My first wolfblood story if you want me to continue I need prompt!

Chapter one: Thoughts!

Maddys Pov:

I whimpered as that intense pain hit my chest again, It only happens near a full moon. I watch as black and blue veins curl up my hands and arms this happens every fourth moon of the month, The one with …Rhydian it pains me to say his name even after three years. Tom and Shannon know not bring up the subject of Rhydian around me ever since Tom said "He loved you Maddy, you do know that?" Ever since he left I haven't transformed in the woods only in the den with mam and dad.

I know I should hate him but I don't I love him and I promised myself when I turn eighteen I would find him.

Rhydians Pov:

Every fourth moon this happens that crippling pain in my chest. I know it's got something to do with being a wolfblood. When I talked to Ceri about it her eyes turned yellow and she muttered "ddofi blaidd" and turned away. I knew the word blaidd means wolf but I didn't know the other word so I let the conversation drop. My pack is in wales opposite the river of Chepstow castle. We have seventeen people in this pack including me an… "Brother" Brynn interrupts my thoughts. " Yeah", I reply " are you ok?" he asked. Brynn knows how I feel every forth moon. Every fourth moon a name just spins around in my head Maddy…Maddy…Maddy

So I only say "fine."

And there it is! Any prompting just review or PM! So that was chapter one.

Yay will update tomorrow. PROMISE!

ddofi blaidd- means: tame wolf!