Well, here we are. The last one.

It's been a heck of a journey. I'll talk more at the end. For now, enjoy!

KeldeoXMeloetta Sixty Oneshots and Prompts

Pairing: Keldeo/Meloetta

Themes: Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort/Action/Horror/Romance

Number 60: Thank you for everything

Story Outline: Saying goodbye is one of the hardest thing you can do...

There is silence, as everyone is staring at Darkrai, gripping Zalton's arm, and holding a katana towards Zalton's back.

"DARKRAI!" roared Terrakion, angrily.


Darkrai slightly turned his head, towards Terrakion.

"..." he went. "...Quit your jabbering..."


Darkrai turned back to Zalton and Keldeo.

"...Keldeo." started Darkrai. "Are you ok...?"

Keldeo blinked, and then frowned.

"No, I'm not." he said. "I'm going to kill Zalton, then you!"

"Ha!" barked Zalton. "Like that's going to happen!"

"...Shut it, Zalton." affirmed Darkrai.

He went to speak to Keldeo.

"...I'm afraid I haven't told you the whole truth..."

"The whole truth?!" yelled Keldeo.

"You told me the whole truth!"

"...You ran off before I could explain any more."

Darkrai turned to face Meloetta.

"You...haven't told him, haven't you?"

Meloetta blushed a bit, but not as much as the blood going down her face.

"Keldeo didn't want to know..."

"It's because I didn't want to hear who made you take that promise!"

"...But the Pokemon who made me take it was quite close to you."


"The Pokemon who made me take the promise was your father, Coltdeo.

He made me promise to protect you from Zalton, if he ever came back.

I'm fulfilling that promise."

"WHAT?!" yelled Zalton, snarling in anger.


"...Yet again, shut it!" interrupted Darkrai.

Keldeo blinked.


"Yes. I managed to drive Zalton away before he tried to strike you.

Your parents had fatal wounds. There was nothing I could do.

Your father, however, made me take the promise.

I failed one, and I don't intend to fail another.

"What was the failed promise?" questioned Keldeo.

"I'll explain later."

Darkrai jested to katana to Zalton.

"So, Phantom." stated Darkrai.

"It all ends here."

"Hehehehe..." chuckled Zalton.

"This guilt of yours, it started here, and it will end here."

"I agree."





"...What are you waiting for? Finish me!" yelled Zalton.

"No." stated Darkrai.

"I'm going to do something, something that you have never done to your victims."

"What is it?"

"Showing mercy."

Keldeo's eyes widened.

"What are you talking about?! Kill him!"

"To kill someone takes a lot of courage.

To show mercy to them, is even stronger."

Keldeo remained silent.

"Zalton," started Darkrai, menacingly.

"I'm going to give you two options."


"The first, the mercy one.

I will let you go, and live, on one condition.

You will never kill again.

You will go live by yourself until your dying days.

You will leave here, with no one getting hurt any more.

No one dying, no more kills.

You will leave Keldeo alone for the rest of your life.

Got it?"

Zalton said nothing, a frown on his face.

"The other option, is for me to kill you.

This katana will go straight through your back, and will either kill you instantly, or you bleed to death.

Either way, you will go to the afterlife, and you will face to the consequences of your actions."

Zalton scowled, glaring at Keldeo, deeply.

Keldeo shook upon Zalton's stare.

All three are silent.

The Swords of Justice look at each other, then back to the three.

"This is bad!" thought Meloetta, despairingly.

"What's Zalton going to chose?!"


"...Decision time." stated Darkrai, after a long time of silence.

"What do you chose?"

"..." went Zalton.

Keldeo growled.

"Zalton!" barked Darkrai.

"Make your decision!"

"Hehehehehe..." chuckled Zalton, evilly.

"I chose neither!"

Zalton's claws glowed ominously.

He stares, no, glares deeply, evilly, bitter fully at Keldeo.


Keldeo is extremely pale.



Zalton stopped.

He paled, his claws stopped glowing.

Keldeo gasped.

Meloetta drew her breath.

The Swords of Justice can't look away.




Zalton looked down.

A bloody end of a katana is sticking out of his chest, blood slowly dripping from the sword.

Zalton's eyes widened, memories going back to the part.

About his scar being given from Maredeo.

Zalton slowly turned his head round, to look at Darkrai.

Darkrai's expression is of angry.

"...I gave you a choice. I gave you a chance to live..."

Darkrai's eye, however, is not angry.

It was one of pity.

"...You gave me no choice. Go to hell."

Darkrai retrieved the sword from Zalton's chest.

The Zoroark stumbled around, shocked about what happened.

Eventually, Zalton's knees buckled, and the Zoroark collapsed onto the ground, blood seeping from him.

Darkrai stared at the fallen Zoroark, remembering the first time the Zoroark appeared to him...

"So, let me get this straight..." started a young Darkrai, to Coltdeo, Keldeo's father.

"The killer is this suppose 'Phantom' that every Pokemon afraid of, and this murder we're investigating, is one of his killings?"

The male Keldeo nodded.

"That's right."

A war is going on in Unova, and the legendaries are struggling.

Kyurem's gone AWOL, Landorus is trying to get Tornadus and Thundurus under control and trying to provide food to everyone, and even the Swords are struggling.

So, Arceus has sent some legendaries to help out in the region.

However, a special request from a tribe of Pokemon was made.

One of the Pokemon, Coltdeo needed help about something.

Coltdeo is a knight of the Moor, but is involved in outside politics.

A while ago, a meeting went horrible wrong, when one of the informatives was found dead.


Coltdeo decided to find out who did it.

Over the next few months, Coltdeo uncovered many secrets about political scandals and such, when deaths kept happen in the political meetings.

But he could not figure out who was killing.

At the most recent killing, Coltdeo noticed a witness, possible missed by the killer.

This witness stated that the killer is the Phantom of Unova, as the killer called himself that.

Coltdeo did some investigating on the crime scene, and noticed that the way the victim was killed is exactly the same.

A hole in their body, and a stab wound at the neck.

Coltdeo requested for help from the legends, to confront the Phantom with him.

They sent Darkrai, to help.

Coltdeo went to the next meeting, with Darkrai in the shadows, to look out for the Phantom, and trap him.

The meeting was in an abandoned building. The two are in a old-fashioned hall.

It has castle-like windows, and a vast mahogany-coloured floor.

There is plants scattered everywhere, as this place is abandoned.

Yet again, a Pokemon was found dead, with the exact same wounds.

Darkrai, on request by Coltdeo, quickly locked all the doors, so the Phantom doesn't escape.

The Nightmare Pokemon wanted to know everything, as every Pokemon is acting angry.

Coltdeo told him about the investigation, and everything that he knows.

"From what I learned..." started Coltdeo, seriously. "The Phantom keeps on causing chaos, to disurtp the peace.

Everyone is trapped here, so that means the Phantom is also still here."

Darkrai nodded.

"So, who is the Phantom?"

"I suspect it to be a Zoroark." stated Coltdeo.

"A Zoroark?"


The Phantom is able to remove any evidence of him from the crime, like it was there.

That feat is near impossible for an average Pokemon, but a Zoroark may be able to pull it off."

"But, I haven't seen a Zoroark here."

"They are masters of Illusion, and I think this one is very powerful, and clever.

He won't let himself get noticed.

He's cast an illusion to let us seen him as another Pokemon."

Darkrai nodded.

"So, who is he hidden himself as?"

Coltdeo was about to say, then saw something.

He grinned.

"The answer is right there."

Darkrai turned.

A Emboar stood there, a sword in his hands.

Darkrai's eye widen a bit.

"So, Edward the Emboar, or should I say, 'Phantom', what are you doing here?"

"Grr..." went the Emboar, snarling.

"So, you've thought me out?

How did you guess?"

"Edward the Emboar was found dead a couple of days ago." stated Coltdeo.

"So, if an Emboar turned up here, claiming to be Edward, that would be impossible."

One did, you are an imposter.

The Emboar stared at Coltdeo.

"Drop the act, Phantom!" barked Darkrai.

"You're cornered!"

The Phantom did nothing.

He raised his swords, and lunged at Coltdeo.


Darkrai punched the Emboar, and it went flying.

The Emboar transformed into a Zoroark, with two scars going down his eyes, whilst catching himself.

The Zoroark glared at the two, snarling.

Darkrai raised his hand.

"Go to sleep! Dar-"


Darkrai turned to look at Coltdeo, confused.


Coltdeo stood forward, looking shocked.

"I don't believe it..."

The Zoroark frowned, deeply.

"What is it?!" asked Darkrai.

"This is the Phantom! What's so surprising?"

"The...Phantom..." started Coltdeo. "This Zoroark is a well-know Pokemon."


Coltdeo stared at the Zoroark.

"Zebadiah Dalton the Zoroark.

He's a well-know Zoroark within the Zoroark tribes.

He's one of their strongest fighters, and a key-figure in the politics.

Zebadiah Dalton is said to be quiet and kind.

To think he is the Phantom..."

"SHUT IT!" roared Zebadiah Dalton, pointing at Coltdeo. "My name isn't Zebadiah! It's Zalton!"

Darkrai narrowed his eyes at the Zoroark.


"Yes, it is, you prick! A combination of 'Zebadiah' and 'Dalton'!"

Coltdeo frowned.

"It's actually ironic, considering your first name, Zalton."


"'Zebadiah' is Hebrew for 'Endowed by God'.

The Phantom's evilness is said to be compared to the devil himself, well, the ones that have seen the bodies of the witness."

Zalton chuckled slightly.

"Hehehehe...They are most fun to kill..."

Coltdeo frowned even deeper.

"You're sick."

"Please stop complimenting me!"

Darkrai stepped forward.

"Why do you kill these Pokemon?! They only want peace, for everyone, and you killing them creates more chaos!"

Zalton grins.

"I'm a hired killer, an spy, or what not. I'm planted into good organisations to tear it down, to make the world a darker place!

My associates and I want to create chaos, and destruction.

I also do it, because I love killing.

I LOVE it when their blood splatters on my face, the screams and moans of pain and agony. I like it when others suffering, because that makes me happy!

I enjoy the pain of others, because I am a true evil Pokemon."

Darkrai raised an eyebrow, while Coltdeo looks angry.

"You...sick...son of a..."

Zalton merely laughed.

"Speaking of offspring, do you, Coltdeo, have a son by chance?"

Coltdeo looked shocked.

"How...did you know? And how do you know my name?"

Zalton jested one of his claws casually.

"I have my information. Now, tell me, why did I tell you about me?"


"I am going to kill you two, for finding me out. Afterwards, I am going to the Moor, and kill your wife and child.

It shall be a bloody good time!"

Coltdeo's eyes widened in fury.

"Don't you dare touch my family, you sicko!"

Zalton laughed.

This laugh will haunt Darkrai for the rest of his life.

A hallow, evil laugh, one fill of darkness, and bitterness.

A laugh of pure black-filled insanity, of madness and deceit.

"I'm...not truly sorry that your family is going to die!" laughed Zalton.

Enraged, Coltdeo lunged at Zalton, his horn glowing.

"I'll kill you, Zebadiah!"

Zalton grabbed Coltdeo's horn and flung him against a wall.

Zalton went to attack Coltdeo, but Darkrai grabbed him by the arm.

"Oh no, you don't!"

"Oh yes, I will!"

With his other claw, Zalton attack Darkrai's face, leaving a few claw marks in his face, bleeding.

Darkrai let go of Zalton's arm, and leaps back in pain, grabbing his face.

Zalton grinned, then turned back to Coltdeo.

His claws glowed.

"Right then...!" he started, grinning like a maniac.

"Where was I?!"

Coltdeo tried to attack Zalton again, but Zalton grabbed him by the horn and held him up.

Zalton grinned, whilst Coltdeo struggled.

"So, what do we have here? A little colt, struggling to live? Pathetic!"

Coltdeo growled.

Zalton raised his claw, while it glowed ominously.

"Got any last words, knight of Icirrus?"

Coltdeo frowned, then noticed something.

He grinned, bravely, then looked back at Zalton.

"Yes, actually."

"What is it?"

"Never try to kill me in front of my wife."



Suddenly, another Keldeo attacked Zalton in the chest, slashing right down his body, leaving a massive gash in his chest.

Big enough to leave a scar and to knock him back.

Zalton fell backwards, dropping Coltdeo in the process.

He hit his head on the floor, knocking him out.

Darkrai rushed over, to see the newcomer.

Coltdeo got up, with the help of the other Keldeo.

"Thanks, Maredeo..." thanked Coltdeo.

"You're welcome, dear." replied the female Keldeo, smiling.

She frowned, and turned to see the unconscious body of the Zoroark.

"So, this is the Phantom?" she asked.

"That's correct." stated Darkrai.

Coltdeo saw Darkrai's injuries on his face.

"Ouch,... I'll patch that up for ya, once this is all done."

Darkrai nodded.

Maredeo spat at the Phantom.

"To think he is going to kill my son! Like hell he won't!"

"Speaking of sons..." started Coltdeo.

"Who's looking after Keldeo?"

"Your mother is." affirmed Maredeo.


Coltdeo nodded.

"That's good then."

He looked at the unconscious Zalton.

"Right, what to do with him..."

As Coltdeo went off to get the guards for Zalton's arrested, Darkrai and Maredeo have tied Zalton up.

Maredeo noticed that Darkrai is staring at the Zoroark.

"What's the matter, prince of nightmares?" she asked.

Darkrai stared at the tied up Zoroark.

"It's a uneasy feeling..." he started. "But, something is telling me that this may not be the last time we have heard from the Phantom..."

Darkrai stared at the dying body of Zalton, blood slowly pouring out of the wound.

He lifted up the katana, and slammed it into the ground, half burying the blade.


Darkrai returned to gaze at the Zoroark.

"Rest in hell, Zebadiah Dalton the Zoroark, so you may never hurt anyone again." he murmured, bitterness in his words.

He turned to Keldeo, emtionless.

He jested a hand.

"...Need a help up...?" he asked.

Keldeo took the offer up.

Once back on his hooves, Keldeo stared at the nightmare Pokemon.

"Please tell me, about that promise with my father."

Darkrai's gaze becomes harder, as he is thinking of something.

"Sure." he shrugged.

He looked over to the Swords, and Meloetta, who are all looking quizzically.

"I think first we'll free them, and help Meloetta..."


So, Darkrai went to free the Swords from the chains, whilst Meloetta gets check-up upon by Keldeo.

"Are you ok?" asked Keldeo, to Meloetta, concerned.

Meloetta shook her head.

"I think a couple of my bones are broken, Zalton slammed me against a few trees..."

Keldeo flashed a dark look, but then calmed down.


"Sorry...I felt angry at Zalton for a second."

Keldeo glanced over to the corpse.

"He's dead now. I have no more reason to be angry about..."

He turned back to Meloetta, staring her deep in the eyes.

"...I'm sorry about the way I acted..." said Keldeo, deep with regret.

"...I...was filled with hatred...

...For that Pokemon...

...At a Pokemon of pure evil...

...And the same evil that tainted my life...

I let it get to me."

Meloetta looked away for a minute, to think.

She looked back at Keldeo, when finishing thinking.

"...Zalton really made you mad?"

Keldeo nodded.

Meloetta sighed.

"I'm guess you're forgiven..."

Keldeo smiled, happy that Meloetta has forgive him.

"...on one condition."

Keldeo's face fell.


Meloetta gave him a serious look.

"Don't ever swear again."

Keldeo smiled.

"I swore, didn't I?"


"Well, I raged, didn't I?"

"You could said something else..."

"Well, I think I'll look stupid if it said 'Biscuiting' at Zalton."

"Fair point."

"I think I might of laughed his head off at that..." murmured Terrakion, slightly sarcastic, whilst being freed.

"...Shut your face..." said Darkrai, seriously, whilst shooting a small flamethrower at the chains, to melt it a bit.

Terrakion stared at Darkrai, angrily.

Darkrai slumped against a tree, after freeing the Swords.

He looked to be deep in thought, scowling.

The Swords, Keldeo and Meloetta are sat in front of him, looking at him.

"Right..." went Darkrai. "Where to begin...?"

Keldeo slammed one of his front hooves.

"Start at how the Great Fire of Icirrus started!"

Darkrai looked at Keldeo, cocking his head, staring.

"...Ok, then..."

"So, how did it start?" questioned Meloetta.

Cobalion nodded.

"I concur."

"Hmm..." went Darkrai.

"After Zalton's arrested, he swore on his damaged body and damaged pride that he'll have revenge on Coltdeo, Maredeo and me.

We thought nothing of it, as at that time, we caught the Phantom for good.

Coltdeo and Maredeo returned to the Moor, to raise you, Keldeo, whilst I continued helping retain Unova in it's Civil War."

"The war?" asked Virizion. "I remember that well."

"A truly bloody time, that was..." mumbled Terrakion.

"Around five months later, I received a message from Coltdeo, wanting me at the Moor.

I already partly told this to Keldeo and Meloetta, but I'll say it fully this time.

Coltdeo told me, once I arrived at the Moor, that Zalton had escaped."

Keldeo's eyes widened.


Darkrai nodded.

"Yes, it was him."

"I see..." said Cobalion, deep in thought.

"Due to his nature of being the Knight of the Moor, Coltdeo heard all sorts of news.

It was a shock to him when he heard that Zalton escaped.

He quickly sent a message out for me, so I could know the situation.

We planned, along with your mother, Keldeo, for me to stay around the Moor for a while, in case of Zalton turning up, to exact his revenge on us, just as he had planned."

Meloetta looked sad.

"He did, didn't he?"

Darkrai reminded silent.

Virizion and Keldeo looked over to the body, with a look of disgust.

They look back at Darkrai.

"You don't even have to say yes." stated Terrakion, with a surprisingly emotionless face.

"He turned up."

Darkrai stared at Terrakion, then at Cobalion, then Virizion and then Meloetta.

Finally, he turned his attention to Keldeo, staring at him.

He spoke.

"You know, ever since you first turned up at the Hall, I've watched you sometimes, not in a creepy way, though..."

"Huh?" went Keldeo.

"I was worried that you had turned out bitter about what happened, that you turned out to be a bitter and dark Pokemon, that you hated everything for what it was.

I was glad that you didn't turn up that way.

You've got a new family, with the Swords. You got loving friends, like Victini and Genesect, and a loving girlfriend in Meloetta.

Your life is better than I expected it to be.

Yet again, I'm glad you didn't turn up bitter, dark and filled of hatred.

I'm glad you didn't turn up like me..."

Darkrai murmured that last sentence.

He stared at the five, then continued his explanation.

"Zalton turned up, as planned.

He was aiming for Coltdeo and Maredeo, to start his revenge.

I don't know why, but when I confronted him, he told me he wanted to kill the whole species of Keldeos.

Then, he'll kill me.

I confronted him in a opening in the woods, somewhere around here.

We...had a argument, where I tried to stop Zalton to kill everyone, that revenge isn't worth it.

He didn't listen.

We then had a massive fight, attacking each other furiously."

Keldeo stared calmly.

"And that's where the fire started?"

Darkrai shrugged.

"Not exactly."

He sighed.

"We were battling, when I started to shoot a Flamethrower at Zalton.

Turns out, that Zalton was an illusion, and the real Zalton attacked my Flamethrower-shooting arm.

My arm jerked, Zalton knocked me, causing me to turn round.

Behind me, was a couple of trees.

The flamethrower set the trees alight."

Darkrai sighed again.

"The trees set other trees alight, and set off a chain reaction. Soon after, before anyone could know, the whole Moor was on fire."

Darkrai looked away, a look of guilt and sadness on his face.

"...And that is how the Great Fire of Iccirus was started..."

Keldeo stared again.

"I see...

I can see from your story, that would be an accident..." murmured Cobalion.

Darkrai said nothing.

The six sat in silence, for a while.

"Wait, how did Zalton kill...?" started Virizion.

Darkrai went back to looking.

"I...wasn't paying attention...

In my shock of the fire, Zalton slipped away.

When I noticed him gone, I intermediately rushed to try and find Zalton.

When I did..." said Darkrai, trailing off, remembering...

Darkrai leapt through the burning trees, cindering at each second.

The whole forest is alight, ablaze, combustion, all the words for burn, can be used.

"Damn, damn, damn!" repeated Darkrai, frustrated.

"How could I have been so stupid?!"

Darkrai growled at himself, whilst jumping through the trees.

How could he let Zalton away, so easily?

Who knows what Zalton could do?!

Darkrai feels like tearing his head off, punishment for letting Zalton slip away.

By now, Zalton could of...

Darkrai stopped, eyes widened.

Corpses of several other Keldeos are scatted across the floor, blood everywhere, splatted in a violent action.



Darkrai snapped towards the direction where the scream came from.

"Oh no..." he paled.

Darkrai sank into the shadows, and went over to the direction of the scream.

When he got there, well...

Where the scream came from was Keldeo's mother, screaming in pain from being stabbed.

Blood coming out.

Coltdeo, barely alive, bleeding out from multiply stab wounds.

And Zalton standing above an unconscious Keldeo, preparing to stab him with the sword.

Darkrai jumped out of the shadows, anger beyond belief.

"ZALTON!" roared Darkrai, pure fury admitting from him.


Zalton turned and glared at Darkrai.


Darkrai stared at Zalton, filled with hatred.

"Zalton, stop!" he demanded.

"Even before today, too many innocents have died.

The one before you is innocent as well.

Please, stop this. Already too much blood has been spilt today.

I don't want any more Pokemon to die.

Please, just stop!"

Zalton's eyes narrowed, his grip loosing on the sword.

He turned his body to face Darkrai, with a serious look on his face.

Zalton stared.

"Many Pokemon die everyday due to conflict, hatred, and war.

I'm just one of the killers. I'm..."

Zalton turned away, looking bitter.

"In some sense, I'm a victim as well."


Zalton pointed the sword at Darkrai.

"I'll let this sorry excuse of a Pokemon live, for now."

But hear my words, Darkrai.

One day, I will return to end this Pokemon's life, and kill him."

Zalton crosses his arms, putting down his sword.

Darkrai glares at him.

"And I will stop you, no matter what."

Zalton grinned.

"I like the sound of a challenge!"

Zalton grabbed his sword, and began walking away.

"Next time we'll meet, Darkrai, both you and the horse dies."

Zalton unleashed a Night Daze, giving him a chance to disappear.

When the smoke cleared, Darkrai spat onto the ground.

He then looked around the burning moor, cremating and ablaze around him.

Darkrai thought about all the innocent Pokemons in the forest, burning.

All in pain.

Engulfed by flames.

And it's all his fault.

His battle with Zalton caused this fire.

Darkrai felt guilty.

Because, there is no way to reverse a feeling that you have accidentally caused a fire.

A fire that is killing many, many Pokemon.

All dying with the flames.

Burning, sizzling.

So many deaths at once.

An accidental genocide, a massacre caused by accident.

Darkrai's attention turned to the young unconscious Keldeo.

'This Pokemon here..." he thought. "...is innocent. I have caused him to feel a life of loneliness through my actions.

He may be the last Keldeo in existence..."

The sound of burning wood is in the air, that's all Darkrai can hear.


Darkrai slowly turned to look at Coltdeo,struggling to move.

"...Coltdeo...!" went Darkrai, surprised.

Coltdeo tried to get up but failed.

"Don't pushed yourself..." stated Darkrai, going down onto on of his knees.


Some blood came out of Coltdeo's mouth, as he coughed.

Darkrai's eyes widened.


"Heh..." went Coltdeo, smiling weakly.

"So...this is it..."

"No, it isn't!" yelled Darkrai, angrily.

"I can get you to a doctor! You can live!"

Coltdeo shook his head.

"Nah,...the wounds...are fatal..."

Blood began dripping from his mouth.

"My...time of...dying is...upon me..."

Darkrai stared.

His eyes, slowly, but surly, began to produce tears.


He covered his face.


Tears leaked out through his fingers.

"I've...failed...to protect anyone..."

"Don't be sad..." stated Coltdeo.

"...You have to be strong..."

Coltdeo looked at his wife, who is very still.

"My wife is...on the other-side...now..."

He looked at Keldeo, his son.

"..And soon I'll be on that side...

Leaving my son...alone..."

Coltdeo remained emotionless, but his eyes are sad.

"I...couldn't protect my family...

I...wanted to grow old with Maredeo...

I wanted to see my son grow up, get a wife...

See my grandchildren...

I can't do that now...

I'm feeling guilty...about it all..."

Coltdeo looked up at Darkrai.

"Would...you promise me something?"

"How can I keep a promise when I didn't fulfil this one?"

"...When I first met you,...I could tell...you are a Pokemon of honour...

A Pokemon to keep promises to the...bitter end...

And will hate themselves for not keeping them...

I trust you..."

Darkrai said nothing.

"I...want...you to protect my son, from Zalton...

...Find a proper guardian... or guardians for him, so he'll be safe...

...Watch...over him, to make sure he's never...in proper danger...

...And when the time comes...

...When Zalton returns to kill...

...Protect Keldeo with you life..."


"Got that...?"

Darkrai stared into a burning tree, nearby, that's fallen over.

His heart unsure.

A hatred for Zalton grew.

"Ok, then."

Coltdeo smiled.

A feeling came over Coltdeo.

A feeling of regret, and sadness.

A feeling most indescribable.

He shivered.


His eyes darted at his son.

They began to slowly close.

"I...don't want to go..."

Coltdeo's eyes closed, for the final time.

Darkrai is left in the Moor, next to two dead bodies.

He stares up into the sky.

For some reason, even due to the smoke, the sky is filled with stars.

Thousands of stars are shining, despite the fire.

"...And two more stars join them..."

Darkrai stared at the group, before continuing.

"...I took Keldeo to a safe place, away from the fire.

When it finally went out, I took him back, and placed him down somewhere.

I went to see what I could salvaged from the ashes, to see if there was any else who lived.

When I returned, Keldeo was gone.

I searched desperately, in case of Zalton had returned."

Darkrai looked at Keldeo.

"I couldn't find you.

I was so filled with rage, I went to find Zalton, to kill him.

When I did, he said he had no idea what I was talking about.

In my rage, I froze him.

I took the frozen Zoroark into the Hall's Cold Room, and created that frozen structure, a prison to keep Zalton in, to prevent any harm.

For a while, I never knew what happened to you.

I was quiet surprised when the Swords turned up at the Hall, with you."

"Ah...!" went Terrakion.

"I remember that day. Arceus had a go at us for taken Keldeo in."

"I didn't express anything, but I was glad you were safe, Keldeo." stated Darkrai.

Keldeo nodded.

"I think I know why you couldn't find Keldeo." Cobalion said.

"He woke up while you were gone, and found his father's body.

He was crying over him when we found him.

We took him in."

Darkrai nodded.

"I see..."

Meloetta looked at Keldeo, who was staring at the Pitch-Black Pokemon.

Darkrai sighed.

"I want to say it, but..."

"Kelde..." started Meloetta, causing the Colt Pokemon to look at her.

"What is it?"

"I think Darkrai can't really say it.

He's filled with the guilt of the pain he caused you.

With all the pain you suffered, and the emotion warfare that went under is all his fault.

He wasn't able to save your parents, and you almost died when Zalton tried to kill you.

What I think that Darkrai wants to say is:

'I'm sorry for all that has happened.'"

Keldeo turned his attention to Darkrai, as with everyone else.

"Is this true?"

Darkrai did nothing.

And, then...

Darkrai's eyes began to do something.

Tears appearing around his eyes.

He nodded.

Keldeo blinked.

He put his head down, to think.

Keldeo thought long and hard about what has happened.

Many events have happened to Keldeo in the past day.

One, Zalton had be freed.

Two, Keldeo learned that Zalton and Darkrai had something to do about the Great Fire of Iccirus.

Three, Keldeo learned about Zalton, and how his parents died.

Four, the Colt learned that Darkrai caused the fire.

Five, Keldeo went dark, bitter with revenge.

Six, from what he heard when he arrived on the Moor, Zalton's sadistic personality shown what a true monster he is.

And seven, Keldeo learned the truth about Zalton's obsession with revenge, why Darkrai was made a promise.

From all of this, Keldeo cannot describe how he feels about this.

Too much sadness, hatred, bitterness and such.

But, he can know something.

Keldeo looked up, with a hard, cold, emotionless stare.

He looked at Darkrai, who shifted one of his eyes onto Keldeo.

"My mother told me something when I was younger." started Keldeo, coolly, taking everyone by surprise.

"Eh?" said Terrakion, confused.

"It was after another member of my race accidentally hit me in the head. I refused to forgive him."

"Hmm..." went Cobalion.

"She said: 'It takes a strong Pokemon to say sorry, to admit they are wrong, or they did wrong.

But it takes a stronger Pokemon to accept the apology, to forgive of what they done.'

Something around that."

Meloetta looked at Keldeo, smiling.

"This is the Kelde I know and love..."

"What I'm trying to say, is..." started Keldeo.

"You said you're sorry.

I forgive you."

Darkrai looked at the Swords, then to Keldeo.

"Thank you."

Keldeo smiled.

"A dark chapter has finally closed on your life." remarked Virizion.

"You found out the truth.

Now it's time to move on."

"Don't be cryptic with the kid, Virizion!" barked Terrakion.

He turned to Keldeo.

"Now you know the past, what really happened, make sure you don't hold onto it!

Sure it was tragic, and you suffered, but that's in the past now!

Just keep moving forward!"

Keldeo grinned, along with Meloetta.

"Thank you, Terrakion!"

Terrakion bared a grin.

"I was talking to you, Keldeo..." Terrakion jested at Darkrai, who looked surprised.

"But I was also talking to you, Darkrai.

Now, since you've been forgive about what happened, you can move on from what happened.

Like I said, don't dwell on the past, keep moving forward!"

Darkrai stared, then smirked.

He remained silent, though.

Everyone smiled.

Then Cobalion sighed.

"Arceus is probably wondering where we are." he stated, getting up.

"We better head back."

"I agree." agreed Virizion.

"We should go."

Everyone got up, but then Meloetta noticed something.

She paled, eyes widening.

"Meloetta?" asked Keldeo, concerned.

"Guys..." she said, pointing.

"Where's Zalton?!"

Everyone looked over to where Zalton laid.

His body is missing, along with the sword that Darkrai planted into the ground.

"...!" went Darkrai.

"I'm sure he..."

"Grr..." growled Keldeo.

"Where is he?!"

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" laughed a voice, evilly.


Suddenly, the whole Moor darken, and the land began to shake.

"An...earthquake?!" asked Terrakion, sweating.

"This is an illusion!" barked Cobalion, nervously.

Virizion went into a stance, as seeming, fire began to burn the Moor.

"He's trying to trick us!"

Lighting began to rumble.

The Swords' Sacred Swords appeared, while Keldeo turned into Resolution.

Darkrai had two Dark Voids at his hands.

Meloetta, however, hurt from her fight, clutched her arm in pain.

"Well, well, well..." went Zalton, somewhere in the Moor.

"Where should I start picking you off by?"

A breeze went past Cobalion...

"Cobalion, who's iron will I'll shatter...?"

...past Terrakion...

"Terrakion, which I'll make his cave collapse on him...?"

...by Virizion...

"Virizion, who's meadow I'll burn...?"

...through Keldeo...

"Little Keldeo, who's Resolution I'll snap...?"

...stop at Darkrai, then continued...

"Darkrai, who I'll give nightmares forever...!"

...finally, the breeze stopped at Meloetta.


Zalton appeared in front of Meloetta, grinning psychotically.

"I chose you, Meloetta!"

Zalton aimed the sword at Meloetta's chest.

"I took the first things that were precious in Keldeo's life, his parents!

Now, that has shifted onto you, Melly!"

Zalton went to stab Meloetta.


"MELOETTA!" roared Keldeo, panicking.


Everything is slowing down for Keldeo, as Zalton went to kill Meloetta.

There's nothing he can do to save her.





Meloetta fell backwards, in shock.

Darkrai is in front of her, sword going right through him.

"..." went Darkrai, his blood dripping off the sword.

Keldeo's eyes widened.


Zalton growled,weakly.

"How...dare you...?"

Darkrai glared at Zalton.

"You were suppose to die and go to hell." he said seriously, despite a sword going through his body.

"I've... returned from the depths of hell...to exact my...vengeance..." huffed Zalton.

"I see..."

Darkrai turned his head towards Keldeo, and then Meloetta.

He turned back to Zalton.

"Well, then..."


Darkrai smirked confidently.

"I'm going to bring your magnificent vengeance to it's fruition, just how you want it."

"Ha...!" barked Zalton, tiredly, from losing from too much blood.

"...That's good...

...A fighter to the bitter end... Darkrai..."

"You are about to find out, Zalton..." started Darkrai, raising his arms.

"...That your revenge is all for naught..."

Zalton looked confused, then saw Darkrai's hands.

They were glowing green.

A look of fear is on Zalton's face.

Darkrai lowered his arms, and put them in a cross, an X.

"It's time for you to go back to hell." stated Darkrai weakly.

"N-no!" yelled Zalton.

"I don't want to die!"


"Please, have mercy!"

"Funny that you should say that.

I'm going to show you want you did to your victims."

"W-what's that?"

"No mercy."

Darkrai quickly moved towards Zalton, though painful, attacked the Zoroark.

Darkrai used X-Scissors, and hit Zalton extremely hard in the head.

The result was the attack was so damaging to Zalton, it killed him quickly.

The body of the Zoroark fell back, hit the ground, and became still.

Zalton, the Phantom of Unova, a being of evil and fear, is now dead.

Darkrai huffed, pulled out the sword from his chest and flung it at a tree.

He stood there, then collapsed.

Meloetta ran over.

"Darkrai!" she exclaimed.

Keldeo ran over as well.

"Are you ok?" he asked gravely.

Darkrai said nothing.

"Grr..." growled Terrakion.

He boldly went to Cobalion.

"I'm heading back to the Hall, to get help!

Darkrai is going to die at this point!"

Virizion nodded.

"I'll come with you. We need as help as possible!"

Cobalion looked at the two, then nodded.

"Go! Be quick!"

The Cave Sword and Meadow Runner Sword rushed to the portal, to get help.

Cobalion walked over to what's happening.

"Hang in there, Darkrai..."

Keldeo and Cobalion had put Darkrai against a tree, to help him breath.

Currently, Meloetta and Keldeo are keeping him in check, whilst Cobalion is pacing, thinking.

Keldeo is brooding.

"Hey, Meloetta..."

"...What is it...?" she replied, depressed.

"Why did Darkrai save you...?"

"I don't know...

Maybe he didn't want anyone that has relationships with you to die, like me.

He doesn't want any more pain..."

Cobalion walked over.

"Everyone suffers, some more than others.

There is a small group of legends that always keeps to there words.

Darkrai is one of them.

He cares about everyone, even if they don't care about him.

I think, Darkrai save Meloetta, because he cared."

Keldeo looked at Darkrai, who's opened his eyes.


"How are you feeling...?"

"Heavy...and tired..."


"I...feel heavy...

...My body...is hurting...

...I'm tired...so very tired of this..."

Keldeo nodded.

"It is late, after all."


"Huh?" went Meloetta.

"You and...Meloetta...have such...a bright...future...together...

A...future...so...bright...it's blinding...

Everyone...who's...your...friend...will...have...a ...bright...future..."

Meloetta slammed his hand.

"But, after what's all happened, you're Keldeo's friend now!"


I'm...only a protector...

I...kept...my promise..."

Darkrai looked at the two, then to Cobalion, then back to them.


"Huh...?" asked Darkrai.


"WHAT?!" screamed Meloetta.

"You can't die! You have so much to live for!"

Darkrai's aura began to glow.


Keldeo turned to Cobalion.

"Master Cobalion! What's happening?!"

Cobalion looked sadly at Darkrai.

"There's nothing you can do now.

Disappearance has started."

Meloetta turned to Cobalion.

"What's 'Disappearance'?"

"It happens when a legend begins to die." stated Cobalion.

"A legendary's body is filled with information, that can be used for bad purpose.

Everything they know, moves and things like that are stored in the body.

If in the wrong hands, it could be disastrous.

Arceus made that when a legendary dies, their body fades from existence.

Only one legend has done it before.

That is Latios."

Keldeo blinked in shock.

He turned to Darkrai.

"You can't die!" he said, tears beginning to appear.

"You told the truth, and your guilt is gone!

You can't go!"

"...I...can...never...let...go...of...my...guilt.. ." stated Darkrai.

"...It's too...much...to carry..."

Tears began to follow down Meloetta's face.

"You can't say goodbye yet!"

"Saying goodbye is one of the hardest thing you can do..." said Cobalion.

"But it must be done..."

Tears ran down Keldeo's face.

He doesn't want to say goodbye, but he has to.

He must be tough!

Keldeo wiped his tears off.

"...Thank you for everything, Darkrai." he affirmed.

"*HIC* Kelde..." smiled Meloetta, through her tears.

Darkrai's aura grew brighter.

"I'm...so glad...you...forgive me..."

"Darkrai." stated Keldeo., tears forming again.

"Although what's happened, I want to meet again."


"When I die, I want us to meet again in a different life, where past things are forgotten."


"I'll get Meloetta, my masters, Genesect, Victini, Manaphy, Cresselia, Celebi, Mew, Latios, Latias, Groudon, Arceus, Zekrom, Reshiram, Landorus, Thunderus, Tornadus, Phione, Articuno, Mewtwo, Deoxys, Jirachi, Yveltal, Shaymin, Kyurem and everyone else to be with you!"

Darkrai looked confused, along with Cobalion and Meloetta.

Keldeo sighed.

"What I'm trying to say is..."

Keldeo broke into a big grin.

"Let's be friends in the next life."

Darkrai smiled.

"I'll...like that..."

Meloetta grinned.

"We'll be happy in the next life! Just wait and see!"

Cobalion stepped forward.

"I didn't expect myself to say this, but...

I hope we will meet again in a happier way."

Darkrai's eyes darted between the three, at the light grew even harder.

He looked up into the sky.

"On...that night...I looked up into...the stars..."

Darkrai looked at them.

"I'll see you later."

He smiled.

"Keldeo...get stronger...and protect everyone you love...

Meloetta...continue with your music, as ...I can feel...one day, everyone will love you..."

He nodded.

"Tell Arceus and Cresseila that...I'm sorry...for leaving..."

The light grew even harder.

"And thank you...

...for everything..."

The light turned Darkrai in a yellow ball.

That yellow ball floated there.

"...even if the parting hurts...keep moving forward..."

The ball began, slowly, to raise up into the air.

Meloetta sobbed loads.

Cobalion stared, with a small smile.

And Keldeo?

He smiled sadly with tears in his eyes.

They watched as the ball headed up into the sky, and disappear as it headed up high.

"A dark chapter in Unova's history has come to a close..." said Keldeo, with tears slowly streaming.

"It's time to moved forward."

One year later...

A lot can happen in one year.

Keldeo has grown a bit bigger, and continues to grow strong.

Meloetta has returned to the human world to perform for them, and is going well.

Keldeo, at the moment, has returned to the Moor.

He can still remember what happened one year ago.

He can remember when he returned to the Hall, to tell the news of Darkrai's passing.

A few legends were very upset, showing care for the Nightmare Pokemon.

Cresseila is continuing her duties as the dream Pokemon, but is still sad about Darkrai.

'Densetsu no hi no shi o' had passed, and won't be due for another thousand years.

Keldeo was sad about Darkrai's passing.

He wanted to be friends with him, after the explanation.

But fate works in funny ways, doesn't it?

A year has passed, and the legends are working as hard as ever.

Zoroark and Zoura had to stay in the Hall for about a year, due to Zoroark's arm healing due to Zalton's brutality.

Speaking of the Phantom, a few legends collect the body, and burned it, on request from Keldeo.

He doesn't want a body of such an evil character to exist anymore.

Keldeo has returned to the Moor, with some guests.

Meloetta, Zoroark and Zoura has joined them, to remember what happened.

"Are you sure nasty ghost won't hurt us?" questioned Zoura.

"I'm sure." confirmed Keldeo.

"He's gone now.

Gone forever."

Zoura yapped in happiness.

"Yay! He won't hurt Meema!"

Zoroark grinned, a caster on her broken arm is there.

Many legendary signatures are on there for some reason.

"I'm glad your friends helped me." she said.

"The bug is a bit weird, though."

"He is." affirmed Meloetta.

"But he means well."

Zoroark nodded.

"He and Victini were rushing around, trying to find medical help when we arrived."

Keldeo grinned.

"That sounds like them."

"They were fun!" exclaimed Zoura.

"They gave me plenty of Pechas!"

Meloetta went to Keldeo.

"Why are we here?" asked Meloetta, curiously.

"Yeah, why are we here?" asked Zoroark.

"To visit a grave of a friend of mine." stated Keldeo.

"Then we will take you two back home."

Meleotta smiled on who the grave is.

The four stopped at a clearing.

This is where Keldeo's parent's graves are located in.

But, as of recent, a new gave has been added.

Keldeo goes up to the gravestone, and prays.

"Rest in peace, my friend..." he murmured.

Meloetta came and prayed as well.

Zoroark and Zoura went to see who's grave it is.

Zoroark smiled softly on who it is.

The gravestone said:

'Darkrai, the Nightmare King.

A legend, brother, and friend.

May he rest in peace.'

Keldeo smiled.

He turned round, and grinned at Meloetta.

"Let's take Zoroark and Zoura home, shall we?"

Meloetta nodded.

So, the four begin to go off, to take Zoroark and Zoura home, but something happened first.

"Hey, Kelde!"


Keldeo felt something soft against his cheek.

It is Meloetta kissing him, cutely.

He blushed, very deeply.

"Hey, Meema...?"

"What is it, dear?"

"What are they doing?"



"I'll explain later..."

Meloetta stopped kissing Keldeo and smiled cutely at Keldeo, who's blushing deeply.

"Let's go!"

Meloetta began to run off, out of the Moor.

Zoura, being the playful child he is, chases after Meloetta, excited.

"Yay! A race!"

Zoroark smirks, and runs away as well.

"I'll catch you, dear!"

Keldeo stood there, surprised.

He composed himself by saying "Wait, what?!"

He began to run, then stops.

He turns round to look at the graves.

Keldeo smiles.

He turned back round, and began to run.

"Wait up for me!"

Keldeo left the Moor, chasing the other three, leaving the three graves.

The wind blows, and the trees move in the breeze.


What do you think, honey?"

Maredeo and Coltdeo are sat near their graves, watching Keldeo leave.

Maredeo had asked the question.

"Hmm..." went Coltdeo, scrunching his face up in thought.

He smirked, as he finished.

"He'll be alright.

He's lasted this long without us. He'll continue just fine."

Maredeo nodded.

She turned opposite, to the other grave.

"What do you think, Darkrai?"

Darkrai is sat upon his grave, deep in thought, hand on chin.

"Tch..." he murmured.

"Keldeo is a strong Pokemon, and so is Meloetta.

Divided they are weak, but together they are strong.

They, along with everyone else, have their own destiny, have their own fate and their own dreams.

As long as they have these unstoppable ideals in their hearts, and spread them towards others with the freedom of the world that they found, these things shall never vanish from the earth."

Darkrai smiled softly.

"As long as they support each other, and love each other, they'll be fine."

Coltdeo grinned confidently, whilst Maredeo smiled.


The three look out into the Moor.

Another breeze follows, and they disappeared if they weren't there at all.

However, a sentence followed after they disappeared.

"...they just got to keep moving forward."

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

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