Fic from Alcandre and TimeAsunderQ

Author's Note: This story involves Usagi-chan and Rei-chan (Sailor Moon and Mars) from the show, similarly titled: "Sailor Moon". The Doctor and the TARDIS are from the British sci-fi show "Doctor Who." We own neither; we are peons, and lowly ones at that. If we did own either show, we wouldn't write fic, we'd make our own screenplays and lots of money. So there.
Alcandre: Otay, we just thought the two of us should get together and write a comedy involving Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and one of the Doctors. Of course, all of this is MY idea!!
TimeAsunderQ: Yeah right Usagi! Okay, now without further ado, THE STORY!!! (BTW: This fic features Doctor #6, Colin Baker, my fave J)
Alcandre: YAY! I am sooooo excited.

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Chapter 1:

A beautiful day in Japan. The sky was blue, the grass was green, and everyone was in a good mood. Everyone, that is, except for two sixteen year old girls. One of the girls, the blonde with pigtails, was a little scraped up in the knees region and the other, she had raven colored hair with purple highlights, was obviously telling off the blonde.
"Get it through your thick head, Odango! You klutz out every day at least twice!"
The blonde sniffed in disdain. "I do not, Rei! Just because I trip every once in a while doesn't mean that I am a klutz!" And, as if on cue, the blonde stumbled.
Rei snorted with laughter. "See? And how do you explain the three flights of stairs you just fell down?"
"You pushed me!!"
"I did not! You tripped!"
"You pushed me!"
There was a pause. "Still, that's no excuse."
"Well, at least you came down with me!" The blonde laughed as she pointed at the torn edge of Rei's shirt.
"It's because you pulled me down with you, Usagi!"
Usagi shrugged. "You deserved it."
Rei humphed. "You're still a klutz!"
"I am not!!"
"Are to."
"Am not!"
"Are to."
There was a loud thud and Usagi was on the ground. Rei stopped, looked down, and then started laughing. "See?"
Usagi didn't see. All she saw was the huge blue thing in front of her. "That looks like a Port-A-Potty," she said, thoughtfully.
Rei looked up. There in front of them, what Usagi had just run into, was indeed, something that resembled a blue portable bathroom. "Good, I have to go."
The door opened and a man stepped out.
"Are you done?" Rei asked.
The man gave her a "look."
He then responded in Japanese with "Done? Done child, I have no idea what you're talking about." He glanced down at the prone form in front of him. Usagi was staring up at the man, contemplating his mass of yellow curls, his outrageous attire, and…
"Nani!!! Your shoes!!!!!"
The large man leaned forward and offered her his hand. He gently picked her up off the ground. Usagi gulped as she found she was a good deal shorter than him.
"What about my shoes?" Confused, he stepped forward and looked down at her, expecting an answer. In turn, she stepped back in caution. Rei, however, took this chance to slip past the man and into the portable bathroom with English script. If she could have read English, the sign would have said "Police Box: To use phone…" However, she couldn't, and the burly man was not fast enough to stop her.
"No, don't you go in there! That's my…" he entered the Police Box "TARDIS!"
Rei stopped dead in her tracks. "Well this surely isn't a bathroom! Smells like one though…."
"Young lady I assure you this is most definitely not---"
The blonde girl he helped up charged through the doors and entered a massive room. "Ooooh, you're in trouble now Rei, this is not a bathroom!"
Both Japanese girls stared about them in wonder. The walls of the room were stark white, covered with lighted roundels. In the middle stood a large hexagonal console, with a blinking neon cylinder in the center. Lots of switches and buttons covered the control panels and the man stepped forward impatiently.
"Well now that you've both brilliantly managed to invade my TARDIS and know that it is NOT a bathroom, would you please mind leaving?"
His efforts at direction were in vain though, because the girls had stopped examining the room and were both examining him.
oO Is he an enemy? Oo thought Rei, sending a sidelong glance to her fellow Sailor Scout, Usagi-chan. oO Hmmm, she's actually studying him, perhaps I should give her more credit for her skill as a leader. That man certainly does look menacing… Oo
"Okay Mister, those colors just don't go. You're obviously a Daimon, or Yoma, or something awful like that. In the name of the moon…"
Rei coughed hard, embedding the words "SHUT UP!" in her cough, just obviously enough for the hard-headed moon-happy scout to get it.
Usagi glanced over at her friend, back at the odd, badly dressed man, then back at Rei. She raised her eyebrows and then gave a small laugh. "Heh, just kidding," she mumbled.
Rei just sighed and shook her head. What a ditz.
The man and the two girls stared at each other, all three wondering what was happening and how to get out of this odd situation.
"So, um, what is a tardas?" Usagi asked.
"It's TARDIS," The man said.
"Yeah, whatever," Usagi said off-handedly. She started walking around the console. "So many buttons…"
"Don't touch anything, Odango," Rei said threateningly.
Usagi just shrugged and continued walking, or rather, browsing in a way. She would slide her hands over the many buttons and switches, causing the man and Rei to flinch simultaneously.
Finally, the man started forward. Rei, seeing the mad look on this strange man's face, ran ahead of him, reaching her best friend first.
"Usagi-chan, let's leave."
Usagi looked at her, then back at him, then back at Rei. She quickly nodded and slowly backed up. The man had a menacing look on his face and his right eye was starting to twitch.
Usagi nodded. "Hai, we need to go to the arcade to meet the others."
The two girls quickly turned around and sprinted out the door, Usagi in the lead because she had the most practice.
But, the curious man had anticipated their move. Reaching for the lever, he quickly closed the doors, both sides snapping together right in front of Usagi's nose. She leapt back, screeching, and rubbing her nose. She unfortunately fell directly on Rei, who caught her but due to the surprising weight, they both tumbled to the white floor.
"I can't believe you! That makes the third time today! Are you going for some kind of stupidity record?"
"It's not my fault, it's his fault, he closed the doors and it snapped my face and it hurt and I JUST CAN'T HELP IT!!!!" she screamed, on her knees, wailing away to Rei. Rei slid away from her, muttering something, the only audible word being "baka." The large man sighed.
"I'm very sorry, it's just that I can't let you two get out of here after seeing what you have seen."
This made her cry even harder. "But I wanna go home!"
"Oh, don't worry about that, we'll get back to that…. Eventually. Don't worry yourself with the details."
Rei stood up. "No you don't! You can't just… trap us here and kidnap us like this! Explain yourself!!!!"
With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, he advanced on the two teenagers. "Are you sure you want to know?" Rei and Usagi exchanged a "look" and just at that moment, the man started talking.
"My name is the Doctor, and I am a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. I travel in time and space to save other worlds which are in danger."
"No, no stop talking we don't want to know, don't kill us, no please sir!" Usagi wailed, while Rei pulled out her transformation pen, thinking oO Okay, let's kill him. He's definitely a Daimon. A crazy Daimon, yes, that's what he is, this Doctor. Oo
Quite propitiously, an inner door, unnoticeable until then, flung open, and a girl in hot pink Lycra and hot pink heels stood in it.
"Doctor, what's going on? I thought you said you were taking me home!"
"Peri! No! Don't let them----"
"Usagi, run, through that door!"
The two scouts bolted, unsure of where they were going, but sure that it was better than the console room. On their way out, Usagi said to Peri, in Japanese, "Your shoes are worse than his" jerking a finger over her shoulder to point at the Doctor.
And then, they were gone.