The Genius of D.E.C.T-Chase The Ace's P.O.V -
I was a foster child,I lived in a foster home for eleven years from the age of four the money I've ever made in my life was from illegal under age gambling or selling the inventions that I've made.

At the age of six I got a TV with the money I made from doing work and helping the owners of the foster home.I became obsessed with TV shows including electronics and how they about the age of ten I had figured out how to make a computer by my self and many other things.A few months before I was about to turn six teen I got tired of the foster home and no one ever wanting to adopt me.

So I packed up the last of the money that I had and the shirt my father had given to me before he and my mother died in a car wreck,it was a black shirt with a face that had it mouth duct taped.

This was the only things I brought with me besides some food I stole.I went for three months alone from the money I had which was more than you would think,I managed to buy some new clothes and at least get one meal a day.

In those three months my birthday went by and almost as if it was pure luck a tall man with grey hair and a cane came by and noticed me and said he would give me a place to stay he lead me to a abandoned building in the forest that was well covered in we entered the door I noticed a man with a green top hat,a girl with blonde hair,and a man with a flaming scalp.

Ever since that day I've worked for them making weapons and helping them rob banks,but I was ok with that because even though we broke many laws and I was at risk that treated me like family which is something I never did about one year of staying there they introduced me to the main lead who was a man with green hair that they called they Joker and he told me all these things about a group called D.E.C.T and said that I was more than welcome to join them as the group inventer I invented many of weapons for them but my best was explosive cards which is how I became known as Chase the Ace.