This is what i get for not being on my main! Rachel realizes, after watching Quinn at the top of the Pyramid, that there might just be something else she feels, other than admiration and hatred, for Quinn.

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At The Top



Her hair shone like spun gold thread in the bright, midday sun.

How sad that something so beautiful should be wasted on someone so rotten, Rachel thought to herself as she sat in the bleachers, staring down upon the Cheerios, hard at practice.

Quinn Fabray had been the bane of her existence of so long. The reason the slushies soaked her clothing, the reason she'd been branded a social pariah.

Rachel hadn't always been a loser. The first day she walked into McKinley she hadn't been a loser.

But then Quinn Fabray, beautiful, frustrating, manipulative Quinn Fabray batted her pretty lashes and knocked Rachel down to the bottom of the social pyramid.

The two of them battled endlessly, clawing at each other to get to the top. They rarely saw eye to eye. They tried to outdo each other.

But then there were moments…

Tiny, small… almost imperceptible moments where they were something different.

And those moments were at their strongest when Quinn Fabray was at the top of her pyramid, the sun making her hair shine like a halo.

There became something angelic about her. Her features became lighter. Almost as though when she was propelled above it all, Quinn could escape the pressure heaped upon her shoulders by the school's multitude.

Her features became joyful… less conflicted.


And in those moments, Rachel didn't admire or hate Quinn. Nothing venomous burned through her veins.

Rather, there was a warmth… a nameless sort of warm, melancholy that started in her stomach, spread to her fingertips, and ended in her lightened eyes.

What it was, Rachel couldn't say.

No matter how much she watched, she couldn't tell what this feeling was.

The only thing she could do was watch Quinn Fabray from that spot in the bleachers each day.

Watch Quinn Fabray leave herself and become someone else.

…Rachel wished she could meet her.