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Character: Roxas

Age: 11

-3- Flowers -3-

"Thanks for helping us out today, Roxas!"

Sora and Roxas were inside Aerith's flower shop. Today, the young blond decided to help his mother with the store. He never seemed to notice to beautiful flowers that surrounded the building. He also met some of Aerith's friends and friendly customers. He was also surprised when one of his teachers, Marluxia, turned out to be one of the regular customers.

As the boys were rearranging the flowers, Roxas laughed, "Yeah, well, I thought this would be a nice way for me to bond with Mom more. It seems to work for you."

Sora smiled, "Well, it's time to close up the shop. We should leave it open for a few more minutes, just in case someone needs anything urgent." As if on cue, the door opened.

"Well, it looks like I was right," the brunette laughed. "Could you take care of this customer, please? I need to send these flowers to Mom."

"Sure thing," Roxas replied. Sora smiled and left his older brother.

Roxas turned to the customer, "Excuse me. May I help you with- N-Namine?!"

"R-Roxas?!" the girl screamed, startled. "I-I didn't know you worked here."

"Well, this is my first time actually working here. It's only temporary," Roxas explained. "Anyway, I didn't know you shop here."

"Actually, this is my first time here," Namine said. "My aunt is having a wedding reception this weekend, and my mom is helping her with the preparations. She sent me here to pick up an order."

"Okay, which flowers did you order?" Roxas asked.

"They're peonies," Namine smiled.

"Right! Wait here, please," Roxas left to find the flowers. After a couple minutes of searching, the boy found the green vase with the pink peonies.

"Here you go!" Roxas handed the flowers to Namine.

"Thank you!" she replied. The door opened, causing the wind to blow in the direction of the children. As the wind blew, Roxas noticed several petals slowly blowing away. Namine's blond bangs swayed across her face. As she held the vase in one hand, she used the other hand to hold her white dress down. At this sight, the boy blushed.

"Roxas, are you blushing?" she asked.

"O-Of course not!" he protested.

"Are you sure? You're face is almost as pink as the peonies," Namine smiled. Roxas also realized that she was blushing as well. She reached into her small purse, reached for the munny, and handed it to her friend.

"Here you go! I have to go back, now. Mother must be waiting for me. Bye, Roxas!"

"See you later, Namine!" Roxas watched as the girl closed the door behind her. Maybe his brothers were right. Maybe he did have a crudh on Namine, after all.

Word Count: 469

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Has anyone ever watched an episode of an anime where there's a dramatic/romantic scene where one of the characters is in a pose with their hair swaying across their face, they look very beautiful, and there's flower petals slowly blowing away? I tried to use that method in this chapter. I'm not sure if it worked, though.
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