I ripped the sheet off my bed, wrapping the white blanket around my shoulders. It was my cape, my robe, my gown, and I was the princess. Henry told me he wasn't sure who I was in his book, but I didn't mind, I would write my own story. I moved to my window, pretending I was a queen addressing her people. I pushed the window open, a smile on my face. The window swung open, and I paused, my mouth frozen open. There he was.

He wore all black, and his hair was cut short. He stood at the window, his hand pressed against it. The corners of his mouth tugged up in a small, sad smile when he saw me. His hand curled into a fist, as if trying to pluck me out of the window and bring me to him. I didn't know who he was, but he was always there. As long as I could remember, he had lived next-door, watching me with broken eyes. I didn't know his name.

Backing away from the window, I hastily pulled it closed and sat down on my bed. He unnerved me, the way he watched me, the sad smile playing at his lips, the tears waiting ever so patiently to fall. I wanted to help him, but I was scared. Scared, scared, you foolish child, I said inwardly, he hasn't done anything to hurt you. Grow up.

"Paige! Time for dinner!" my mom called as the smell of chicken nuggets floated up to my third floor bedroom. Removing the sheet from my small shoulders, I shouted back, "Coming!" Hopping to my feet, I ran down the stairs, into the open arms and the sweet aroma of home.

. . . . . . . . . . .

A/N I hope you liked that. This is my first try at a Once Upon A Time fanfic. I know it's short, but this is the prologue. This chapter is before Emma arrives in Storybrooke. I'll update soon. Please review!