The sun shines through the open window and I smile knowing he is next to me; every morning for the rest of our lives. It has been almost fourteen years since the day I said I do. I love Peeta even more now then I did that day. He has taught me so much about life and love. He is one of the main reasons I am happy. I would be lying however if I said everything was rainbows and sunshine. I have my bad days were it seems like the world is a big black hole. Nothing can get me to leave my bed when all I want to do is escape from everything. Peeta still has those days where the hijacking takes over his mind. His eyes go dark and I fear that I am losing him. But he always comes back to me. We take care of each other. I also know however, deep down inside, Peeta is not complete. He tries in subtle ways to remind me of his desire to have children. He wants them so desperately that it hurts me to deny him of this. Yet recently I have felt like something inside me is changing. Through Peetas love and encouragement, I began to feel my own desire to bring a child into this world. I want to fulfill this longing he is searching for. My heart is telling me that with Peeta by my side, I know we can do this. But my brain still tells me otherwise.

Lately I find myself staring at him, envisioning the tiny face that would resemble him or I. Would it have Peetas blue eyes or my grey eyes. Blonde hair or dark hair? How would our children look? How would they act? How would they speak? These are the questions that have been lurking in my mind. They make me curious and almost excited to find out the answers.

On that night when I lie on Peeta's chest with his fingers tangled in my hair, I tell him. I tell that my desires seem to be matching his. After so many years I finally think I may be ready to bare his children. His face when I speak, brings tears flooding in my eyes. He a mix of laughter and tears aswell. The smile on his face is so bright, and for once, he can't seem to find the words to say. He kisses me deeply. I can feel the relief and thankfulness radiating off of him as he begins to intertwine his body with mine.

So now, on the night after everything had occur, I stare at my sleeping husband and brush the hair from his face. I breath in knowing I am prepared for a child inside of me. I know whenever the time is right, we will bring beautiful children into this world. With this man by my side there is not much we can't do.

Well everyone, that's it for this one. Thank you for your comments, support, and continuous reading. But if you are sad this one is over, no need to fret. This summer, I am excited to announce that I will be releasing the sequel to Diary of a Mockingjay. It will be Katniss' journal with her experiences throughout her and Peeta's first pregnancy. Any and all ideas are welcome! I am not sure about the name yet or the exact release date. So for updates, please follow my twitter account- TributeGirlEmma .Also feel free to message me any questions on here! Thank you all again! And see you this SUMMER! :)