Another chapter :)

Chapter three: Collision

Rhydians POV:

The full moon was fifteen minutes away, I wandered off from the pack they all new I liked to transform on my own so I wander off into the clearing about a ten minutes, my thoughts dwelling on Maddy, Shannon and tom I missed them. Brushing away a stray tear that fell, I settled myself into a crouching position and felt myself transform. I've got sandy coloured fur which I shake quickly and wonder off to my pool.

I found it accidently while looking for bird nests, it's roundish with a crystal waterfall coming down opposite me. I look into the water and find myself staring back it's a fresh water pond and it is a nice place to thin and relax. I settle myself down onto a stone by the pool and slowly drift to sleep…

Maddys POV:

I'm padding through the forest near Chepstow castle trying to pick up Rhydians scent (unsuccessfully). Then I hear a soft rumble of a snore and freeze instantly. Maybe Ceri has found me, maybe… I stop in mid thought as I see him Rhydian asleep? Near a waterfall, I want to howl with pure joy but I stop myself. I pad my way stealthily over to him and nuzzle him awake.

He opens his eyes and growls but shops in mid growl when he sees me. We just stare at each other. Then he walk over and starts nuzzling me and I nuzzle back. I've missed him so much, soon after we fall asleep in wolf form waiting till morning.


When they wake up they smile at each other, Rhydian stands up offering Maddy his hand which she takes they start to walk but then Maddy slips on the pool edge bringing Rhydian splashing down with her. They both yelp at the cold water which they are now waste deep in .Slowly Maddy pull his head down for a hot, hard passionate kiss which Rhydian reply's whole heartedly. It was quite warm being summer and soon they both found there clothes at the side of the pool while they were busy with an 'activity'.

An hour later:

"That was nice" Rhydian whispered into her hair, maddy hummed in response and continued t trace in invisible patterns on his chest. "Rhydian what are we going to do?" "Don't worry I'm eighteen and I can leave the pack whenever I want". They looked into each others eyes… brown met blue and they stared in a comfortable silence till maddy broke it "Come on let's go home." With a smile they both got up dressed and kissed again when they broke apart Rhydian said "I love you." In which she replied "I love you to".

Don't worry it's not the end of the story. Be calm anyway hope you like it!