KeldeoXMeloetta Sixty Oneshots and Prompts

Pairings: Keldeo/Meloetta.

Themes: Humor/Romance

Number 1. Technology.

Basic Outline: Keldeo doesn't understand technology. But, if it gets Meloetta's music out in the world, he doesn't care about it.


That's something Keldeo doesn't understand.

All the fancy gizmos and how it works completely confuses him.

The other day, Mew thought it would be funny to make Keldeo watch a scary video.

It didn't end well.

Keldeo thought the scary bit was real and sliced the computer in half.

Mew is now saving up for a new computer.

Back when Keldeo was younger, technology was simple.

Carving things out of wood or using fire to create a sword was quite easy.

But now, technology is so complicated, it's enough to make Keldeo's head spin.

But, Keldeo doesn't mind technology.

He really likes Meloetta's music.

He also likes Meloetta; though he's too stubborn to admit it.

He believes that every Human and Pokemon should hear her music.

And by technology, everyone can.

And because of that, Keldeo doesn't care what technology does.

People and Pokemon can listen to Meloetta's music, that's fine by him.