop him. Tom was quite silent.
Suddenly i think his female version should have been named Isabelle. Because of that po try: Isabelle, Isabelle didn't worry. Isabelle, Isabelle didn't scream or scurry.I pushed my dad as hard as i could.
He hadn't seen it coming and fell down.I grabbed Tom's hand and ran away. We where being chased by my father." This way." Tom pulled my hand and we...O god's thong. We jumped out of a four meter's high window! We fell. Hard! Luckily Tommy still knewed some healing spells form his past. Like the americans say, then we just up and dusted. Or something like that.
We ran and ran. Leaving Malfoy Manor behind us. After that, when our feets started to bleed because we ran for so long and fast, we sank trough our knees." So...Are we safe Tomzy?" He nodded.
He was out of breath and so was i. We cuddled up next to each other behind a muggle dumbster. Warm and protected from the fell asleep. Starting our own adventure.