Less Than A Hundred Years


For me this tree is the Tree of Life. How deeply rooted is our love? He wonders silently, lost in the view before him; would it be as deep as the roots of this tree? Had our souls merged in such a bond that she is inside of me, and I lost within her? Would he even know when she returned? But then he turns, the faintest rustling calling his attention and making his heart feel as he had not felt in these past years... and there she is. Her presence glorifying the view and the morning dew, bringing life back to the sore body and sensations to the dormant heart that had waited so eagerly for so long. Calm as ever he stands and fixes his now old armor, with a smile, and tears that had been stored with memories for so long, he walks to stand before her; All is well, his heart mumbles in relief, because she is home.

That night the inn was quiet, late and with a cold weather the soldiers had decided to call it a night and return to their rooms early. Choi Young, General of the WooDalChi currently camping in the area, was no exception.

Thought he was the only one with company for the night.

The lady was currently wearing his dark robes, a more contemporary look for her than the old white and purple traveling clothes. Her bag rested against his, her hat and walking stick set against his sword, and her amber hair covering the pillow nesting her head, contrasting against the dark colored sheets the inn provided. Choi Young watched her sleep, as he had years ago, while his hand caressed her hand, hidden against his chest. She had not changed a bit, even when he had changed Eun Soo was still the same.

The cute little birthmark on her nose, the tender eyes, the calm expression while sleeping. Her breathing was slow and steady, her hair messy as ever, longer than before… She was thinner, something his aunt would have to fix, and gorgeous. In dreams she turned, her back now to him, hand pulling away from his chest and resting comfortably close to her face, fisted in a light manner… He leaned to rest on his own side, pillow warm and soft…

A soft gasp left her, making her head rise and hair cascade over the small pillow. A second later she rested back her head and for some reason her shoulders fell in disappointment. He watched this, touched by the significance of the moment, his soul knowing what she was about to do.

"Are you there?" She asked softly, afraid.

Choi Young smiled.

"I am here."